Top Ten Worst SpongeBob Episodes From Seasons 1, 2 and 3

NOW NOW PEOPLE before you hate about this list let me tell you I love seasons 1,2, and 3 of spongebob. But there are some episodes of spongebob that I just don't like so lets get started. One more thing the episode reef blower does not count because it does not feel like a episode so I will skip it.

The Top Ten

1 I'm With Stupid

The worst episode from seasons 1-3, but would be above average compared to the new ones. At least it isn't disgusting, and has some humor, and SpongeBob isn't annoying. Also, squidward is not getting all his dreams crushed. Seriously, in the new episodes, I just feel bad for Plankton, and hate this new over greedy Mr. Krabs, who doesn't do anything but talk about money, SpongeBob and patrick, who are stupid and annoying and aren't funny, and larry and sandy don't show up anymore. Also there is no entire toenails getting ripped off.

SERIOUSLY! This episode is just 10 minutes of SpongeBob being mentally tortured. This episode would make kids think that insulting people is OK. It's not. Patrick, Marty and Janet are huge jerks in this. They just WOULDN'T believe SpongeBob even though he was SERIOUS and FORMAL about confessing about his lies.

People complain about Patrick in post-movie episodes but he's at his absolute worst here (that includes "Rule of The Dumb", "Yours Mine and Mine", and "Stuck in a Winger). The ending is a slap in the face and what's with SpongeBob acting like a stereotypical retarded kid? This episode blows.

This is the only bad episode of the first 3 seasons in my opinion

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2 Party Pooper Pants

Okay, I get enjoyment out of every single episode of the series from seasons 1-3. Even The Great Snail Race, which showed us a sneak peak of Gary's treatment in the new episodes about a decade early, I could still find enjoyable moments in that episode. However, I don't get any enjoyment out of this episode. There are barely any jokes worth a chuckle, the Patchy segments are boring and overstay their welcome, SpongeBob is really unlikable, and he gets arrested for no reason. I don't even like the song of the episode, and I consider that the highlight! This is honestly the only episode of the pre-movie era that I can't stand. That being said, this show was able to put out 60 episodes for its first 3 seasons, and I only truly disliked one of them. That's pretty impressive if you ask me.

! The police I would wanna murder them for arresting SpongeBob just because he didn't invite them to his party! It's SpongeBob's party, he can do whatever he wants, it's his party - sryanbruen

Because SpongeBob got arrested at the end I hate most of all I never wanted to see this episode again

This episode is horrible

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3 The Great Snail Race

This was the worst season 3 episode. Well, it's only OKAY. Not bad, not good, it was okay. There isn't much episodes like this in seasons 1-3, but I just chose my least favorite. The plot was done before, Sandy was an ass for no good reason, (and no, she didn't see Spongebob being a jerk, she just kicked him for no apparent reason) and it just wasn't that great. Also, whoever put Band Geeks on here, take it off. NOW. I'm not trying to be mean, but he or she either have no good taste, or they never saw it before. Band Geeks is one of the best Spongebob episodes EVER. If not, one of the best examples of animation I ever saw. Same with Culture Shock, Krusty Krab Training Video, and Idiot Box. Also, I'm With Stupid, and MANY others. Anyways, this just wasn't a very good episode. This is my ONLY complaint about season 3.

The part when Gary breaks down and crashes during the race is the main reason why I dislike this episode. Watching Gary's eyeballs inflate and explode before he crashed was so uncomfortable and awful as a kid, and it kinda still is to this day, in my opinion. At least SpongeBob learned that pushing his friend in a very harsh manner was not the right thing to do and apologized to Gary around the end of the episode. - DikkunDiniandTwiTheAwesomeLinx

I like this one personally. Gary's "abuse" isn't abuse, as much as over-the-top slapstick. And SpongeBob apologizes in the end. - Garythesnail

Wait...this is from PRE-MOVIE SPONGEBOB?! I expect something like this from seasons 6-8!

