Tweek x Craig


To everyone saying that Tweek and Craig's relationship was forced in this episode, it was, and was meant to be. The point of this episode wasn't to be emotional or actually turn them into a couple (even though they actually ended up becoming one), it was making fun of the people who kept trying to make them gay. As for Tweek and Craig being out of character, that really depends on what the viewer thinks, but if you are in a relationship, even if you're faking, you will probably act different around the person whom you are with. Granted, Tweek x Craig wasn't the funniest of episodes, but that didn't make it by any means the worst one.

This show was particularly painful to watch, from start to finish. I had to skip a lot of it because the humor was just too messed up. The premise of the show is good and they could have done a lot with it but the take off was just horrible.

Yeah, this episode is awful. The humor is not that great, it pretty much destroyed Craig as a character, and rewarded an extremely toxic hoard of fans who draw art of the show's 4th grade characters grabbing each other's crotches.What makes it worse are the fans who are obsessed with it to the point that you can't go anywhere South Park related without hearing about this forced ship. And of course, if you dare criticize anything Creek related, you will likely get called homophobic. - Lordofcold

Although this season is terrible, Trey and Matt have done the worst mistake they've ever made. First, PC principal has yelled at Leslie although this time, she DOES NOT CHATTING with her friends (I start to feel bad for her), but that not all, Wendy present the term yaoi with one Creek fanart! (I'm sure she won't enjoy it if we remplace Creek by Style). I won't talk about those drawing for not shocking those artist but you know what I think! Guess what, even Craig and Tweek disagree with that but unfortunately, PC Principal force then for being gay. And worse, everyone believe they're gay and are so glad they dating! When Tweek and Craig fighting with each other, I've though this gonna stop anything but no, that won't change anything! SO, they have to play the gay couple for break up and when it's done, I've though it's over but NO, because everyone feel sad, like if they're all brainwashed! Craig confirm neither him or Tweek are gay, but they were forced to do, but for everyone at ...more

Season 19 is such a crappy season, but that episode is THE WORST!

This episode is, by far, not the worst episode of South Park ever. I don't think that a lot of people who hate this episode recognise that the "yaoi fan-art" is part of the joke. South Park aims to disturb and offend, and if your sensitive eyes hurt from seeing some mostly terrible drawings (so much that you think it's more disturbing than watching a real sex change operation), then you're most likely homophobic or you don't understand the joke. I can't believe how stupid the comments are on this site sometimes.

How is this the worst episode? I hate yaoi and all, but I enjoyed this episode a lot. It was funny having Tweek and Craig react to the drawings of them ("Dude. What? ") and I loved how everyone gave them money and congratulated their parents for them being gay. But it was also really sad when they "broke up" and the whole town became depressed. I like south park episodes that mix humour and emotion. Plus, Trey even said it was his favourite of the season.

Peoples tooks that episode too seriously. The haters who don't get the message and peoples who loved that episode but not for the good reasons (They don't get it either). I hate that episode because everyone took it too seriously. - Rex34

The worst one, and the only episode I swore to never watch. From what I heard about it, it features artwork from the worst websites in the internet hell, such as probably deviantfart and dumblr. The story is about idiotic fangirls from the most hellish depths of those websites forcing two boys to do intercourse because the damn fangirls are more mentally ill than anything. Ugh.

I hate it! Worst South Park episode ever!

Yes, Tweek needed an episode, but if it's for a crappy yaoi episode, he should rather stay as a background character with no more episode for him. Because that episode, it's just terrible.

This episode is hilarious, why do people hate it so much? - ProTopTens

Didn't even deserve a nomination. Thankfully, it lost.

I mean, I didn't think this was THAT BAD, it wasn't nearly as abusive, and mean spirited as Stanley's Cup, or anywhere near as gross or disturbing as Mr. Garrison's Fancy New Vagina. But is this really that forced, or that bad, was it really so bad that it deserved the top spot on here over some truly horrendous episodes, like the two I just mentioned and even A Million Little Fibers? - MilesW1998

I just, WHAT! THIS IS THE WORST SOUTH PARK EPISODE EVER! Two boys being forced to be gay is NOT funny! And when tweek and Craig break up, the entire town turns sad? I? I? II! WHHHAAATT!

WARNING! Don't watch this episode! You might become homophobic.

I felt so sorry for Craig and Tweek

That it! South Park is over for me!

This episode was so boring. I could barely sit through the first 10 minutes. Like, seriously. The premise of the episode had so much potential to be hilarious

In my list of every episodes everyone love but I hate, this one is definitely on the top of this list.

How Trey and Matt could do a bullcrap like this?! Now that we have yaoi, this show is entirely ruined.

I hope Tweek and Craig will break up in "Put It Down". I definitely can't stand at them, even if Trey and Matt want to improve it, it's still a bad ship.

This episode was hilarious, I don't know what you are talking about. They are satirizing all the anime ships.

Its not a bad episode, but it left an everlasting impact on the weird side of south park fans that will never be stopped. I am sick of looking at cringy creek artwork, I can't anymore.

An art gallery in a episode? No thanks.