Worst SpongeBob SquarePants Season 3 Episodes


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1 The Camping Episode

This episode is the best it shouldn't be number 1.

I always thought this episode never made any sence it should be 1 on the worst!

2 Nasty Patty

This episode is so funny! I don't think a lot lf these should be in the worst ten because most of the episodes were really good!

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3 Krabby Land

This episode is sorta childish because of the kids' screaming.

This episode was okay but it's childish.

4 Party Pooper Pants

I hate this episode! SpongeBob is such a jerk! He wants everything to go HIS way. He doesn't even care about his party members! This episodes is cruel, mean-spirited, and the patchy segments are even worse. The only good thing is the song, down, down, down.

Bad episode. Worst pre movie - Gangem

5 Ugh
6 New Student Starfish

Hey, I love this episode very much! 24 25!

7 The Sponge Who Could Fly


8 As seen on TV

I thought this episode is decent.

Boring but also shows what nickelodeon is now

9 The Great Snail Race

I think this and Camping Episode should switch places.

10 Midlife Crustacean

I thought this episode was funny.

The Contenders

11 Club Spongebob

This is a squid ward torture episode, at least it's not as bad as good neighbours or boating buddies, but it is still cruel and stupid! Oh and by the way, that magic conch is a jerk

I haven't seen this episode.

12 Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy V

I agree terrible - Gangem

13 No Weenies Allowed
14 Clams

This episode is so funny! A sandwich? You expect me to break my back over a sandwich?

I don't think this episode is horrible.
This is the greatest episode ever I seen.

15 Born Again Krabs
16 The Lost Episode V 1 Comment
17 The Bully The Bully
18 Plankton's Army
19 Doing Time V 1 Comment
20 Missing Identity
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1. Nasty Patty
2. The Camping Episode
3. Krabby Land
1. Ugh
2. Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy V
3. Party Pooper Pants
1. The Great Snail Race
2. Party Pooper Pants
3. Krabby Land



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