Top 10 Worst Sounds In Rap Music

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1 Woman Moaning

Considering how most rap nowadays is about getting women and money, I'm not surprised how often this sound comes up.

Go listen to These Walls and you'll change your mind.

2 Nicki Minaj's Laugh

Haha this one made me laugh! Let's just say that Anaconda gives me nightmares

Oh gosh, that laugh is just creepy.

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3 Woman Screaming
4 Splat Sound
5 Baby or a High Pitched Voice

Would this also include that weird scream that sounds like a cat dying? This is my least favorite rap sound. - Minecraftcrazy530

6 Burp
7 Raspberry

You know, that sound you make with your tongue. - TeenTitansGoSucks

8 Fart

I've been listening to hip hop for a long time, listened to many artists, good and bad, but never have I heard a song with a fart noise in it.

9 Crashing Sound
10 Peeing Sound

Is that even in rap music? - mayamanga

The Contenders

11 Trap Music
12 Lil Jon Shouting "YEAH!"
13 Auto-Tune
14 Dubstep
15 Crowd Chanting "Hey!" On Every Offbeat

DJ Mustard uses this a lot.

16 Blowhorns

They're really overusrd

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