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101 Quintuplets 2000

Makes some good points about western ethnocentrism, but in the end this episode was just boring.

102 Free Hat

I just manually added "Free Hat" because it wasn't even on the list. Worst episode of all time. No laughs the entire way through. How is it possible that I am seeing lil crime stoppers and margaritaville so low on this list?

I actually like this one - jackwoodrick

103 An Elephant Makes Love to a Pig V 1 Comment
104 Chickenpox

Probably The Most Sorry Excuse For A South Park Episode - Noah02

105 Sponsored Content
106 The Passion of the Jew

Why the hell is this on here? This is the funniest episode of South Park EVER! - DoroExploro13

107 Butters' Very Own Episode

The only reason why this episode is on the list is because of Gary Condit and the Ramsey's portrayal on the show as murderers when they were later found to be innocent. Matt and Trey themselves in fact regret their portrayal of them and is the reason why I won't watch the episode because of this very fact. - Mario8

108 A Nightmare on Face Time

Simply one of the most boring episodes of South Park EVER. - Mario8

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