Top Ten Worst Sounds In The World


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121 Children Laughing
122 Knife Against a Glass Bottle
123 Dog Whistle

Makes me wanna die

124 Nicki Minaj's Laugh

Especially in "Anaconda" - mayamanga

125 Someone Ejaculating V 1 Comment
126 Someone Taking a Crap
127 Auto-Tune
128 Nails on the Chalkboard
129 Rubbing a Balloon

There's already "Rubbing Fingers on a Balloon", Just look at that before making your own copy you dumb@$$.

130 Liberal Nonsense Talk
131 Busby's Voice
132 Car Turn Signal
133 Static

Any fnaf players know what I'm talking about - QuarterGuysApprentice

134 Taylor Swift's Voice
135 Apollo Rocket Launch

If you stood within 4 miles from the launch pads of the most powerful rockets, such as the Apollo Rockets, like the Saturn V (which took men to the Moon), your eardrums (and the rest of your head and body) will burst and and will feel a kick in the balls sensation in your balls and everywhere else in you as well as everybody else, it goes on for 2 minutes continuously, Each time one launched, it was so loud and scary that you can't even hear ONE BIT of Justin Bieber's VOICE over it (Even if he screams as loud as possible), those Saturn rockets TOTALLY beat Justin Bieber's voice and make him punch himself in the nuts, which was what the noise felt like.

136 Armpit Farting
137 Lilo Pelekai crying
138 Miley Cyrus' voice
139 Katy Perry's voice
140 Caillou Crying
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