Kyle Brolovski


Kyle is not funny or cute, he is a terrible a$$ and he is not the best Jew out there because he always shouts, badmouths, abuses, bullies, whines, beats up, and insults Cartman for no appropriate reason whatsoever and Cartman is my #1 fave character so it pisses me off so badly to see him treated like that. And whenever I see comments saying " Kyle is so adorable funny and hot he is the best Jew in the world", " Kyle is so hot and cute I'd marry/take him over anyone", etc. I just wanna explode I cannot stand all the love he gets! He is so overrated! Plus, his fangirls are annoying! You wanna know why? Because they're always thinking that he's a real person, when in reality, he's just a 10 yr old cartoon character made out of PAPER. Not to mention his hideous JewFRO, his totally annoying a$$ voice, and his undeserved love and support. So Kyle is not adorable, lovable, funny, awesome, cute, cool, or #1 best, he is ugly, hatable, unfunny, stupid, annoying, lame, he is ...more

Calm down. Anyway none of the character have been made out of paper since season one, episode 1

What? Kyle is not ugly, he is adorable! And he is funny! You are the jack wagon!

I wish there is an episode where Cartman beats the crap out of Kyle and I'm tired of people going Cartman is evil he makes fun of Jews he's racist and if someone says they don't like Kyle they always say Shut up Kyle is the best character he is a good guy and is not an ass hole. People who praise Kyle and can't take an opinion grow up Kyle isn't a good friend either also the way he treats Stan too or any character and he fat shames. It's sad how it's okay to fat shame wow

Kyle isn't funny and is a very overrated character and if you can't handle or if you got offended because cartman made fun of a race or Religion yeah it's wrong I know but don't watch South Park but still if you want to share your opinion don't be a whiny brat saying go die because you hate Kyle oh my god Kyle is the best shut up cartman fanboy and yes cartman is my favorite character because he's funny

The reason I hate Kyle is because he's a jerk and he'll always go through the dumbest lengths just to prove someone wrong, he has no sense of humor and he's really boring... Sorry that I'm being mean, but that's the reason. So I am not a Kyle fan. That's why I hate him. Sorry but Kyle is the one I hate. So Kyle sucks...

I swear I finally found a list where people agree with me. Let me start by saying Kyle I hate him he's does not make me laugh and I feel cartman is able to beat up Kyle but because Cartman has done something to make Kyle angry sometimes he can't I hope Cartman gets tough and fight back and win. However there are sometimes where Kyle is not as irritating but still annoys me but as much as making me say I know it's a cartoon but I mean this is the type of character you want to jump into the the screen and just beat him or her or it

Kyle is terrible! He is not cute or funny! Or awesome! Or adorable, or cool! At all! He should be #1!

He's a piece of self-righteous garbage. In the episode where Cartman gets his own themepark, he whines the whole episode about how Cartman doesn't deserve anything good to happen, and says he "being a good Jew" should have good things happen to him instead. He even denounces his faith over it all, then believes again when something bad happens to Cartman. He actually re-affirms his faith over someone else's suffering. He is ridiculously hypocritical and brings little humor to the show made to be a comedy. At least Cartman, being a terrible person, is hilarious and doesn't pretend to be anything he isn't.

Kyle is one of the most annoying characters in the whole show in my opinion how can you like him every time I see him I wish he could get beat up and I wish they cut him off instead of Kenny but no fan girls instead get defensive saying he's so cute how can a piece of paper look cute and he's obviously not as tough as he looks.

What? How is Kyle unfunny... He goes to great lengths to stop Cartman not because he doesn't have a sense of humor, it's because he knows its WRONG! I don't hate Cartman, in fact I think that he's hysterical, the 2nd most funny character on the show(Randy is #1), but if you're saying that what Cartman does isn't at least somewhat evil, than you're just straight up lying. Kyle is supposed to be the 'good' guy, as opposed to Cartman being the antagonist. And Kyle has some pretty funny one-liners, and when he's not getting pissed off by Cartman, he actually seems pretty easy-going. And how is he overrated?! Yeah, I don't get how he can be cute or sexy if he's a card-board cut-out, but he's not ugly either, or they would've drawn him like that. And his hair doesn't count, last time I checked hair isn't the same word as face.

The one who said don't bash Kyle because he is bad mouthed can you read because no one has said Kyle is a bad character because he has cussed it's the fangirls that get annoying the reason I don't like Kyle is because he is just not that funny and can get annoying and he just gets praised it gets pretty annoying

Kyle is portrayed the good guy my ass he's a hypocrite his fan girls are annoying going one he's so cute how how he's a cartoon and he looks similar to Stan and is whiny brat to. And how can he portrayed a good guy when he was going to bomb Pearl Harbor so he could be cool and you say cartman is bad well he does do bad things but that doesn't mean Kyle hasn't because clearly he has and if you don't believe it amuse me explains how Kyle is sooo cute and funny in my eyes Kyle is another I'll beat up in few seconds

A very annoying character. He's beef with Eric got boring sooner than Kenny's deaths and just shows how pathetic Kyle really is, he is always jealous of Cartman, steals his kidney and later demands thanks for saving his life in Trapper Keeper. In that same episode he was ok with Eric getting killed. He also said he doesn't consider Kenny an actual friend in an episode(chicken pox one) and also breaks up his friendship with Stan on multiple occasions while always being on the incorrect side. That just showing how cold he is for a kid. Also he's very dumb for a Jew.

The one who made a reply about Kyle being bad because he is foul language what are you smoking no one is talking about Kyle being bad mouthed everyone is its just the fan girls of Kyle that get on everyone's nerves he might make me laugh for a but sometimes he is funny but most of the time in my opinion he is annoying

Kyle is useless for this show in my opinion Cartman is probably the reason why this show is funny but if it was Kyle this show would be boring just letting the fan girls who find pieces of paper attractive

Holy crap, that dude has anger issues. As much as I love new south park, I used to like kyle un the old episodes, now I hate him because he's a liberal douchebag that thinks he's the boss of everyone not just in south park, but the world, in which he thinks the world revolves around him too.

Kyle is the most annoying character of all he always gets jealous of cartman. I think he should die every episode instead of kenny

Kyle is terrible! He is not cute or funny at all! Or awesome! He should be at #1!

I laugh about all these Kyle's fantart who tried to defend him. He's definitely the least funny of the main boys overall. And since the PC bull stay at South Park by his fault, Kyle is definitely the worst character ever. Also, he and Stan are not friend anymore.

Since he made the PC stay in South Park, I hate him. Also, he became a douche with Stan, even in the Fractured but Whole trailer.

I don't mind this character, but it gets really annoying when people praise him like a holy figure.

Don't take him off the list, he deserve to be here, after what he done to Stan!

Kyle is just overrated! Not funny, not cute and IT'S HIS FAULT if the PC bro stay at South Park!

Quit trying to defend Kyle you big babies you know he's the worst. :P


Kyle should be replaced with Cartman. He is such a jerk!