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4 Dumped

I don't find this a terrible episode, but patrick is very out of place here, and the ending could have been slightly better

This episode was sad, but not as sad as Have You Seen This Snail? Nonetheless, in this episode, Gary starts hanging out with Patrick, and Spongebob tries to get Gary to come back. But Gary only liked Patrick for the cookie in his pocket. - Catacorn

It's very dramatic and it might be make you cry

I generally like most old spongebob episodes, but this one has to be the worst of them all. It involves Gary running away from Spongebob all for a dumb cookie. - USGC

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5 The Sponge Who Could Fly

I do NOT like this episode, mostly because of the background fish. For example, they chase down SpongeBob only because he's being a dreamer. The only time they notice him is when he starts flying, and then they start asking SpongeBob to do things they could easily do THEMSELVES! When he doesn't obey THEIR dreams, guess what? They chase him down. And they try to KILL him. Yes, SpongeBob is flying in the air with his inflatable pants, and they try to pop the pants. When they finally are successful, they look like they've done something horrible. You'd probably think, "Oh, they're gonna run up to Sponge and realize their mistake." Nope. NOT AT ALL. Instead, they hold a funeral for the pants. The PANTS. And they don't care about SpongeBob, and all the unnecessary deeds he did for them. They just leave him there. There is NO apology afterwards. Actually, when SpongeBob flies with the jellyfish, we see everyone cry over his pants. No, just no. If it weren't for the Patchy segments, I ...more

I agree. I mean do these people like to beat up unicorns when they chased spongebob because of a dream he had? At least nickelodeon rarely shows this episode. - YoshiApple

When I was a kid, I always liked this episode...But nowadays, I can see it's major flaws, not that it was all horrible, but there were some points that really got to me. Everyone makes fun of SpongeBob for chasing his dreams, then they Chase him off a cliff for no real reason to be angry, then when he finally achieves his dream, everyone demands favors from him, one of them stating that he "owed them favors", and when they shoot him down for once again trying to achieve his dream, they only feel sorry for his pants.
Sorry for this being so long, just wanted to get it off my chest. Seriously though, I don't like this episode.


This episode is boring...

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6 Culture Shock

This list is a joke! All episodes from seasons 1-5 are good. I don't know what happened to seasons 6- present. The jokes are corny, the plot is dumb, and WORST OF ALL... SpongeBob IS ANNOYING.

I actually thought this episode was decent, even though it foreshadowed the squidward thing. At least SpongeBob wasn't being so stupid when he's trying to help, or crushing his dreams on purpose. SpongeBob was quite nice here, and wasn't very stupid.

The episode name is inaccurate.
Culture shock is the feeling you have when you visit a new culture.
How does this episode connect to culture?
I mean, learning about what other people do is sort of like it, but not for real!
And then what does the dance in Squidward live even mean?
It's abstract!

How is this on here? Culture Shock was a great episode! 👍 - PokemonRPGbro

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7 Gary Takes a Bath

This episode was almost banned in USA because (u know why) it is banned in Australia. It's partner episode was banned both places to.

It was banned because of the Don't Drop the Soap part and the girl.

Oh god... That girl - Spandy4Eva

This episode was banned in some countries! The creepy viking girl and the don't drop the soap joke are enough to say... - Catacorn

This episode was banned in Australia and the UK, because of the inappropriate thing Spongebob said.

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8 Wormy

Honestly, I thought this episode was good. Why do people dislike this?

Because in one specific scene, the butterfly lands on Spongebob's helmet, and they do a zoom in on its face, and it scared many kids. - Catacorn

When I saw this episode as a kid, I felt traumatized by the zoomed in bug face. Everybody I new called me a baby because of this, but I will never get over that scene, even if I'm an adult. What I wanna know is why the writers thought that image would be kid friendly? AND show periodically? Sorry guys, but this scene alone just ruined the episode for me. Just my opinion.

