Worst Spongebob Pre Movie Episodes


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41 Graveyard Shift

The Hash Slinging Slasher should attack whoever put this on the list as well as whoever agrees with it

This is my favorite Spongebob episode. What's it doing here!? - Mariomaster63

This episode is awesome

What you say?

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42 The Secret Box

Who's responsible for adding this here?! - Powerfulgirl10

Are you kidding? I love this episode!

Spongebob torture and Patjerk

43 Squid On Strike

Worst pre-movie episode. It has disturbing close-ups of the insides of SpongeBob, Krabs is a jerk, and the episode is uninteresting

This episode was good.

44 The Bully

I understand why people like this episode. But the reasons why they like it are the same reasons why I HATE IT. Flats is a jerk just because, it's a Spongebob torture and it's a pre-movie One Course Meal


45 Rock Bottom

This is Stupid This Episode was Amazing - ChiefMudkip

46 Employee of the Month V 1 Comment
47 Pre-Hibernation Week
48 Your Shoe's Untied

This one wasn't too memorable, but it wasn't bad.

49 Valentine's Day

Everyone says Patrick was acting like a jerk in "I'm With Stupid", but for some reason no one hates this one. I believe it shows Pat at his worst (well, in the pre-movie era at least) when he goes berserk because he didn't get some stupid present he wasn't even supposed to get (as far as I know, on St. Valentine's Day you're supposed to give presents to those who you love, and not in a platonic way). And no memorable jokes whatsoever, except for the famous "heart on stick must die".

Ganon and Patrick: Heart on stick MUST DIE! - Mariomaster63

List on Internet stick must die!

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50 Jellyfishing

This is the first ever Squidward Karma Trip.The octopus got what he deserved.

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51 Plankton!

Really? This is the very first episode Plankton appeared in! - Powerfulgirl10

52 Squilliam Returns V 1 Comment
53 Chocolate With Nuts

I Swear If I See Band Geeks, I'm Done - ChiefMudkip

Okay. Who added this here? - Powerfulgirl10

Should be number 1. Because it is just an overrated episode.

I like the CHOCOLATE! guy.

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54 Squid's Day Off

Squid ward looks creepy in this episode and I never really cared for this one.

Even this episode is on here?! What is going on?!

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55 Shanghaied

I hope the flying dutchman eats the haters and whoever put this episode

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56 Sandy's Rocket V 1 Comment
57 Jellyfish Jam V 1 Comment
58 Hall Monitor V 1 Comment
59 Pressure
60 Fools in April
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