Top Ten Worst Sounds In The World

What sounds set your teeth on edge and shivers down your body?

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1 Justin Bieber's Voice

I wouldn't know if his voice is bad because I always manage to switch off the radio before he starts warbling. Honestly, I just don't know how I do it... - Britgirl

Laugh out loud :D but true...

Justin Bieber's voice is one of the worst sounds as a matter of fact indeed, but the absolute worst sound ever heard was the volcano that erupted in August 27, 1883 called Krakatoa, which exploded and made the scariest, most satanic and EAR RAPING sound of ALL TIME! It was so bad that it was heard more than 3000 MILES away and turned EVERYBODY's ears within hundreds of miles into crap and triggered 130 foor tsunamis that killed 36000 people, it's worse than anything else on this list and it's on the Volcanic Eruption section of this list, which should be #1 as a BIG matter of fact, there hasn't been any sound anywhere near as bad and painful as Krakatoa after that, the only sounds worse than Justin Bieber's voice nowadays are those of bombs, rockets and wrecks. - nelsonerico

Why is this first voted? Sure his voice is bad, but there are far more worse sounds. - Userguy44

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2 Crying Babies

So I'm at a restaurant you know eating my food then a family walks in with 2 toddlers. They start to cry and they never stopped. Through out the entire time they were there at the restaurant crying and the parents did nothing about it. I was so P! $$3D that off because I had to eat my meal with a bunch of three year olds screaming and crying! - Sage_Naruto

Ugh I remember I used to hate Walmart for this. ESPECIALLY WHEN THE PARENTS don't DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT- what was I talking about? Oh yeah, CRYING BABIES. I know it's the only way a baby can communicate, but COME ON. And Justin Bieber's voice? That's nothing compared to this. - MusicalPony

My cousin (who lives in the same apartment as me) has got a 2-month-old baby, and her cries are the worst. They literally drive me to insanity. And when I complained once when my dad was looking after her, I obviously complained. And you know what? My dad yelled at me! The cries hurt my ears every time, they are so piercing. - BlackAngel_ZombieBoy

This deserves to be higher than Justin Bieber's voice honestly even though I don't care about his voice.

I always get SO ANNOYED when I hear the sound of babies crying but for justin bieber's songs I don't mind his voice is not annoying.. - Lucy1402

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3 Fingernails Scraping On a Blackboard

I haven't heard it before but my mom says it is really bad the voice you see here and scraping a knife on a bottle are both annoying not only because they are sharp what makes them really annoying and scary is that we remember a hunter from the time of human ancestors that fearing that creature was really important so it is saved in our DNA memory and we still fear these voices

Gives me the shivers and does someone eating a banana even make a sound?

Like scratching a plate with a fork in a silent room filled with forks being scratched by plates. Just thinking of riding a car of plates in a road of forks pointing up makes me sick. - DubstepLover

Think about it, being trapped in a room with that noise playing on a radio non-stop - FuffleyandPeetah

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4 Little Kids Screaming

My little cousin is so annoying and my brothers to they are always constantly screaming and shouting right in my ears. I cannot describe how much younger siblings and cousins bother me. It really bugs me when they say something totally illogical or obscure and I say something that is true and they say ask a grow up or I don't care. Even if I leave them alone they just follow me and torment me constantly. I am glad the door at my house locks. However there I have no rooms to lock myself in to escape the torment. The way I see it being an only child is like winning a million bucks. I am always tired because YOUNGER SIBLINGS MISSION IS TO SLAUGHTER YOU. - Jaeden29

Kids under the age of 9 think they know every thing, and when you prove them wrong they just wanna keep arguing.

Little Children are gross - MoldySock

Almost the same as baby's screaming. A disgusting sound! - Userguy44

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5 Loud Swallowing

Man I could take this in so many dirty ways... - MoldySock

The loud *gulp* followed by tsk-Ah. Kills me.