The close up ruined the episode for me. And I mean RUINED it for new. I never saw the episode again and guess how old I am. 16 going on 17. Call me crazy, but the real people who are crazy are the ones who allowed the idea of having a closeup of one cute little butterfly be something you'd see in a David Cronenberg film. This is my least favorite episode of all time, right next to "A Pal for Gary". - OnyxDash

Why I hate this episode it was banned in some contries due to 3 horsefly pop ups

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9 I Was a Teenage Gary

Not that this is a bad episode but it should be top 5 of this list. Definitely one of the weakest, if not the weakest episode of season 1. Still much better than most recent episodes though.

This episode, I don't mind that much, but Squidward had a responsibility to take care of Gary, and he doesn't do it. He doesn't even get punished for doing so. And those needles near the end of the episode. Oh, gosh.

This episode is still satan that transformation is still the devil but I heard that the episode is only shown every year in October but it's still scary

I liked it!

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10 The Paper

This is a good episode. Best part? When SpongeBob was playing the music on the paper, in comparison to Squidward's clarinet. "All those wrong notes made it sound more original! "

This List was HORRIBLE. The old Episodes Were AWESOME!

Here are my few reasons why I Like This episode;

Funny moments
Hilarious music
Squidward is in it

Well, you have to delete This List. This Should be garbage.

This Should be number 20 greatest SpongeBob Episodes on the history.

This epsoides one of my faviorte season 1 ones - notetoselfidoe

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The Contenders

11 Pickles

Which idiot put this at #2, this is one of the best episodes I've seen from classic SpongeBob

What (dolphin noise) genius put this (dolphin noise) episode on the list? This list blows. For this episode, there's a lot of jokes based on SpongeBob getting confused, not to mention the diner lingo in the first half of the episode (a nice touch), and what tops it all off is the outstanding music in the background.

This is one of my favorite episodes of all time.

It's a classic episode, but stupid Bubble Bass got me so pissed off. - Catacorn

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12 Ripped Pants

Whoever said that season 1 has a lot of boring episodes adores SpongeBob seasons 6-9

Whoever put this in the top twenty, give yourself a round of applause! (Not sarcastically, seriously.) - CartreW

I love that episode. Why you didn't Like those old Episodes! Those Episodes were great!

I mean come on it is bad! They forgive him just for singing song! - Gangem

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13 Bubble Buddy

Spongebob inconveniences several people for a bubble, making him unlikable.
The citizens of Bikini Bottom continue to try and pop bubble buddy, even after Spongebob's speech, making them unlikable.
Bubble Buddy was alive the whole time, meaning he willingly let a man DIE, making him unlikable.
Notice a theme here? Such an unlikable episode.

I think this one is overrated, but still a classic.

I will be honest. This episode is overrated, but I don't care for it.

This is one of the best episodes in seasons 1-3.

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14 Ugh

I liked it. But they really should of been able to talk. Long story short I could write a better story for lots of bad SpongeBob episodes. Eg. For this one it should go like this: plot: this episode takes place before land creatures. Many fish (all side characters and Mr. Krabs) plan to pioneer onto land (this is evolution). SpongeBob, Patrick, and Squidward want to go on land but a current sweeps them away to a strange part of the ocean. To get back home they must make the journey back. There could be prehistoric aquatic creatures. Megaladon or even better. It would be nerdy but awesome. This could be a one hour special. Now back home, mr.Krabs plans on opening a restaurant on the surface (the krusty crab) but he trips on land and his dime goes into the water, floating away. He goes searching for it and meets up with SpongeBob and the gang. Now they all must get home. Mr.Krabs finds his dime and keeps it, which explains where he got his giant old dime in that one episode. So that's ...more

Yeah, "Before Comedy". Definitely one of the weaker pre-film specials.

Ugh is pretty funny to be honest - FlakyCuddles43

My thoughts Ugh - Tyoshi

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15 Reef Blowers

The episode had no dialogue because the sound equipment was broken. - Turkeyasylum

Compared to the other episodes on this list, I would like to point out: this is a season 1 episode. No dialogue is used. It's supposed to be a slapstick episodes, but I just don't get it. - dureckl

No dialogue, but better than all of the post-2005 episodes combined. - Catacorn

Squidward torture is not good

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16 Grandma's Kisses

Squidward and the other fish were such a jerk in this episode.

