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61 Cardboard Boxes Rubbing Together
62 Adele's Voice

Oh my god Adele's voice is terrible I hate it and I hate her songs

63 Mario's Voice

I don't think Modern Mario's voice is irritating, in my opinion the hotel Mario's Mario voice sounds like he smoked one cigarette too many.

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64 A Cat in Pain

A cat screaming in agony is one of the most painful and saddest noises to hear!

That's actually a funny sound, funnier than farts. - nelsonerico

It's true, it's a funny sound regardless of how much pain they're in. - nelsonerico

Sorry but that's something a psychopath would say.

65 Snoring
66 Britney Spears' voice
67 Orgasm V 3 Comments
68 Coughing

Coughing is disgusting

69 Hawking V 1 Comment
70 Dubstep
71 Majin Buu's Voice
72 Rubbing Styrofoam
73 Porn V 1 Comment
74 WTF Boom Sound

Actually it's funny, not horrible, you have no ears. - nelsonerica

Just as horrible as Justin Beiber's voice. - KyleMan2000

75 Toad's Voice V 2 Comments
76 The theme song to Sanjay and Craig
77 Wet Shoes Squeaking

Wet shoes make an annoying squeak when you walk on a smooth floor, so annoying to everyone. - nelsonerico

78 Dog Barking
79 Space Shuttle Launch

If you stand within over 3 miles, your eardrums and whole body will be mauled, punched and stabbed, too bad they didn't compare to the Apollo rockets in such destructive noise, but still beat Justin Bieber's screams, Like all large rockets, it wasn't a smooth roar like on T.V. or cartoons, it was like the sky ripping apart during an earthquake, along with lightning hitting a fireworks factory, with all the fireworks getting closer and hitting you everywhere, think about the end of the world.

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80 Shawn Mendes' Voice
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