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21 Principal Victoria

First PC Principal, and now Victoria? You people can't be happy. Yeah, her voice isn't the greatest, but not liking her because she complains about something wrong with the school? Like, isn't that her job? Let me answer it for you, yes it is. But it isn't so much complaining as it is she points something out, says something, or 'complains', then fixes it, which is usually the joke with her as the way she handles it or comes up with a solution to it is the punchline or something.

It gets very annoying when all she does is complain about something wrong with the school.

I can't stand her complaining...

I actually like her, at least she's better than PC Principal. - Popsicles

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22 Sharon Marsh

I like Sharon, honestly. But I do agree she is the Lois Griffen of South Park (With that being said, Sharon does Lois better than Lois does herself. Just goes to show you that Trey and Matt can one up family guy any time). She isn't supposed to be a complex mom character like Beth from Rick and Morty, she is just supposed to be a regular, caring mom with a bit of a crude spin on her. Besides, even if she is one of the worst mom characters on the show, at least she isn't Linda Stotch

She doesn't do anything. The best episode she was the shake weight thing. That was funny

No interesting traits, usually just yelling/complaining to Randy/Stan.


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23 Tweek Tweak

Tweet is the most annoying character on South Park. He's the reason I even googled the phrase "tweek is the worst character on South Park"...something about how he talks and the entire idea behind is character annoys me. He's a character so tweeked up that he always speaks in an annoying voice and winks his eye. His voice is annoying, his character is annoying, it's such a bad character I feel like a kid could have come up with it. Hopefully they kill off this annoying character. His parents are funnier characters than he is

Hearing him say that there's too much pressure about EVERYTHING is annoying.

I can't stand at him. He's never cute, just an annoying character who keep screaming due to his pressure. And his role on Tweek x Craig just make me hate Tweek even more.

I definitely blame the yaoi fangirls for that horrible yaoi episode because Tweek is the most ruined of these two. Sorry but here, he's completely out of character, like he is on a cutscreen on the fractured but whole when he's confronted to Craig.

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24 Bebe Stevens

She's such a skank, not to mention, they were just tissues

Yeah, Bebe has never been good. Just Wendy's annoying friend - by the way I do like Wendy. - Luke72New

Really mean and 1 dimensional

She was really likeable in Bebe's Boobs Destroy Society, but in the other epsiodes... no. Just no. - Popsicles

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25 Trent Boyett

The only reason he hates the boys is because he was jailed because they framed him. him hating the boys and going through such extremities to hurt the is the only reason I can come up with for people disliking him. That being said, that's a pretty dumb ass reason to hate a character. Trent isn't the best, but he also isn't the worst. Lay off him.

I mean, he was framed for burning Miss Claridge twice. He doesn't deserve to be that high

26 Linda Stotch

Doesn't care that her husband abuses Butters... Not to mention attempting to murder Butters, crazy woman. - Horhi

27 Jimbo Kern

In the episode Volcano, he taught to use weapons, drink alcohol and kill animals to the children. He's the worst character! - Yona_db

Bad remodel to kids...

28 Scott Tenorman

How would YOU feel if your parents were killed and made into the chili that you ate? - CommentandList

This guy is just as bad as Cartman is.

Accidentally upvoted that idiot 'commentandlist'.
The piece of filth deserves it.
What 16 year old that you know would sell a 9 year old pubes, burn money, steal more, make him beg like a pig, etc, and then you think he's a good kid? The only reason it's a bad thing is that his parents didn't deserve it. The manipulative ginger pissant did.

29 Butters Stotch Butters Stotch Leopold "Butters" Stotch is a fictional character in the animated television series South Park. He is voiced by series co-creator Matt Stone and loosely based on co-producer Eric Stough.

WHY JUST WHY. BUTTERS IS THE MOST INNOCENT CHARACTER EVER IN SOUTH PARK. He never swears often and he is nice but his parents hate him and always ground him. This list is very stupid. When I first saw South park I fell in love with butters before I fell in love with Stan and Kenny with for some reason are on the list. Butters, Stan, Cartman, and Kenny should be taken off the list. THEY ARE THE BEST.

All of you guys who are talking garbage about Butters, get up, walk away from this site and never come on it again. Butters is the man.

Butters is a funny and is a big baby but for this character this works so well he is a great character

Are you kidding me butters is the kindest charrcter ever in South Park he rarely swears Eric Stan Kenny and butters should be taken off the list - YoshiApple

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30 Philip

What's the difference between him and Terrance

Lol why do people hate this guy

31 Lisa Burger

I hate that fat girl and how she became so popular

32 Ms Choksondik
33 Mr. Garrison Mr. Garrison Herbert Garrison is a recurring character in the American animated television series South Park. He is voiced by Trey Parker.

I don't understand this. Like, yeah he doesn't like the kids and is mostly an ass. But this is South Park we are talking about. He is damn funny, too. Besides, if Trey and Matt changed him to what you all wanted, he would be an awful character and everyone would want him back the way he was or killed off. Seriously, if you're going to complain about Mr. Garrison, stop watching the, dude. You obviously don't get the show's premise.

Why the hell? He's awesome... Watch Mr Garrison's Fancy New Vagina

Really annoying character to watch especially in earlier episodes. Always tries to make everything about himself and doesn't care at all about his students.

If you ever hate on mr garrison I will kill you

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34 Richard Adler
35 Saddam Hussein

Oh come on! He's hilarious!

Hate him! He's annoying as hell

Yeah but he is hilarious in the show

I hate him because is terrorist

36 Big Gay Al

He is funny!

This fag should horribly die, since he stole the boyfriend to Mr. Garrison - Yona_db

37 Ms. Crabtree
38 Craig Tucker

I love Craig. He's AWESOME. He flicks everyone off and is like the quieter, second Cartman. He speaks his mind, only kid in school not afraid to tell Stan, kyle, cartman and Kenny that they suck and no one likes them.

Come on you people he's not even that bad. I know his voice used to annoy me but since that Pandemic and Pandemic 2 storyline I've grown to truly like him

Take him off the list!

Since that stupid yaoi episodes, Craig is out of character. Put it Down and the Fractured but Whole prove it! I even going to say the part Craig we meet later in the game is much more the real Craig than that actual Craig.

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39 Ike

Oh come on how could this be on the list he always gets kicked at the window

Ike is adorable. Anyone who dislikes him is evil.

He's so cute and funny

Ike is very cute. I love him I wish that he never lived with Sheila because she created M. A. C mothers against Canada. He is a great character ( kick the baby everyone ) - YoshiApple

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40 Dr. Janice
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