Top Ten Worst Sounds In The World


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81 Whispering
82 Atari E.T. Fall Into Pit Sound
83 Klaxon Alarm

This is the worst sound ever, it is my alarm clock, and it is absolutely horrible!

84 Polystyrene
85 Deep Note (THX Audio Logo)

This sound will make you think that the world is ending.

It has for me and why isn't this higher

86 Poo Plop Plop Plop
87 Snorting Loudly In Front Of Your Boss When He Asks For Ten Bucks
88 Someone Reading a Newspaper

Yes! I rather dislike the sound of someone reading a newspaper in their mind. It's TOO LOUD! - Britgirl

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89 Sound of a Nuke Sailing Towards Your Home

Horrible sound, that beats the HELL out of Justin Bieber.

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90 Slamming a door
91 Toilet Flushing
92 Ariana Grande's Voice

She thinks Justin Beiber is cool and thinks her and Justin beiber are the greatest singers ever in Sam and cat she is

93 Flip flops flapping against bare feet
94 Music by Blood on the Dance Floor

The voices aren't too bad (my opinion) but the lyrics are very innaproprite. I heard "Looking' Hot, Dangerous" and I think I'm scarred for life.

95 Whipcracking
96 Somebody chewing their fingernails

Not really annoying unless done in a public library.

97 Jimmy Carr's Laugh

He was hysterically funny. Then he laughed. Had to hit the "off" button.

98 Jackie Evancho's Voice

Jackie Evancho is brilliant among brilliant. Full stop. - keyson

Its actually funny that somebody is dumb enough to say this.

Jackie Evancho is great! - Turkeyasylum

She screeches all the time! She can't sing for Allah's sake! - IRC908

99 Jigglypuff's Voice

I thought it was cute.

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100 Engine Sound of Koenigsegg Agera R

You gotta admit that even the best car, the koenigsegg Agera R, has a bad engine noise. - SelfDestruct

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