Seems like a dirty eating machine

This doesn't bother me - jmepa1234

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6 Someone Chewing Gum

OH. MY. GOD. EVERYONE in the world seems to be chewing gum, everywhere I go. I walk into class, EIGHT PEOPLE ARE CHEWING GUM RIGHT BEHIND ME. And the REALLY loud chewers are in the back, so you can hear everyone at the same time. I have condition called misophonia, which means gum chewing and some other noises can actually drive me into strong rage and/or panic. It's a living heck. People, be courteous please. I'm not the only person in the world with misophonia, and far from the only person bothered by gum chewing. You're not even supposed to have gum. You're in school. So please, be courteous, and maybe cut off the gum or possibly chew with your mouth closed. - pandagirl

Its rude and annoying. I don't understand why you have to chew your gum so loudly... I don't see you eating other food that way..

Try having 3 girls CHOMPING gum with their mouths WIDE open right next to you at the same table and concentrating in class so that you don't fail! - Icegirl119

OK this drives me mad - jmepa1234

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7 Someone Eating a Banana

Can't stomach the noise of a banana sloshing around someone's mouth - especially if they're talking. Yuk! - Britgirl

True, I hate it when somebody talks to me while eating a banana and here's another worst sound: Somebody making smacking noises with there mouth, I can't stand it :3 - PewDiePie

If you don't mind me asking, how does someone eating a banana make sound?... That came out so wrong. - PlatinumTheHitgirl

I hope no one eats me - PeeledBanana

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8 Burps

Disgusting, even worse when they say how good it was... It makes me nearly puke, sometimes it does!


Sounds like a hungry buffalo

My mum hates it. - Userguy44

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9 Someone Chewing Loudly

My dad does this all the time! Loud as day! It drives me insane! - ResistOppression

Makes me want to throw a rock at the persons head

All slimey sounding, gross - MACDONALDS

I Hate it when people do this! It's like, didn't your mom teach you manners?!,!?!?!?!

10 Scraping a Fork Up and Down a Plate

Oh my gosh my brother does this to me all the time it hurts so bad

It is really irritating

Oh my gosh. It sounds like nails on a chalkboard!

Gotta get every last molecule - MACDONALDS

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? Crappy Music

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11 Continuous Sniffing

I have a theory when it comes to sniffing. I rate its just as contagious as yawning, because if I hear someone constantly sniffing I can't help but sniff myself, I sniff even at the thought of someone sniffing, no matter how hard I try to not do it - Danielsun182

One kid I knew did this all the time on the bus, I so badly wanted to shovel sponges in his nose - MACDONALDS

The worst is when someone sniffs and is obviously stuffed up. The wetness of the sound makes me want to puke

The only time my mother sniffed something was when it was a flower. - AlphaQ

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12 Creaky Door

It makes me jump every time

Nothing bad, just a bit spooky. - Undistinguished

Perfect for horror movie. - Userguy44

13 Someone Drumming Fingers On Desk

Unless its Neil Peart... - gemcloben

I'm always drumming my fingers along the desk, although I feel quite bad for the people beside me. Just a habit that I can't contain, although sadly - and annoying habit. - Flowersocks2137

A kid in my class ALWAYS did this. It's so annoying and you can never concentrate. This should seriously be first.

I don’t mind this. - saturatedsunrise

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14 Alarm Clock

It's the noise that reminds you to go to school or work every morning

I never set mine - QuarterGuysApprentice

And On A School Day - RockStarr

Some alarms are cool but some are terrible
so yeah

15 Loud Motorbike

I hate the sound when there is a loud motorbike in a dark place. It's very threatening.

It's so Annoying... REALLY

No there some dick who keeps on reving up it okay if they ride like supposed to

16 Nicki Minaj's Voice

It's WAY worse than Justin Bieber's voice. I don't care what anyone thinks.

She sounds like a woman on testosterone pills. WAY WORSE THAN Bieber's VOICE.

