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1 The Amazing Spider-Man 2

The only good SpiderMan 2 is well, Spiderman 2 that is. Went to see this movie when it came out. I liked Andrew Garfield's acting but I ended up just forgetting anything memorable he said. There were some moments that made me laugh, like the chimney part, but other than that I don't really remember anything else about it. - cjWriter1997

While spiderman 1977 is worse than this, I'm putting amazing spider-man 2 at the top for being an underhated piece of junk - VideoGamefan5

VideoGamefan5 have you seen Ghost Rider 2 Spirit of Vengeance that is worse than this.

2 Spider-Man (1977)
3 Phineas and Ferb: Mission Marvel

It has spiderman so it counts - VideoGamefan5

4 The Amazing Spider-Man

I used to like this movie, now it's... well let me just say, it has many flaws for example, the film feels too short - VideoGamefan5

5 Spider-Man 3

Definitely the worst of the original trilogy.

Don't you dare tell me you liked amazing spiderman 2, if you do, I'll be really jealous - VideoGamefan5

It's not that bad to be honest.

Why is this no number one? - CharlieAlba

It's just so boring

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6 Spider-Man: Homecoming Spider-Man: Homecoming

It isn't even out, yet it looks pretty corny to be honest - VideoGamefan5

It's not out yet. It'll be the best spidey movie. YOU'LL ALL SHOULD GO TO HELL IF YOU HATE THIS! - asantalo

7 Spider-Man vs Daredevil

Never heard of this, just a filler entry - VideoGamefan5

8 Spider-Man

Great movie - VideoGamefan5

9 Captain America: Civil War

Great but overrated - VideoGamefan5

10 Spider-Man 2

My favorite Spiderman film. I guess it's on here because there wasn't anymore Spiderman films left then. - cjWriter1997

Amazing movie, barely has any flaws - VideoGamefan5

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11 Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark

Not really a movie. And more of a broadway show. But it's total garbage and painful.

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