This episode is underrated!

Watch how he cries

I hate squidward

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17 Jellyfishing

The first true "Squidward Torture Porn" in the series. We see Patrick blow steaming hot soup onto Squidward's bandaged face several times, Patrick stabbing Squidward's hand with a jellyfishing net, and SpongeBob and Patrick take Squidward jellyfishing, despite the fact that Squidward doesn't want to go jellyfishing, and he's recovering from a serious injury! I know SpongeBob and Patrick aren't very smart, and they wanted to do good for Squidward. But this doesn't change the facts that some parts of the episode are painful to watch. That said, I still would rather watch this episode over the most of the garbage that the show spewed out in seasons 6 & 7.

I detest this episode. The first time a jellyfish flew into Squidward's mouth, it was okay because he was paying for what he did. But the torture just goes ON AND ON! He swallows a jellyfish, gets stung, gets his tentacles tangled, crashes his bicycle off a cliff, gets burned three times, gets his hand skewered, and gets stung by a giant jellyfish. Jeez! Isn't this a bit harsh? Also, I hate the firmly grasp it line. Why does everyone love it so much?

I don't know how Patrick knows what Christmas is because... This is before "Christmas Who" I call this episode a Squidward Karma Trip. I think he slightly deserves it. But only slightly. But there has to be someone else that sees the "FIRMLY GRASP IT" was just Patrick being an idiot and was supposed to be a joke. At least it's not a toenail getting ripped off.

I know this is a sqiidward torture episode but at least I this episode they have a reason to not understand squidward because he can't talk. In new episodes they have no reason for not realizing squidwards pain since he constantly tells them to go away.

A bad episode but better than new squidward torture episodes.

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18 Welcome to the Chum Bucket

Definitely one of the worst all season... Just didn't really capture my interest much...

It was good!

I actually like this episode.
Plankton: Don't back sass me!
SpongeBob: Neh Neh neh neh!
Plankton: What?!
SpongeBob: *blows raspberry*
Plankton: That's it mister you just lost your brain privileges!


19 Squid on Strike

I like this episode

This episode is not very great. - PowerKamek

Krusty krab is unfair! Mr. Krabs is in there! Standing at the concession! Plotting his oppression! - Katekat123

20 Artist Unknown

I like this episode

SOOO underrated.

Squidward was so cruel

Me too

21 Krabby Land

I think this episode is kind of boring, but who put Band Geeks (best episode ever) on here?!

I loved the references to amusement parks, although the SpongeBob abuse was a bit harsh.

I do NOT like this episode but the only reason I watch it is cause it's pard with camping episode which Awesome

I like this episode

22 Hooky

This episode's fall from grace is the ending. I know that they were punished for their misdeeds, but not only is this going too far, but SpongeBob already promised that he would not ride hooks again, and not telling off Krabs or the like, so the whole darn thing was unnecessary. Also, let's think about earlier in the episode when SpongeBob was not at work, and they were doing horribly without him. We don't see Mr. Krabs tell SpongeBob that the whole thing was staged, and that he was not really fired. He instead laughs at SpongeBob streaking in psychological agony, thinking that he is fired. If so, than they would probably have the same problem they had before because he didn't know that it was a prank. If he was told of what happened and vowed to never again ride hooks, a la Life of Crime, and end on Patrick in the tuna can, this ending could have been saved. But, no. We get a painful ending to an episode that had much good going for it.

I hate pearl and her friends looking at naked spongebob. Disturbing. Such a horny whale

That ending was terrible! SpongeBob promised not to go near hooks, but NO! Mr Krabs will not listen! I only felt bad for SpongeBob in this episode, but Patrick to be honest kinda deserved it, because obviously it was his idea.


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23 Nature Pants

To be honest, I love ALL of the pre movie episodes, but if I had to choose one this would be it. I'm surprised they could make a mediocre episode about this plot:

"SpongeBob likes jellyfish so much he wants to go live with them"

What were they thinking?