How is this at number 26? It should be way higher.

Justin Bieber is way worse you idiot - RockStarr

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17 Dog Licking

This is gross! - saturatedsunrise

My Great Dane sleeps with me at the foot of my bed at night and the licking noises.. OH MY GOD CAN SHE JUST STOP!?! I say her name. She looks at me. I pat her on the head and then lay back down. Glorious silence. Six seconds later... *lick lick lick lick lick lick lick* I need to suffocate myself with my pillow to get some sleep.. -_- Other than that I love her!

18 Farts

Why are farts here? They're awesome! - DunnaNunnaBatman

These are entertaining! What's worse is the silent but deadly fart! No sound but it smells so bad! It does not smell like teen spirit!

Aw nasty, farts. You would have to go to the bathroom - EpicJake

Sometimes you have to fart. - Userguy44

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19 Coronation Street Theme Tune

Hate it so much. But I always found the Spongebob theme more so; since I was six. - PositronWildhawk

That song make my ears bleed. - ArpstaAmy333

I love this show!

20 SpongeBob's Laugh

You start to like it at first, but you'll think its annoying after you hear it 30 times. - EpicJake

It's funny but it gets annoying because he does once and he will just keep on doing it

If SpongeBob do it 6 times it good but too much get annoying watch funny pants so yo might end in the EENT clinic


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21 Sirens

DEE DOO DEE DOO! Oh joy someone is injured.And so is my eardrum because of the cacophony. - Epekov

An anbulance without its siren going was just about to go under a bridge; I thought, then, any second now... I war right. I'm sure they do it for a laugh. - Britgirl

Go to the Philippines. There is a law here where sirens are banned.

It may be annoying but if there is an emergency they need to have it - mayamanga

This is very annoying! Stop it you attention seekers! But I can only forgive emergency vechicles for doing this. Anyways, I'm happy that siren sounds are banned in my country.

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22 Vomiting

Positively disgusting especially because it can be a contagious disease that can come your way. I hate puke, period.

It sounds so terrible, (I'm not gonna describe the sound) and it makes me feel sick... - HyenaLover

This ruined nachos for me because someone vomited nachos on my lap


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23 Fire Alarm

Speaking of heart attacks one time last summer I went to ESY it is like a summer camp I go to 4 hours each day on Monday through Thursday and the fire alarm went off one day when we had a fire drill and when we walked outside a kid in my class named Jason said "that gave me a heart attack."

If they have them, at least turn them down so I won't get a heart attack

Afire alarm killed my 3rd grade teacher's hamster, Sir Oreo Poops-A-Lot. Guess how he died? HEART ATTACK FROM THE ALARM!

Those Fire Alarms scare the Crap out of you in school drills Because either your not expecting it or Your Class is Right by one of the Alarms!

I understand it's importance but Good lord they're loud! - Curti2594

24 Dentist drill

I think the the dentist drill sound is cool

It makes me cringe - mayamanga

25 Ice Cream Van Chimes

Sorry, I don't want to buy your ice cream. I already have some at home, and how do I know that you're not a creepy pedophile trying to kidnap me? - BlueTopazIceVanilla

It reminds me of my childhood! These sound good! It's not like the annoying childhood theme tunes of nowadays!

It gets really annoying - Ajkloth

Shut up you shameless, retarded *****, Ice Cream van chimes are soothing who ever added this to the list is more evil than bagpipes.

26 Dora's Voice

"Dora Dora the explorer" KILL ME NOW! - Icegirl119

Me:Let's see what's on T.V.. DORA OH NO. Dora:Dora the explorer. Me: Shoots T.V.

Dora yells instead of speaks. I knew this would be here - EpicJake

It is so annoying I just want to put duct tape on her mouth to shut her up

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27 A Cat in Pain

A cat screaming in agony is one of the most painful and saddest noises to hear!

