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21 Dora's Voice

"Dora Dora the explorer" KILL ME NOW! - Icegirl119

Me:Let's see what's on T.V.. DORA OH NO. Dora:Dora the explorer. Me: Shoots T.V.

Dora yells instead of speaks. I knew this would be here - EpicJake

It is so annoying I just want to put duct tape on her mouth to shut her up

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22 Someone Rubbing a Balloon

It sends shivers down my spine! Just have to hope there's a pin nearby!

It's the next thing to fingernails on a chalkboard.

It could pop at any second... XC - NintendoROCK3T

23 SpongeBob's Laugh

You start to like it at first, but you'll think its annoying after you hear it 30 times. - EpicJake

It's funny but it gets annoying because he does once and he will just keep on doing it

If SpongeBob do it 6 times it good but too much get annoying watch funny pants so yo might end in the EENT clinic

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24 Dentist drill

I think the the dentist drill sound is cool

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25 Coronation Street Theme Tune

Hate it so much. But I always found the Spongebob theme more so; since I was six. - PositronWildhawk

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26 Ice Cream Van Chimes

Sorry, I don't want to buy your ice cream. I already have some at home, and how do I know that you're not a creepy pedophile trying to kidnap me? - BlueTopazIceVanilla

It reminds me of my childhood! These sound good! It's not like the annoying childhood theme tunes of nowadays!

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27 Kendrick Lamar's voice
28 Someone Screaming In Agony and Pain

I hate everyone, but I can't stand others in pain and agony. This deserves the top spot. Unlike JB's voice, this has been around for millennia and will continue long after he is dead

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29 Rebecca Black's Voice Rebecca Black's Voice Rebecca Black is "well known" for her "hit" single, "Friday", which has the second most dislikes on YouTube .

Rebecca Black is 32 on this list. That gives you a sign of how up-to-date this list is. - Swellow

My god... - mayamanga

It's friday friday

30 Squealing

Calm yourself you aren't a pig

31 Kesha's voice
32 Girls Screaming

This thing always happens to me every day. My classmates are just insane lol

33 Silverware Clinking

I despise this noise I want to murder everybody in restaurants!

34 Rihanna's voice
35 Alarm Clock

It's the noise that reminds you to go to school or work every morning

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36 People Crying

Depends on why they are Crying. Then again if it's a whiner then I hate it - Curti2594

Well, they can't help it, so don't give the criers the blame - EpicJake

37 Fred's Voice

Fred was such an annoying little buttface, his voice was ear raping all the time.

38 Car Alarms

Dumb people who just leave their cars screaming down the parking lot! Best cure... Axe!

39 Kidz Bop Kids Singing

They butchered all these classic songs and turned them into, well, CRAP!

If they sing Vocaloid songs... (slides finger across neck) - mayamanga

I hate this one the most

I prefer little kids singing than this.

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40 Fork Scratching On a Plate
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