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21 Butt Out

I could never understand the point of this episode. It just treats the tobacco company as an underdog. It had very little to say.

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22 Eat, Pray, Queef

This episode is gross and boring as heck. God it has no point.

I hated this episode mostly because of the queef sisters and I'm a girl - Ihateschool

Stop calling just characters like Kyle & Wendy hypocrites! ALL OF SOUTH PARK is quite a hypocrisy, especially in this! SP is my favorite show, but that's the truth I've realized!

Both farts and queefs are disgusting. End of story - Popsicles

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23 The Death Camp of Tolerance

Honestly, the Lemmiwinks plot was stupid and not funny. The only reason it was probably put in was because they needed filler for the episode. Although, there were some funny moments, such as when the worker couldn't tolerate smoking at the Museum of Tolerance. - Turkeyasylum

Oh, come on it was an excellent episode in my opinion

This proves that South Park is the worst at parenting.

The South Park episode where Lemmiwinks gets shoved up a man's ass. Better yet, this episode was the influence for arguably the worst song ever created: "FACK" by Eminem. - DCfnaf

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24 Cow Days
25 Terrance and Phillip in Not Without My Anus

Come on guys! This is the episode (from Season 2) where Matt and Trey were supposed to reveal who Cartman's father was and they blew it off. It was an April fools prank to make the worst episode... And they did just that.

It's 20 minutes of Terrance and Philip. Enough said.

Hated it. Couldn't even sit through this one.

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27 Scott Tenorman Must Die

What!?! This is one of my favorite episodes of any show of all time!

I enjoy this episode. The ending was terrible, but the rest of the episode was damn awesome!

Worst thing Cartman has done hands down - Ihateschool

I don't hate this episode but this is a great episode to prove how effed up Cartman can be.

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28 Britney's New Look

I love South Park so much, and have a REALLY dark sense of humor at times, but this was disturbing. Real suicide is something that really makes me uncomfortable and I don't find it funny at all. The only time I think South Park made it funny was when the Japanese man jumped off the tower. But this episode was extremely boring and disturbing. It should be the number one!

Boring and headless Britney Spears was disturbing...

Was just a disgusting episode, wasn't even funny! South Park went way over the line on this one...

The part where her head blew up is so disgusting - Ihateschool

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29 Breast Cancer Show Ever

This is one of my favorite episodes.. Cartman deserved his beating!

Thanks Wendy for kicking Cartman's ass

That episode was much better than every episode on this page.

Why the hell is it that some people hated Wendy in this episode and actually approved of Cartman making jokes about cancer? This episode is one of the reasons why I feel that the 'intelligent' characters deserve the most glory!

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30 The Ring

What? How is this on the list? This one makes me crack up and should be ino the top 10...

Mickey Mouse is REALLY out of character.

What have they done to Mickey Mouse? He is really out of character and I mean REALLY out of character. - Chaotixhero

31 Marjorine

This episode is actually awesome. In fact, it's one of the best.

It's a good episode with a lot of great Butters moments, but it's too much for one episode and the ending really shows.

I like this episode but stop abusing poor butters

The sleepover girls were bitches to marjorine and the guys don't lnow that they don't have to steal a fortune teller from the girls to get power they could just easily made their own - Ihateschool

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32 Eek, A Penis!

If you have never had to watch Stand and Deliver, this was probably a dumb episode. Who didn't like penis mouse singing a duet with his penis?

Dull on so many levels.

33 The End of Serialization as We Know It

Awful Season 20 ending that makes the Season 19 finale look like "Make Love Not Warcraft"

34 Gnomes

WHAT!? This episode was super funny, with the gnomes, but then again, I am only 12.

This is one of my favorite episodes. I love Tweek.

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35 Dances with Smurfs

"Cartman deserve to being beaten by Wendy once again. I started to hate him since that episode was aired."

I think you might be talking about "Breast Cancer Show Ever". That was a funny one.

Cartman deserve to being beaten by Wendy once again. I started to hate him since that episode was aired.

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37 Volcano

I hate this episode: horrible ending - RayStar

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38 Casa Bonita

I am utterly shocked to see this on here! This was the first episode I ever watched of South Park and it's still one of my favorites.

Not to be prejudice or anything but if you hate Cartman (even though he's prejudice) you obviously hate South Park. This is a funny episode.

This episode is good! Stop hating on it!

Just a boring, one-dimensional excuse for Cartman to have more screen time HE DOESN'T DESERVE. Man, I wish it was "Cartman Dies" instead.

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39 Obama Wins!

Only forgettable election episode, About Last Night is a way better and funnier election episode than this crap.

I mostly hated it because I voted for Mccain - Ihateschool

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40 Starvin' Marvin In Space

One of the TOP 5 episodes of all time.

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