Stanley's Cup


Oh God! What were they THINKING with this one?! This felt like a one of those new SpongeBob episodes where a character gets tortured then a South Park episode. I mean, seeing little kids getting beat is not funny! Seeing a little kid die of cancer is not funny! This episode is NOT FUNNY! AND IT WAS MEANT TO BE FUNNY, NOT SERIOUS! Other than that, the rest of the episode is boring. This episode is crap, but at least they got it together in the episode after this...

Was it really necessary to kill off the kid with cancer as a joke after making us feel poorly for him through the entire episode? Not to mention I really hated when those hockey players started beating on Toddlers! They didn't even do it in a funny way! Seriously no humor whatsoever! Anything would have done to make me not feel wrong for watching this hell a pedophile joke would have been preferable to what we were given.

The entire episode was hard to watch. What a screwed up ending.

Me being a hockey fan I personally enjoyed the episode. However I can see why people didn't like it. The story line isn't that strong and the ending pissed a lot of people off. Matt and Trey have certainly done better in the past and I wouldn't judge the show because of this one episode - 1066159

This is in my opinion the worst not just South Park episode, but the worst episode of ANYTHING I've ever watched in my life. Before the ending is eh, but the ending was just so ABSOLUTELY INFURIATING! I will never get over this, I can only hope they never air this piece of crap again.

This episode was hilarious. Anybody offended by the ending obviously did not get the joke with this episode being a parody of those average feel-good type movies. The reason the kid died was because Stan's experience did not end up being like how it would be in the movies, and that's why it was so dark. How are people so offended by this episode over everything else? If anything you should be offended over Cartman attempting to exterminate the Jews or Scott Tenorman being fed his own murdered parents. - rcj37

Best episode ever! It is a satire of childhood sports movie's that mocks every cliche sports moment. From the kid dying of cancer to Randy's disappointment in Stan not making the shot in his Pee-Wee hockey team, yet Stan doesn't care at all or remember the Pee-Wee hockey game. If you don't like this episode you have probably never played a single competitive sport or watched any childhood sports movie ever.

Worst episode ever. And what's the deal with that guy who just kept on doing voice overs? This episode was so annoying. It was stupid as hell. I can't believe people actually made this crap. It's like they have no regard for children.

Stanley's Cup is vile and cruel. The hockey players were beating the peewee hockey players, let alone nearly killing them, and then the kid with cancer dies at the end. The people were even cheering on the hockey players who were beating the children. Vile, terrible, and was giving the biggest middle finger to kids around the world.

This episode, I never watched fully, but on YouTube I watched a video about it. This just makes me cry when I think about it. A kid has cancer, and dies at the end... ? That is messed up. The way he says No Hope at the end is just, terrible. I don't think I will ever watch this fully. This is the worst thing in South Park.

And let's not forget that on top of all of this (which I fully agree with), you have the kid who says his parents will beat him and nobody cares. Worst. Episode. Ever.

It kind of felt like Trey and Matt were having a rough week, so they made this episode out of spite.

This episode no joke made me CRY when I saw it for the first time when the kids were beaten up I am dead serious! The ending is also really bad but that one part with the redskins was to much.

Matt and Trey, please don't write episodes when you're drunk.

This episode has the worst ending because the kid died from cancer when his hockey team lost the game against grown men.

Shocked that this episode is in the bottom ten. One of my all time favourite episodes.

Perhaps you have to have a particular sense of humour to appreciate this episode, a sense of humour that I assumed most South Park fans would share.

Stan's reluctance at being coach is hilarious throughout, and the needlessly sad bits peppered throughought the episode are genius; "my cancer hurts", the adult hockey team needlessly beating down the kids team, and the "no hope" line at the end has me laughing just thinking about it.


Grow a brane if you don't like this episode.

This episode pretty much caused me to stop watching the show when I saw it, luckily it didn't (that was until I saw safe space). This episode had what has got to be the most mean spirited endings ever. We have stanly torture porn scenes, a kid dying, uncesiarily cruel characters, the basteredization of the red wings, child abuse, a disrespectful parody of the mighty ducks, and the almost ruined queens we are the champions. This episode is scum. It better be so darn lucky that the 19th season happened or I would have called this the worst South Park episode ever.

WOW, just wow. There are episodes like breast cancer show ever, that are great but have an awful ending. There are episodes like cartoon wars, where most is just meh but the last few minutes are awesome. This is both. The bland and boring parody of a movie that isn't even that good is enough for this to be in the top 20

Nope nope nope nope! Seriously unfunny. It's my least favourite episode but I don't hate it that much. Still... it's a bad episode that I'd rather forget.

I know South Park is satirical but come on! There is still some limit who shouldn't be crossed!

Google led me here because I just saw this episode, and I bet this is the worst episode I've ever seen, can't believe they got this crap air.

I understand it is making fun of kids sports movies but this took it to far, even for South Park standards.

This episode is pretty good. The only reason it's on here is cause it's not meant to be as funny. It's meant to be sad and it is sad

It's meant to show people that when a sports team wins a game, you never know who may be counting on the other side. - Caleb9000

On It's own, this episode is weak, just a generic Mighty Ducks parody. But the ending is so cruel and messed up, I have to hate it. - SafetyPickle

Great episode, but the ending was merciless and heartless! - HeavyDonkeyKong