This episode is underrated. I think its pretty good. Stop hating on this people, there are many things worse! Just watch the splinter.

Most underrated episode. It deserves more respect. Why do people hate it?

This episode is good, but one of the more weaker episodes of season 1 - ChiefMudkip

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24 Musclebob Buffpants Musclebob Buffpants MuscleBob BuffPants is an episode of SpongeBob SquarePants season 1. In the episode, SpongeBob buys a pair of fake muscle arms to impress Sandy.

You guys are making the episode bad just because Sandy gets angry! really! It's like saying if someone on band geeks gets angry with the band, you call it bad.

Why is it the worst episode ever created I hate it for some reason but why it should be banned is there any bad content?

Is there something wrong with this one episode?

The ending should have SpongeBob punching sandy right in the face for making him change 100 channels
Damn you sandy

Sandy has a good reason to force Spongebob to change 100 channels: because she founded out that Spongebob didn't exercise and that he cheated, so she tries to help Spongebob to exercise his arms. - QueenJazzy21064

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25 Fools in April

Worse than almost any Squidward Torture Porn.

Who put this on here? This is one of my favorite episodes! - MusicalPony

I love it take it off the list - PokemonRPGbro

26 The Smoking Peanut

This is a classic!

27 Squeaky Boots
28 F.U.N.

What? I like this episode.

F Is For Fire To Burn Down This List! U For U Should Die! Right Now! N Is Never Will I Like You!
This Was a Classic! - ChiefMudkip

I agree that this episode is a classic, but I don't think that this creator should die because this episode is one this type of list because that's just stupid. And, honestly, who cares that you don't like the creator? - QueenJazzy21064

F is for the looser that made this list! U is for U r stupid! N is for I like chicken Nuggets!
but seriously take this off the list - PokemonRPGbro

29 Procrastination

This One Was Just Kinda Forgettable - ChiefMudkip

Hey.. I liked this episodes! - QueenJazzy21064

30 The Camping Episode

Who the help put this on here!? This is my 2nd favorite episode( Yes, more than Chocolate with Nuts).

WHAT! This is one of the best SpongeBob episode!



31 Shanghaied

WHAT THE? This was a great episode and one of the best! Yes, then fly of despair was creepy as a kid but the meatball part of it was fine! Not to mention the amazing jokes like: "The only way out of here is the, PERFUME DEPARTMENT" and "This ship belongs to the Red Baron"! That parts makes me feel like SpongeBob and Patrick are waiting to get Red baron brand pizza!

I think this episode is great. Why is this on the list? Anyway, the only bad part is the Patchy segments (the cut ones).

This episode is probably in the top five episodes of the whole series.

WHAT? This episode was awesome. Perfume department! LOL!

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32 Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy V
33 Jellyfish Hunters

I am happy that mr Krabs got stung at the end

I actually enjoyed this episode. And I like that Mr. Krabs got what he deserved when he "kidnapped" a lot of jellyfish so that he can get money from selling jelly-filled Krabby Patties. - QueenJazzy21064

Here are words to describe this: ANIMAL CRULATY!

34 Help Wanted

The show wouldn't exist if it weren't for this episode. This is the pilot.

Why do you think it should be banned I love that episode

It's the first episode

Bruh, this is the first episode...

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35 Prehibernation Week

Sandy is such a- Oh, who am I kidding?! I don't want to say that word, but you know what I'm talking about!

36 Doing Time

It's great episode, just no one knows it

It's really confusing

It deserves to

37 Big Pink Loser

This is one of the best spongebob episodes ever

This episode represents why I like the old Patrick-he was funny and had good intentions. - Garythesnail

Is This The Krusty Krab? NO! This Is Patrick! - CuteGirlJigglypuff

This has to end now. Most of these don't deserve to be on the list.

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38 Squidward the Unfriendly Ghost
39 One Krabs Trash

I added this because honestly, I didn't like this episode - Gangem

40 Valentine's Day

One of the most infuriating episodes there is. Patrick acts like an immature brat the entire time, I'm surprised this hasn't come up more as worst episode.

