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21 Nasty Patty

Spongebob and Mr. Krabs should be arrested for attempted murder.

This is one of my favorite episodes! I get that there aren’t many bad episodes of pre movie SB, but this plot is so different and entertaining to watch!

22 Clams

No way! This episode is awesome! My favorite part was "Not a sandwich...THE sandwich" that never gets old

All he does is bawl his head off over his 1,000,000th dollar. It had some decent jokes here and there, but I's not really all that funny. But I don't dislike it. - Mariomaster63

Are you kidding me? This episode is hilarious!

Shut up it doesn't suck

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23 Club Spongebob

The plot seems to be barely anything more than a chain of contrived events. If you reject this, please direct focus on the story, starting with the misleading title. The onomastic origins come from the club SB and Patrick are in at the beginning of the episode, but the club isn't reentered once the characters are thrown into the forest, and SB telling the others to 'Remember, we're a club! ' is [ironically] the point where the motif is forgotten about. The episode title is often expected to be about the most important part of the episode, and said part is abandoned in the first half of the episode. Also, by that time, there were too many plot-holes present; no explanation was provided to how Patrick and SB could live in their crate for three days, or why the club was ever created, or what danger they were in when they were trapped in the forest. But SB and Patrick adopt confidence, because they want to parody Lord of the Flies with their decision-making Magic Conch, which gives out ...more

The first Squidward Torture porn ever created. The Magic conch proceeded to starve Squidward even though he was in the right. And the ending has everyone lost forever to starve. Ouch.

Can I be... second... to point out that this is NOT a Squidward Torture Porn? Just because Squidward gets "tortured" does not mean it is a Squidward Torture Porn. If you think so, you are not a true Spongebob fan, go away. - Bobby792003

Who did this? Who put this awesome episode on here?! - Powerfulgirl10

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24 Born Again Krabs

This should be much higher on the list. - JThrill

Mr Krabs kills spongebob!

25 Pranks a Lot

Feels like a post movie episode

It's ok.

I loved this episode. - anonygirl

26 Squeaky Boots

The secret box is 16 but this is 20? the secret box is my #12 favorite!

I think the squeaking is annoying

Mr. Krabs seems so out of character

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27 Bossy Boots
28 Welcome to the Chum Bucket

I thought it was a depressing episode, but not a bad episode. - anonygirl

What where they thinking with the end mabye it would be to short if I said yes or mabye they wanted to try a pal for gary in season 2 with the end why do people like this episode I always hated this episode even as a kid but not as bad as your mine and mine or gone

Spongebob here, to me, feels like an unlikeable jerk.

To me the problem to this episode is the end were plankton saiys please take spongebob back then mr krabs saiys for 50 dollers, after singing a song about how much he misses spongebob why not saiy yes this was the first episode of mr krabs being really unlikeble.

29 As Seen on TV As Seen on TV

Here's why this is on the list. SpongeBob becomes incredibly selfish, just because he was on T.V.. - SpaceGoofsGeekerBoy

30 Jellyfishing

This is the first ever Squidward Karma Trip.The octopus got what he deserved.

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31 Squilliam Returns V 1 Comment
32 The Chaperone

This episode shouldn't be on this list.

33 Squidville

Just look at the racism, people.

Come on this episode is so underrated it's in my top ten fave spongebib episodes


34 Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy IV
35 Squirrel Jokes
36 Texas

I like this episode because of that line "No, I'm Texas! "

It's extremely offensive for those who live or used to live in Texas. - Mariomaster63

I like this but it pokes fun at Texas my home state:(

It's a kids cartoon...plus they didn't even mean what they said about Texas...don't take everything to heart... :/

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37 Artist Unknown

I really don't know why this episode doesn't get any hate. Squidward is like, Little Yellow Book unlivable, if not more. He is so selfish and an obnoxious jerk. He really can't treat SpongeBob with some respect? He made him lose all his creative talent. ALL of it. It leaves a bad feeling, and the only reason Squidward tried to help him was for his own purposes of getting fame and fortune (and hair). I also didn't like the critic. His design is really off, he speaks so strangely, and he gets the story nowhere. And just the ending is really awful. Squidward acts up like in Are You Happy Now? And it's really uncomfortable to watch, and then the janitor is the one to get the fame and fortune. That just made the episode pointless and end on a weird note. I just didn't understand how compressed rubble can make a sculpture. And still no apology. Not any sort of remorse. And the episode is not funny. Except for three jokes, most of them either fall flat, are disguised by how unlikeable ...more - charlesjrosenbaum

I didn't get this piece of garboil episode one bit. I don't know what it is trying to tell me at all. It's not even funny.

Are you kidding me?! This episode is good! - Powerfulgirl10

Why did this episode get so much hate? You take episodes too seriously,like you say Not Normal was a bad episode!

38 Hooky

The ending of this episode was very mean-spirited. It would have been a much better episode if SpongeBob's humiliation was a moment where he imagines "what could happen" and changes his mind rather than being humiliated in front of Mr Krabs and others. - OC96

Squidward: "Good job on getting SpongeBob learning his lesson Mr. Krabs. How are you planning on getting him back to prevent what happened when he was on break earlier in the episode? "
Krabs: "Now that I think about it, that prank was a bit too far for the guy who already promised".

A much more fitting ending.

39 Doing Time


Pretty good.

This episode is so mediocore and Boring Mr. puff is Just really annoying in my opinion This is a Bad episode for Sure

I honestly think it sould be number one, it's so abysmal, nothing funny at all, just a plain ms. Puff touture episode! And I think it's really overrated. But you don't have to hate it.

40 Procrastination

Even though it had 1 or 2 good laugh and the message I think is really good (even though it becomes a big cop out In the end) I think this episode doesn't work because of the sketchy and dark animation, strangely out of character... Well Characters, and the fact that the episode in my opinion is so depressing and just flat out Uncomfortable

This episode scared the crap out of me when I was little.

I loved this episode that chair was so creepy

Why the world is this is bad?

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