Top 10 Worst Splatoon 2 Weapons

Splatoon 2 introduced a bunch of new weapons and brought back pretty much all the old ones. Here are the worst weapons in the game.

The Top Ten

1 Goo Tuber

It's a splat charger with shorter range and longer charging time. USELESS

You can hold your charge longer (at least 5 seconds), and it still is a 1 hit kill. - Qryzx

It's a pretty good weapon once you use it right. It can kill with two barely charged shots, it can kill at 71% charge, it can actually hold a long chrge and not reveal itself, it outranges the squiffer, and it can hold a partial charge. It's not that bad. - Bio03

It’s so deceiving. Who thought of that idea

Ok, I'm gonna leave this at the top one since I don't feel like scrolling down, but for this list, all you did was choose weapons that you don't like. Not based on whether they're good or not. For example, the Glooga Dualies, the Tenta Brella, the Hydra Splatling, and the Dynamo Roller. All of those are extremely good support weapons. That does not make them bad. Maybe you personally don't like slow weapons because you are a frontliner, but that does not make the weapons a lower quality than the others.

2 Inkbrush

It really depends what player you are. For most, you can easily fail at the hands of this weapon. But some people will find that the inkbrush is good for them.

Maybe you just need to get good with it like me. - thunderstar1124

It just sucks. The special is horrible, the range is horrible, and don't get me started on trying turn war with this crap.

Worse than the gootuber, basically impossible to kill anything, ink mines are worthless, if the enemy uses the map you can't backstab them, takes 4 hits to kill, spamming the ZR button is tiring, running away doesn't help objective, falloff damage is extremely low, like to the point of using this gun while on an edge on someone who is below you makes it literally worthless, bad in SR, can only run eggs, bad damage too, etc.

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3 Dynamo Roller

I put this on the list originally when it was a trashy weapon. After the considerable amount of buffs it got, I can now safely say that this is a solid weapon that doesn't belong here. It's just really difficult to use, but high risk, high reward, right? - TheYoshiOverlord

This weapon is god

It’s probably one of the slowest rollers in the game, slow speed, long range, great power, but I HATE IT

Lol me and my friends were doing a salmon run. it was going well (a total of 49 golden eggs in total of the first and second wave.) there was 1 wildcard rotation, and GUESS WHAT? on wave 3, I was given the dynamo roller. and I was like "gimme help buddies" and then we went along fine until a flyfish came along and destroyed all of my teammates. we failed 5 seconds after that. TRUE STORY.

4 Tenta Brella

The tenta brella is one of the most potent weapons ever on clam blitz as well as rainmaker! the only reason people hate on it, is because they're not playing it properly, the shield is not for defense, You're supposed to shoot the shield and use it to push forward as well as pave the way! This weapon excels even more in clam blitz due to the squid beakons, you can use them to dig deep into enemy territory and toss that clam into the basket! In rainmaker, you can not only use it to break the barrier, but you can use it to paint a path for your rainmaker to pass. You can even use it to block the enemy from getting the rainmaker to the goal by shooting out your shield while on the goal point!

Slowest fire rate, takes forever to shoot, I just restated what I said...

This weapon is useless!

Dude, try playing with a pro that uses this weapon. it's insanely overpowered. - Qryzx

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5 Flingza Roller

I like how it tries to combine the dynamo's vertical flick with the splat roller's regular, with some differences of course. Splash wall isn't the worst sub in the world, I guess. Underused, but fairly mediocre. In 100 matches, I could encounter only 0-4 matches with one, and usually only one. - Qryzx

Not super bad, but far from good... Foil version is slightly better.

6 Clash Blaster


7 Aerospray MG Aerospray MG

Great in Turf War, garbage anywhere else. - TheYoshiOverlord

8 Hydra Splatling

Learn to get good with it, and eventually... you'll lose everything because your team does not protect you, dies a lot, does not capture the objective. YOU GET IT you're on support, you need your team to be good but it's terrible.
The weapon got nerfed since splatoon 1. Seems like it has less range, slower to charge, but at least you get a better jump while shooting and you still deal ten billion DPS.
Only good at one thing, staying in the backline, killing trespassers, waiting for your team to do kills, and pushing forward, squeezing the enemy into their base, Weapon is good! However... the set

Weird, this on a ranged weapon?
Yeah. It's decent
You can always use it to get out of trouble or to protect the many, many prople that superjump to you, but
Instead, you should to pay close attention to the map (check that you don't have any super jump related abilities equipped), then superjump to the teammate that is most likely to die to opponants. AND BOOM, you ...more

9 Neo Sploosh-O-Matic

Beacons make the weapon even more trash, Use normal if you want to win a actual fight.

