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81 The Red Badge of Gayness
82 Lil' Crime Stoppers

This epidsoe somewhat reminds me of a movie called The Little Rascals. I don't know why either - Chaotixhero

83 Erection Day

Okay, I have mixed feelings for this episode.. you see, I liked Jimmy, I think he's an enjoyable character and a great supporting side character, but, him getting tortured and then him later becoming kind of a dick for only wanting sex out of relationship... nope. I still don't consider this the worst, because I find it very enjoyable.

In this episode Jimmy Valmer, a 4th grader, "made love" to a prostitute who is way older than him to get rid of his erection. WHAT?!? - SafetyPickle

84 Trapped in the Closet V 1 Comment
85 Cartoon Wars

I think the main problem with the episode is that how they're are protraying the characters and I'm bassing them on the outcomes not their motives. Kyle is trying to get them to kept the episode from getting pushed. Outcomes: he could have started an war between the Islamic country against America. But due to kyle's dumb luck they didn't. Cartman wanted to have the episode pushed so the show in result cancelling the show. Outcomes: it would have been a 50-50 chance the show would have been cancel but it could have stop a war from breaking out. So they way that I see it cartman is the protagonist and kyle is the antagonist. They both had selfish motives but the outcomes would have an effect the country. I felt like they should have been a third part to the episode showing that kyle screwed up. And it was up to kyle and cartman to make it right. But the episode was awesome I just had that one problem.

86 Grounded Vindaloop

What?! This is honestly one of the best episodes from the new season. Sort of random but it has those really funny moments.

88 Sarcastaball

It's bad because of butters creamy goo

His "creamy goo" was his sperm. And people ate some of it. That was awfully nasty. - Chaotixhero

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89 Creme Fraiche

I had a hard time choosing between this episode or Cash for Gold. Both are my least favorites of the show.

With Creme Fraiche, all it is is that same joke about the shaking weight that everyone in the world already made long before this episode came out.

Either they should've made this episode sooner, since they only take six days to make an episode, or find a way to make it more original.
The thing about South Park as a whole, is that whenever they run into a tired joke, they give it a nice South Park twist and makes it feel more original.
For example the Mr. Jefferson episode was an interesting take on the Michael Jackson jokes everyone already made. So the episode felt original and was worthwhile.

Creme Fraiche offers nothing, and the metaphor with the creme Fraiche itself was way too obvious even for South Park.

Aside from being too obvious, it wasn't as funny as South Park could be.

90 Tom's Rhinoplasty

Why isn't this higher on the list? The jokes barely even work half the time. The Stan puking joke gets old really quickly and the Mr Garrrison subplot comes off as weak and unfunny. The rest of the jokes, save for the lesbian jokes, aren't really that funny.

91 Cartman Joins NAMBLA

I had to stop watching. I love South Park and all but really? The only problem I had was Kenny trying to kill his unborn sibling. I had a sister who died before birth so this really made me unhappy

Sorry to see that happen, but this episode reveals how kenny is resurrected from death.

I Love This Episode

Cartman was an ass in this episode poor boys they could've been raped

92 Let Go, Let Gov.

I love this episode because it had Alec Baldwin in it. Lol

Oh look, another episode about the damn Government. Hurrah! How many more government topics are there gonna be? Ugh...

To the person below me: this episode tackled the NSA, not the government. Besides, South Park always tackles current events and will never stop.

93 The Cissy

Scary how this episode along with the snuke just predicted litteraly what's happening in the country right now...

This episode seems like a half-assed apology for "Mr. Garrison's Fancy New Vagina" and "Eek, a Penis! " years ago. It's nowhere near as transphobic as those too and a lot more accepting of people "who may be transgender", but it still sends the message that it's perfectly acceptable to exploit the system in order to use the bathroom of the opposite sex or get your own personal bathroom and doesn't deal with any actual transgender or transsexual people (remember, Cartman and Randy were both just tired of the male restrooms).

94 Douche and Turd

Kyle was a dick in this episode, Stan doesn't vote for his side or at all. So what does he do? HIRES A GANG SOLELY TO WIN AGAINST CARTMAN. Kyle and Cartman wars weren't anything new, but to this episode, this was the worst possible way to convey it. This is one episode where I flat out hated Kyle

Kyle's an even bigger dick in "Truth and Advertising" and "PC Principal Final Justice". It was Kyle's fault he let the PC Bro stay at South Park, but he blamed Stan for it and attempted to SHOOT HIM!

95 World War Zimmerman
96 Bloody Mary
97 Informative Murder Porn
98 Margaritaville

This won an Emmy? I didn't even laugh at all and this episode seemed like HOURS.

A really boring episode which didn't deserve its Emmy Award.

Did you know that "The Black Friday Trilogy" was nominated for an Emmy, but lost to a Bob's Burgers (which I find godawful) episode?

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99 Quintuplets 2000

Makes some good points about western ethnocentrism, but in the end this episode was just boring.

100 Free Hat

I just manually added "Free Hat" because it wasn't even on the list. Worst episode of all time. No laughs the entire way through. How is it possible that I am seeing lil crime stoppers and margaritaville so low on this list?

I actually like this one - jackwoodrick

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