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1 One Coarse Meal

This has got to be the worst SpongeBob episode ever... Now why the hell is "Fear Of A Krabby Patty" on top of it... I will never know but this has got be horrible it makes fun of suicide victims and Mr. Krabs was so crule, so hatable, you just want to boil him

I just hate this one. And why is Fear of a Krabby Patty #1?! I love that episode.

He drives plankton to suicide to get run over. Mr Krabs is such a prick like patrick.

Hate one coarse meal

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2 A Pal for Gary

This is one of the worst episodes from SpongeBob. When Fluffy tries to eat Gary, SpongeBob says "You put Fluffy down right now Gary! " Even if SpongeBob said "You put Gary down right now Fluffy! ", this episode still sucks. But who knows, it's only #2 worst in my opinion. - SamHalls2015

It's the worst of SpongeBob episode. It means it's the worst post movie episode.

Cue The Gary Song. - TheReviewer20

3 Fear of a Krabby Patty

WHAT! I love this episode

"Just remember that I'll always be right here."
"In my heart? "
"No actually in your arteries. Now do me a favor, SpongeBob, and wake up, wake up, WAKE UP! "
Seriously, people, do us all a favor and wake up and get "Fear of a Krabby Patty" out of the first place slot! - Kevie16

Yeah this episode has one of my all time favorite quotes:ah! I told you that shirt was hideous, haha lol


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4 A Day Without Tears

Oh come on SpongeBob hardly cried in pre movie and only cried twice in the movie. Squidward says he cried over like 50 times over the course he knew him. That's real post movie for you. Bring Sean Dempsey back and Steve. Thank God steve is returning after the new movie

SpongeBob is such a baby in this episode, and in a lot of other post-movie episodes. At least this one is kind of enjoyable, even though SpongeBob is so over dramatic.

Utterly stupid. Enough said.

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6 The Splinter

Yep this is the most disgusting episode ever

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7 Stuck in the Wringer

Oh the bikinibotomites made me freak out when they were mean to spongebob

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8 Good Neighbors

Fear of a Krabby Patty was a good episode. I think everyone hates it because it started Season 4. However, the true point where SpongeBob started turning into garbage was Good Neighbors. This was actually the first episode of SpongeBob I ever saw. The jokes are garbage, the plot makes no sense, and it is the first true Squidward Torture Episode. Funny, the episode it was paired with (Skill Crane) was great... This is awful. It started the downward trend of SpongeBob, and after this, bad episode after bad episode were turned out. Who knows how great SpongeBob would've been if this episode was never green lighted? Probably way better.

The official start to bad SpongeBob episodes and the 1st Squidward Torture episodes! - Artattack

This is my least favourite Season 4 episode. Worse than I Was A Teenage Gary, The Great Snail Race, SpongeHenge and The Splinter. This episode was the reason why SpongeBob went downhill. There are 9 other Season 4 episodes I dislike. - SamHalls2015

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9 The Two Faces of Squidward

This episode was awesome, and one of the best Season 5 episodes - themets05

This isn't a bad episode

Squidward looked horrible, and his face? GOD NO! This episode sucked. - Goatworlds

10 Best Day Every

I actually like this episode. Please remove it from the list.

It's Ever, not Every.

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11 Ditchin

This episode is boring

12 Little Yellow Book

This should be #1! It's cruel, disgusting and sadistic! SpongeBob did NOT deserve it! And why is Fear of a krabby patty number 1? That's a good episode!

13 Someone's In the Kitchen With Sandy
14 Are You Happy Now?
15 Squid's Vist
16 House Fancy
17 Choir Boys

This is the worst Season 6 episode in my opinion, and why is this #31? It should be like #10 or something. Nothing in this episode is good. It involves SpongeBob torturing Squidward for no reason. - SamHalls2015


18 Face Freeze! V 1 Comment
19 Pet Sitter Pat
20 Spongebob, You're Fired

This is my least favourite Season 9 episode and my 5th least favourite in total. This is slightly less worse than Choir Boys. - SamHalls2015

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1. One Coarse Meal
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2. One Coarse Meal
3. A Pal for Gary

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