Awful Animation #7) Top 5 Worst Pre-Movie Episodes (Spongebob)

Puga I have nothing against pre-movie Spongebob. It is a good show. Heck, an AMAZING show. And like every show, it has duds. Today, I count down a few of the worst episodes from the pre-movie era. Let me clear a few things up. First of all, I do not hate every episode on this list. The ones I hate will have Awful Points at the bottom, the ones I don't will not. Let's get started.

5) Bubblestand
This was the 4th episode of Spongebob. Now let me get the elephant-or giraffe- out of the room. The "it's a giraffe" joke was classic and the first really memorable scene from the show. So what are my complaints? Two things, but they're both minor. The first one is that the humour is dry and repetitive, obviously excluding the giraffe joke. The second one is that the ending is unexplained and comes flat out of NOWHERE. Otherwise, great episode.
Awful Points: Not bad enough

#4) Wormy
Even though I'm gonna get hate for every episode on this list, this is the one I'll get the MOST hate for. I consider this the most overrated episode of the WHOLE show. My complaints are the same as Bubblestand: dry, repetitive humour and an unexplained ending. Although Wormy didn't have an "It's a Giraffe" scene. Nor did Bubblestand have a butterfly that gave many kids nightmares.
Awful Points: Not Bad Enough

#3) Reef Blower
This was SO close to coming on to my post "how many bad episodes does Spongebob have?" Nothing bad happens, but nothing GOOD either. It's just a boring, dry waste of time. Why not make Help Wanted 11 minutes long? Nope. Two minutes if nothing.
Awful Points: Not bad Enough

#2) The Great Snail Race
We are now getting into the Awful Animation. And I feel this episode needs a lot more hate because many people who like the episode, fail to notice a few things. First of all the episode is really cruel to Gary. The episode will just make Spongebob as out of character as possible and throw all logic out the window to just keep it as cruel as possible to Gary. And considering the fact that Gary didn't even WANT to compete, it's a little hard to take take. Now the next problem is Spongebob. He's just so out of character to really be into winning something. He's always been stupid, but here he is just completely blind to the fact that his own pet is getting tortured over a race that doesn't mean much to Spongebob at all. Wow.
And to all the people that say Spongebob learned a lesson, does getting kicked in the butt out of nowhere for a painfully unfunny joke mean learned a lesson? I think not.
Awful Points: Annoyance 3/10 Awful Audio 0/10 Boringness 0/10 Confusion 1/10 Disturbance 2/10 Envious Ending 6/10 Flandreization 2/10 Gaping Plot Holes 4/10 Ludacris Low Budget 0/10 Mauling Morals 5/10 TOTAL: 21/100

#1) I'm With Stupid
The only pre-movie episode that would fit in season seven. If I was to make a list of episodes where Patrick is at his worst, this episode would hover round the halfway mark. He's just so blind and foolish in this episode. He just goes from being a little selfish and having fun with Spongebob being stupid to being a jerk and forgetting that Spongebob is his friend. It's so cruel to someone who just wants to help.
Annoyance 1/10 Awful Audio 0/10 Boringness 0/10 Confusion 8/10 Disturbance 0/10 Envious Ending 6/10 Flanderization 6/10 Gaping Plot Holes 5/10 Ludacris Low Budget 2/10 Mauling Morals 3/10
TOTAL: 31/100

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IWS is the only pre-movie episode I don't like. - Garythesnail

I love every one of those episodes, but the problem I have with bubble stand is very poor animation - happyhappyjoyjoy

It has better animation than the pilot. - visitor

I liked Wormy and I'm with stupid - PatrickStar

Where's Gary Takes A Bath? At least I'm With Stupid didn't have a subliminal message girl that gives children nightmares. - Turkeyasylum

I'm more surprised by Bubblestand being here. I just love that one, it's a classic and I don't see how the humor is bad. - Garythesnail

If you don't like Wormy, Bubblestand, and Reef Blower, you have no taste in animation. - OhioStateBuckeyes

I clearly stated that I don't hate those three; I just find them weak. - Puga

Oh. - OhioStateBuckeyes

Can't judge. I can excuse Reef Blower though because it was one of the first episodes made. And since it was just a short, it didn't feel like it dragged on too long. Wormy was okay. I agree with you saying it's weak since I also feel that way for a number of pre-movie episodes. Honestly, I don't even care if the movie had come yet or not. There's good Spongebob and bad Spongebob. Bubblestand I didn't really find weak though. But it isn't one of my favorites. Props to The Great Snail Race and I'm With Stupid being here as well. Just because an episode came from a good show doesn't make it good by default. That would be like saying It's a Wishful Life was a good episode of Fairly Odd Parents because it was before Poof was a thing. Overall, I do like this list, but more importantly, it feels really solid. - visitor

I'm glad someone other than me finds Bubblestand weak. I agree that Wormy isn't all that great either. And Reef Blower, I don't really like but I understand that the recording equipment broke down, so I'll give it a pass. I actually like I'm With Stupid, though. - visitor

Wormy Is Terrible in My Opinion - ChiefMudkip

I would've put Dumped and Krabby Land on. - DCfnaf

I like 2-5 - visitor

Squeaky Boots was bad - Gangem

I don't think I'm With Stupid was bad, but I agree with just about everything else. - IcetailofWishClan