What... what even is this pile of garbage? Just use the Dapple Dualies already. Slightly more range, better accuracy, same kill time (faster if you roll), and did I mention it can roll? Also, same sub and better special. And if you really want Tenta Missiles, just use the Octobrush Nouveau. Want to jump people and sneak attack them? Krak-On Splat Roller. Want to lose? Go ahead and use this. This weapon is outclassed by every other weapon in the game. - TheYoshiOverlord

10 Octobrush

This weapon was specifically made for people who have no skill. It's way too overpowered.

But the Octobrush is GOOD... - SusuTheWeaboo

Absolutely overpowered garbage. Anybody with a brain knows that this weapon is overpowered and spammy - thunderstar1124

The Contenders

11 E-Liter 4K/ E-Liter 4K Scope

Range buff on this thing when? For a ridiculously long charge time, you just barely outrange a Splatterscope. - TheYoshiOverlord

12 Glooga Dualies

Also probably the only bad dualies in the game - USGC

Awful fire rate. - USGC

13 Custom Goo Tuber
14 Bamboozler 14 MK I

This weapon needs to be higher. Some idiots are voting good weapons on the list - USGC

This weapon has poor fire rate, and it's not even close to aiming right

15 Enperry Splat Dualies

Who put this here? This is an awesome weapon! I got 31 kills with it once. And if you can use an Inkjet well, you can ink turf or just kill your enemies. This is a solid pack for dualie users. - SusuTheWeaboo


16 Carbon Roller
17 Sploosh-o-matic

Really horrible for tower control and splat zones because of its horrible range

Overused. It's not even a good weapon!

Meh! Terrible range and in splatoon 2 is easy to outrange weapons

18 Splatling Gun

Aside from the long firing time and damage, it takes up a lot of ink, cannot store a charge, and is too clumsy and slow to use.

19 Splattershot Jr.

This is literally the first weapon. It's pretty solid with inking turf, the same range as the Aerospray (any), and has less fire rate but does more damage. And also it's set is okay as well. - Qryzx

It's your starter weapon, so don't expect it to be good...
I personally don't like it, but, again, it's your starter weapon. Turf enough to pick up something better. :)
- Anonymous

20 Splattershot roller

What the heck is a Splattershot Roller?!?!?! - SusuTheWeaboo

I have so much experience with this weapon

Zekko Splattershot Roller is better - Bio03

21 Squeezer
22 Custom Blaster
23 H-3 Nozzlenose

This weapon is OP when used right, especially the H-3D. And he L-3s are really good also. - Bio03

24 Rapid Blaster Pro

How in the world is this weapon terrible? You clearly haven't seen it's skill. You can splat people in a few shots, it has good range and takes no effort. No wonder this is all the way at the bottom!

25 Tri Slosher

Its still op after the nerf

OK which idiot is adding good weapons to this list? This is supposed to be a list of weapons that flat-out suck. - TheYoshiOverlord

This thing got buffed again. - ZachMandoGames

26 Luna Blaster

If you main this and you think you're good, quit splatoon. it's a cheap weapon

27 Spattershot Pro
28 Luna Blaster Neo
29 Krak-On Splat Roller

If the Splat Roller wasn't enough, here you go. Whenever I place down a beacon to give my team an advantage, 1/50 of the time my team actually uses it. Wow. Also, the Baller will also 1/50 of the time actually splats someone. Double wow.

30 .96 Gal

Despite the two-hit kill and the decent range, the rate is slow as heck, it doesn't paint well, the weapon is very vulnerable, and the shots easily miss. - Bio03

31 Splatterscope
32 Dapple Dualies
33 Jet Squelcher
34 Splattershot

Isn't this the 2nd weapon in the game?
Also, this is an all-around weapon. It's an amazing item to get used to, and a pretty solid set. - Qryzx

What, no! This is a great weapon. - ZachMandoGames

35 Heavy Splatling

That weapon is meta are you kidding?!? This isn't a frontline weapon, don't get it wrong. - Bio03

Lol git good noobs, its not like you can just charge up anywhere - SusuTheWeaboo

Takes FOREVER to charge, and by the time it’s done, you’re DEAD!

36 Ranger

The one that's black and red orange flames on it? TERRIBLE. I used all my hard workin' money from win's for this?! Uses SOOO much time to splat and others use it like it's so easy! The specials aren't really good, to me, and it hits well but BLAST *Sad inkling noises or rarely Octoling* You get splatted but the N- Zap whatever or crushed by the Splat Roller and then they use Splashdown to make it like you went downhill! I don't thinm you shold get this wepon unless your gear has good stuff! Period.

37 Explosher
38 Undercover Brella
39 Sloshing Machine
40 Bloblobber

We didn't need more oneshots. please nerf - USGC

41 .52 Gal
42 L-3 Nozzlenose
43 Custom Splattershot Jr.

Bad range and accuracy.

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