That's actually a funny sound, funnier than farts. - nelsonerico

It's true, it's a funny sound regardless of how much pain they're in. - nelsonerico

Sorry but that's something a psychopath would say.

28 Someone Screaming In Agony and Pain

I hate everyone, but I can't stand others in pain and agony. This deserves the top spot. Unlike JB's voice, this has been around for millennia and will continue long after he is dead

That really hits me

32nd place? Really? Should be in ten top 20 at least

I love it.

29 Girls Screaming

Most of them are like a kid's scream mixed with nails on chalkboards.

This thing always happens to me every day. My classmates are just insane lol

30 Kendrick Lamar's voice

He has a good voice for rapping yall

31 Airhorn

By far the most annoying sound I have heard. and its in so many commercials now - MACDONALDS

32 Car Alarms

Dumb people who just leave their cars screaming down the parking lot! Best cure... Axe!

33 Rebecca Black's Voice Rebecca Black's Voice Rebecca Black is a YouTube personality and singer who's infamous for her single "Friday," which was once the most disliked video on YouTube. She has also released other songs, including "My Moment" and "Saturday".

Rebecca Black is 32 on this list. That gives you a sign of how up-to-date this list is. - Swellow

My god... - mayamanga

It's friday friday

34 A Fly

Wouldn't That Come Under Buzzing?
Anyway Wasps Are Way More Annoying! - RockStarr

35 Squealing

Calm yourself you aren't a pig

From what exactly, actually I don't want to know - RustyNail

36 Kesha's voice

Now this is a reasonable choice for #1. - saturatedsunrise

37 Someone Rubbing a Balloon

It sends shivers down my spine! Just have to hope there's a pin nearby!

It's the next thing to fingernails on a chalkboard.

It could pop at any second... XC - NintendoROCK3T

38 Silverware Clinking

I despise this noise I want to murder everybody in restaurants!

39 Bomb Explosion

If you were in the presence of a bomb explosion, would the sound be the worst thing? - PositronWildhawk

40 Auto-Tune
41 Armpit Farting
42 Rihanna's voice
43 Fred's Voice

Fred was such an annoying little buttface, his voice was ear raping all the time.

Fred Durst? - Userguy44

44 People Crying

Depends on why they are Crying. Then again if it's a whiner then I hate it - Curti2594

Well, they can't help it, so don't give the criers the blame - EpicJake

45 Kidz Bop Kids Singing

They butchered all these classic songs and turned them into, well, CRAP!

If they sing Vocaloid songs... (slides finger across neck) - mayamanga

I hate this one the most

Kidz Bop is lit. BACK OFF HATERS!

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46 Coughing

YES! YES YES YES! Coughing is the worst sound of all of mankind! It not bad when you hear a baby cough but when you hear a million coughs you just see a bunch of scary ostriches screaming at you. One day at school someone was coughing so loud and it happened for four weeks! Also at summer school a girl was coughing so loud it sounded like bowser was yelling at peach after he was dizzy and spinning at his car while fishes flew on him with magical hot dogs and peaches! Also the girl who coughed for four weeks coughed sometimes which sounds like rosalina peach daisy and Pauline fused together and has asthma bronchitis phenomia Ebola the worst cold and the worst flu while choking on a Barney doll

Sorry I am hyper I don't know why

Coughing is disgusting

47 Bones Cracking
48 Rap Music

I hope to never have to listen to music by Lil' Wayne, Nicki Minaj, or Jay-Z. - Turkeyasylum

I won't say it. I just won't. - PositronWildhawk

I hate rap so mutch - thebounty

At least MODERN rap. - naFrovivuS

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49 Train

An actual train? Or the band called Train? I'd believe either one. - Zach808

Yeah especially if you live near the Tracks and train always liek to come through town At like 12 midnight when I'm almost asleep! - Curti2594

If you're referring to trains themselves. I agree. Especially those horns.
If you're referring to the band Train, I especially agree. - Swellow

50 Fork Scratching On a Plate
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