Worst SpongeBob Episodes that Aired in 2009


The Top Ten

1 Stuck in the Wringer Stuck in the Wringer

Crying does NOT solve your problems, plus Patrick tortured SpongeBob in this.
That’s not what best friends do -MarkTyler

2 Choir Boys

A Squidward Torture Episode. SpongeBob was constantly torturing Squidward, and somehow, SpongeBob won, and lead Squidward to More torture -MarkTyler

3 Someone's In The Kitchen With Sandy

Kinda weird to see Sandy’s fur suit taken off and controlled by Plankton -MarkTyler

4 Truth or Square Truth or Square

Everything involved in this was inaccurate, more like Square -MarkTyler

5 Slide Whistle Stooges

Just a Squidward torture episode, then Squidward thought he was the “master”, but he only made everything else worse, and then, he ended up getting hurt, and his life was ruined in bad luck -MarkTyler

6 Pet or Pests

EWW the Worms were yuck, just squirting slime, do kids and adults like that?

7 Pineapple Fever

Not too bad, but Squidward was having a bad time, even though he planned it, just to get away from SpongeBob and Patrick, but he was hungry and he couldn’t get any food.
Yet SpongeBob and Patrick were food hoggers -MarkTyler

8 Squid's Visit

SpongeBob was a stalker, CREEPY -MarkTyler

9 Cephalopod Lodge

Just another Squidward Torture episode. spongeBob and Patrick really ruined Squidward’s life in this one -MarkTyler

10 Toy Store Of Doom

Thank God! This was one of the better episodes of Season 9
Though SpongeBob and Patrick were whiny -MarkTyler

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