41 The Secret Box

Stop! This Episode is Hilarious to the Roof!

42 I Had an Accident

Ok, I Don't Like the G

Frick I Messes up

43 Pressure

I Can't Believe I Forgot This One Until I Looked It Up - ChiefMudkip

Sandy was such a prideful jerk in this episode. She deserved to get humiliated by Squidward, SpongeBob, Patrick, and Mr. Krabs.

44 Idiot Box

The guy who said that old episodes are bad and new ones are good must have not seen: The Splinter, A Pal For Gary, One Coarse Meal, Boating Buddies, etc.

Does anyone else get this confused with The Secret Box?

No. Just no. This is my favorite episode EVER, in the ENTIRE SERIES!

What kind of idiot would hate Idiot Box?

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45 Hall Monitor


46 Neptune's Spatula

I just feel the plot is weak and not interesting

Worst spongebob episode - Spongebob12

I don't like how patricks face was put back on his head at the end

boring. - Goatworlds

47 The Chaperone

Sucks, but not as bad as All That Glitters (Yes, I'm aware that All That Glitters is not a pre-movie episode) - Goatworlds

48 Pranks a Lot

This episode was at best, OK. But the ending just MURDERED it. Showing SpongeBob and Patrick naked in front of the WHOLE KRUSTY KRAB is just mean spirited and perverted.

Initially liked this one at first, but the ending is cruel and awful.

Another bad ending I hate everyone at the krusty krab there is nothing funny about being naked. NOTHING

The ending was really funny

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49 The Bully

I like all of these episodes except for Party Pooper Pants, Ugh, Dumped, and I'm with stupid. And I was a teenage Gary. This list is truly pathetic.

Then you've never seen "The Great Snail Race" or "The Chaperone" but yes I'm With Stupid sucks butt. - Goatworlds

Ha ha, unnesscessary cruelty is funny because... Wait I almost forget it isn't. Why must we 11 minutes of mental torture to SpongeBob? Why is the plot so contrived? Why was there a "slap-in-the-face" ending? I really wonder why this episode isn't hated more. Score: this episode doesn't deserve one. Sign, LuxrayVision.

At the end Mr. Puff says

Mrs puff I can't believe you beat up a new student I'm going to kick your butt!

The ending of the episode should look more like that

Mrs puff was such a ass at the end what a bitch

50 New Student Starfish

I hate Mrs. Puff and Patrick in this, very unlikeable - sryanbruen

Every episode that has to do with Ms.Puff is always gonna be bad

Mrs puff is rude and harsh in this episode I never watch this episode ever since
She is stupid takes away SpongeBob's Stars makes him go sit in the corner give SpongeBob and patrick detention
But I don't know isn't that illegal?

51 Bubblestand

I don't love this one because it's a bit boring, but "It's a giraffe! " is classic.

I don't agree with you. This episode was great! Espacially How I Like Patrick says "It's a giraffe" to elephant!

This episode was lame

This is Stephen Hillenburg's favorite episode.

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52 Naughty Nautical Neighbours

What? This is a great episode! One of the first real classics! Although admittedly, the fork scene is a bit painful to watch.

The first real horrifying Squidward torture episode. Just as disgusting as Good Neighbour and House Fancy. Patrick makes Squidward choke on a fork and turn blue? This made me rip out my eyeballs in disgust and made me have a lump in my throat for like the current hour.

Squidward Torture Porn #2

I hate this episode so much that I banged my head against the wall three million times!

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53 Sleepy Time

That was my favorite season 1 episode


54 Squid's Day Off

More Squidward Torture Porn

What is this list doing?! - Bobby792003

55 Pizza Delivery

Best one of the season

Uh, WHAT?!?! seriously? - ChiefMudkip

This is my favorite episode. Bruh this list sucks do better

56 Can You Spare a Dime?

Oh hey look, more Squidward Torture Porn.

