Worst South Park Episodes

Though South Park is a great show, it's has its share of bad episodes, more so in seasons 7, 9, 12 & 15.

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61 The City Part of Town

Why is this here? Best Season 19 episode, in my opinion. - DemonSpider253

62 All About Mormons

This is a good episode. I don't consider it bad at all. It teaches a good life lesson on people's religion.

63 More Crap

This episode was actually pretty good in my opinion. It had some good humor and the humor wasn't all relating over the crap Randy took.. it relates on why he's making such a big deal out of this piece of crap he took.

64 Trapped in the Closet

Stole Chef from us - Ihateschool

65 Naughty Ninjas
66 Ginger Cow

This could be a good episode, and there was some potential, but they still decided to utterly ruin it with all the Kyle abuse. Look, if you're going to have that, at LEAST make Cartman have some sort of comeuppance at the end! I kept waiting for Kyle to get back at him, but no. ThAfter abusing Kyle nonstop for 20 whopping minutes, Cartman still comes out on top. Definitely skip this one when watching season 17, along with Hobbit.

Not only it's a Kyle Torture Fest, but a Cartman's a Jerk episode.

This was a great episode

Not the best, not the worst, this is the best place.

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67 Jewpacabra

Stanley's Cup takes second. THIS is the worst south park episode. Pretty much everyone gets the chance to be an a-hole in this episode! I know it's south park and it's supposed to have likeable jerks, but this episode you don't even get to see them be likeable. I mean look at Eric's face when he's out in the woods, Kyle shouldn't have helped him because of something so stupid.

Cartman says he changed at the end. It came out a year ago and he is still an anti Semitic. Bull.

68 Chef Goes Nanners

Oh my god. Just watching this episode makes me feel angry. Cause Cartman doesn't deserve her at all. This episode should be forgotten. I will not watch this ever again.

Worst couple in South Park history - asantalo

69 Ike's Wee Wee

Aw come on. This one's a classic!

Mr Mackey turning drunk was so stupid - Ihateschool

The Good: Mr Mackey, Chef Saying Don't Do Drugs, Ike, Kick The Baby, & Clever Jokes.

The Bad: Mr Mackey Getting High, Circumcision, weird Stories, & Mr Mackey Girlfriend.

70 Raisins

Dude, this one was a great episode, this shouldn't even be considered bad.. I think it's funny, cute and has a lot of heart to it, so therefor it's not a bad episode! I seriously went insane when this episode was on this list.. This is my favorite episode.

It's since this episode Stan became a jerk. Myself, if my girlfriend break up with me, but still wanna be my friend, I'm still ok with that.

Stan is awful in this episode.

This episode sucks. The ending is the worst part. Thank god The List episode fix everything about Stendy.

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71 Kenny Dies

Yeah, they killed off my favorite character, but you know what? It's the most emotional South Park has ever gotten, and is their only episode to date that has made my cry. On TWO. SEPARATE. VIEWINGS. - DemonSpider253

Fan favorite character killed off.A.

They killed Kenny for a WHOLE season... Enough said? - Turkeyasylum

72 Imaginationland

It's funny that Matt and Trey criticized Family Guy (which I find terribly unfunny) for overly relying on pop culture references as a basis of entertainment, and then devote not just one episode, but three episodes that are filled with horrible things happening to characters from other popular works of fiction...because that's really clever and funny?
I was really hoping that they were being ironic by including all these popular cartoon and movie characters, but instead the entire ordeal ends up with a cliched feel good moment, and the big payoff? A lame moral that terrorists have somehow held our imagination hostage, with little evidence or reason how they have done so. Even Episodes 200/201 did a better job of demonstrating that.
In short, I think people liked this episode simply for the same reason people like Family Guy - they saw familiar characters/references to other popular works, and thought that was a substitute for humor.

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73 Crippled Summer

I love this episode one of my favorite and this showed me two of my personal favourite characters Nathan and towlie

74 Over Logging (or The Day the Internet Stood Still)

It was okay at first but, then it started getting gross but, I like the moment when Shelly meets with her online boyfriend that was kind of cute.

Oh come on people this was a good one!

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75 Erection Day

Okay, I have mixed feelings for this episode.. you see, I liked Jimmy, I think he's an enjoyable character and a great supporting side character, but, him getting tortured and then him later becoming kind of a dick for only wanting sex out of relationship... nope. I still don't consider this the worst, because I find it very enjoyable.

In this episode Jimmy Valmer, a 4th grader, "made love" to a prostitute who is way older than him to get rid of his erection. WHAT?!? - SafetyPickle

76 Ginger Kids

This is a good episode! Why is it even on here! Ginger kids are the meaning of every jerk!

77 200
78 #HappyHolograms

A pretty weak let down. I didn't #Rehash was bad, and actually got excited for the next episode, but it was pretty disappointing, and Ike's friends got even more annoying. Which wouldn't have been so bad, but by the end they were put in the right. Essentially the show was agreeing with them. A pretty weak let down.

However I did enjoy the part with the cops. I know that was done before, but considering the moment in time, it was needed again.

I love Pewdiepie, but WHAT HE HECK SHOULD BE APPEAR ON SOUTH PARK! All that he do is ruining the show. And it's not the whole season 19 which gonna arrange it.

Worst South Park episode ever! Pewdie? Why? Why is that utter in there? I really lost faith in SP after that...

79 Sarcastaball

It's bad because of butters creamy goo

His "creamy goo" was his sperm. And people ate some of it. That was awfully nasty. - Chaotixhero

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80 Jared Has Aides

It made Kyle and Stan pretty unlikeable.

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