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41 Member Berries

Just really boring. I much prefer the episodes where they aren't chock-full of pop-culture references and current events because they aren't such a huge hit or miss and don't get unfunny and irrelevant with time. At least the Michael Jackson episodes and some others with pop-culture references had enough creative story and jokes to still be good years later.

That episode was just pure boring because most of the time it focuses on nothing and it's not as good as the second part

42 Lice Capades

This episode is just plain gross. I know that they are ticks and are just parasites, and I can see how South Park often looks at things from a different point of view, but Jesus, did it have to be THAT graphic? On top of that, Clyde isn't a very interesting character, and the boys in this episode are just over-the-top cruel.

I don't find this episode gross, just boring.

It's just disgusting, even for South Park. I feel nothing but pitty for Clide.

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43 Casa Bonita

I am utterly shocked to see this on here! This was the first episode I ever watched of South Park and it's still one of my favorites.

Not to be prejudice or anything but if you hate Cartman (even though he's prejudice) you obviously hate South Park. This is a funny episode.

This episode is good! Stop hating on it!

Just a boring, one-dimensional excuse for Cartman to have more screen time HE DOESN'T DESERVE. Man, I wish it was "Cartman Dies" instead.

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44 Lil' Crime Stoppers

This epidsoe somewhat reminds me of a movie called The Little Rascals. I don't know why either - Chaotixhero

45 Coon v.s. Coon & Friends

Who the hell put this here?! It's epic, suspenseful, and provides more character development for Kenny. What the hell is wrong with you people... - DemonSpider253

The Coon is pure evil!

The first Coon from season 13 was much better

Average episode (a bit boring)

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46 Medicinal Fried Chicken

This episode is really good actually. So, why is it on this list? It's funny as hell.

This is a great episode.. I don't know it's on this list.

Randys balls were gross I'm suprised no one in South park threw up - Ihateschool

47 PC Principal Final Justice

Kyle continues to be out of character from Truth and Advertising by STILL blaming Stan for having PCA stay at South Park and Randy being part of it. Ya know Kyle, protecting that AD Leslie won't stop you from anything, it only makes things worse. And it was clearly your fault that PC Principal would continue being Principal for the next 10 episodes yet to come because you brought Leslie at the gun show. I'm not supporting PCA or Bruce Jenner but you and Stan pointing guns at each other made both of you look like enemies, you're still not friends, and you Kyle decide to be on Cartman's side? That kid always ripped on you for being Jewish and even supported Hitler! Kyle I just don't even know what the hell happened to you lately. (All in my opinion)

Stunning and Brave =worst season opening ever.
Tweek X Craig = worst episode ever.
PC Principal Final Justice = worst season final ever.
Since we got that PC bull, South Park is entirely ruined. Jokes are not funny, all the episodes theme have be ruined by the PC bull! South Park isn't the same as he was now. Trey and Matt turned their show into a dangerous path.

48 Put It Down

Not one of the worst episode, but definitely a bad episode. Once again focused on political stuff. (Oh, guess who is behind that? President Garrison!) Plus, it's also focused on Tweek and Craig's relationship and here, we got the real definition of "Cringy fanfic with two characters who are out of characters." Say everything you want, but I don't call that a character's development but ruining two characters by making them out of characters, and it's not their "rare" usual trait which gonna save them. Everything they do are exaggerated and made them out of character in this episode. (Like if Tweek x Craig wasn't enough because these two were bad here.) Not to mention that Cartman who still like Heidi is definitely not Cartman. I know Kenny died here but he chose the wrong episode to die. Beside, the next episode was not even better. Guess South Park got the same curse as Family guy: After a major change, these shows became unwatchable and despite trying everything, ...more

It was really lame and boring. Cartman who try to get Heidi back and Tweek and Craig who are cliche and out of character here. Even Kenny's death won't save it.

Actually the worst s21 episode. Trey and Matt keep jumping the shark. They still getting bad ideas since s19 but also, in this episode, they lied when they said they back off Trump jokes: It's JUST the second episode and there is already a Trump joke! I don't care if it's a reponse to Trump's reaction to North Korea, once again, South Park keep becoming a political show! And it's not these finger spinners (which were already annoying when they have been created) which gonna make this episode interesting because everything on this episode are forgettable, from Trump jokes to finger spinners, no exception!

49 Stunning and Brave

Dull and Lame!

50 Mecha Streisand

Godzilla and Mothra would totally kick Mecha-Streisand's @$$. She stands no chance.

51 Cartmanland

Kyle did not deserve such pain and mistreatment by Matt and Trey. I only like the end where he recovers and says "You ARE up there".

I love how cartman is such a dick to the point where he advertises an amusement park that you can't go to. I like this episode. - jackwoodrick

It put Kyle in so much pain it was unwatchable, plus the ending is a complete cop out

52 Ass Burgers

This episode made me dislike stan and his personality changed way too much and has gotten worser and worser every season I don't care if the show isn't what it used to be, south park is a hilarious show and without it there would be no world I'm sorry to whoever likes stan but it's my opinion

There's no reason to get worked up by this episode. South Park has made fun of me for 5 things and I loved it and didn't mind one bit.

Here's my opinion: I enjoyed this episode, as it's a coming of age story, sort of like "You're getting old" which was the episode before this, this was amazing and heartfelt. I have aspergers myself and I personally enjoy this episode.

Things that are apparently funny:
-forcing a 10 year old to become an alcoholic
-aspergers syndrome and autism
-matt and trey

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53 Stupid Spoiled Whore Video Playset

Gross.. I hate this one. It talks about suicide in a joking manner..

Hey, speak for yourself I LOVE THIS EPISODE! Clyde: Wah! Owchie! Owie! Owie!

54 You're Not Yelping

The ending was nasty.

Funny, but nasty.

The episode has good moments like David�'s character, or the song at the final, but Cartman�'s atittude is so racist and Gerald Broflovski and the Police Officer scenes sucks!

55 Make Love, Not Warcraft

I LOVE THIS EPISODE! It's absolutely funny and amazing, however, it's not as great as people are portraying it, maybe because I never got into World of Warcraft, but this episode was still highly enjoyable.

Oh come on. this was a great episode. in fact it was my favorite. yeah I went there. whatcha gonna do about it

I thoght this was a great episode has so much humour. Especially the montage.

56 Prehistoric Ice Man
57 Truth and Advertising

Kyle is just extremely out of character in this episode along with PC Principal Final Justice. It was his fault he let PCA stay in South Park, but then he blames his friend Stan for it (another reason for being that Randy was part of it). Kyle just hasn't been a good friend to Stan lately, even when it came to voting for a giant douche or a turd sandwich. Stan's action was justified.

58 The City Part of Town

Why is this here? Best Season 19 episode, in my opinion. - DemonSpider253

59 Jakovasaurs

Most annoying episode it's like listening to a screaming child on a plane

This is a personal favorite of mind

60 All About Mormons

This is a good episode. I don't consider it bad at all. It teaches a good life lesson on people's religion.

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