One of the most hilarious episodes of the series! The greatest plot of all time! I love this episode

57 Jellyfish Jam

Aka Squidward Torture Porn #2

Whoever put this list should go in John Cena arena

58 As Seen on TV
59 Missing Identity
60 Scaredy Pants

Ok this is the Most Forgettable Spongebob Special in my opinion

Y'know, my friend thinks this episode is the worst of the series.

Definitely one of (if not the) most underrated old SS episodes. - QueenJazzy21064

61 Mid-Life Crustacean

Because of the ending that should be banned

Why isn't this number 1? this is a terrible episode. I refuse to watch it just because of the ending. Its funny at times, but the ending just ruins it.

Mama Krabs did punished mr Krabs for the rest of the night so still not a stupid and being grounded for the rest of the night is not too bad although it should be banned

What Mr Krabs did in the end was perverted... - Goatworlds

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62 Club SpongeBob

Frist squidward torture episode - xandy

63 Potty Mouth

Hey idiots, it's called Sailor Mouth. Plus, it's my favorite episode.

Whoever put this here, it his sailor mouth, and the episode is good.

This is a Loud House episode - Gangem

This episode is epic - Goatworlds

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64 Rock Bottom
65 Band Geeks

Who in their right mind would put this episode on this list? This is quite possibly one of my favorite episodes of all time. Why? This episode has tons of jokes that keep me hooked, there's that music number at the end, and it's nice to see the Squid come out on top. This episode definitely deserves all the praise it gets.

This episode was the BEST SpongeBob episode EVER, because Squidward and the whole bikini bottom win against Squilliam and they sing very well in the end. Besides, when watching this episode, I remember my old fun days of childhood and Squidward doesn't how any hostility or anything negative towards SpongeBob

I want to talk to the idiot how put this on it I LOVE this episode

Yep, Yep, Burn It, Burn It To It's Grave - ChiefMudkip

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66 Krusty Krab Training Video

This episode was actually awesome, especially People Order Or Patties and this episode may actually have been the mist popular episode of all time.

No. Just no. This is my favorite episode EVER, in the ENTIRE SERIES!

How do people even like this episode


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67 Rock-a-Bye Bivalve

Oh man, I love this one! It was really funny. I like the clever jokes hidden in it. - Garythesnail

The episode wasn't originally called "How Sex Doesn't Work", it was just a joke made in the "Squidward's Suicide" creepypasta.

Fun fact: this episode was originally called "how does sex not work" because seriously, pat and sponge's relationship in this episode was... Disturbing, especially at the end when pat said "let's have another" also pat is a dirtbag because he does NOTHING! Score: disturbing and cruel. Sign, LuxrayVision.

WHO THE HECK PUT THIS HERE!? I love this episode.

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68 Arrgh!

This should be in the top ten

No entertainment found here - Goatworlds

It was just boring - PatrickStar

Awww man... I liked this episode. - QueenJazzy21064

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69 Born Again Krabs

Mr. Krabs commits suicide by eating a dead patty.

Why is this at 50? This should at least be in the top 15.

Why is this so hated? I didn't find it bad. - Datguyisweird666

70 Squirrel Jokes
71 Imitation Krabs
72 Texas
73 Chocolate with Nuts

Burn This List! This Is The Funniest Spongebob Episode Of All Time! - ChiefMudkip

I love you.

74 Frankendoodle

What!? This is my favorite episode!

This is my favorite episode. some of Patrick's best moments are on this episode like Finland, you're welcome, where's the leak ma'am, and easy come, easy go. Hilarious.

75 Survival of the Idiots

I never liked the ending…

76 SB-129

Really? REALLY? - ChiefMudkip

77 Opposite Day

Hey, look! Another Squidward Torture Porn.

78 Squilliam Returns
79 Bossy Boots
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1. The Great Snail Race
2. Party Pooper Pants
3. I Was a Teenage Gary
1. Artist Unknown
2. Jellyfishing
3. I'm With Stupid
1. Pickles
2. The Great Snail Race
3. Reef Blowers

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