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Eugene H. Krabs, or simply Mr. Krabs, is a fictional character in the American animated television series SpongeBob SquarePants.


Seriously? Why is Krabs at No.5? He doesn't care about others and will do anything for money. Krabs kills jellyfish for mass profit, and one of his most despicable actions was using SpongeBob and Squidward as Giant Clam bait just for his millionth dollar. He also planned on drinking something with Plankton frozen in an ice cube. And Krabs was snooping in SpongeBob's territory for a penny. He even was messing with Gary's shell to look for it. I seriously hope for Plankton to win so Krabs will realize his cruel ways. To do that, he would have to clean the Chum Bucket and replace chum with regular versions of his menu items, which will always taste better. And if he steals the formula, man, would I like to see Krab's epic fail. And he didn't like Squidward giving items away for free when he was nice. We are sick of you, Krabs.

Die, Krabs, die. Man, it's been a long time since I've visited this list. And I've noticed a lot of my past comments on this list were pretty immature since they were from my early days as a user (I just recently deleted some of them since I cringed so much at them). Anyways, now I'm here to put the butter on Krabs with a much more detailed and mature analysis. So to this day, while Modern SpongeBob has been improving in its Post-Sequel episodes, that doesn't change how much I absolutely outright despised Mr. Krabs from the Post-Movie era in general. Now I know a lot of the things I'm going to be saying are things people have already said about how much they hate Mr. Krabs, but I'm just going to roll along with it anyway. Let's be honest here. Krabs was a pretty likable character in the Pre-Movie era, as while he was still greedy in the old episodes, he actually showed some care for his employees and was even a father figure for SpongeBob, such as when he let him take the day off when ...more - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Finally, I finally get the chance to tear Mr. Krabs apart. He killed jellyfish just to get their jelly, had Spongebob and Squidward pay for breathing, walking, AND EXISTING, used Gary to get money and didn't care he was hurt, drove Plankton to suicidal thoughts AND LAUGHED AT HIS MISERY, had Spongebob pay for making Krabby Patties AT PATRICK'S ROCK, ditched the others, WHO HELPED HIM FROM HIS WORMS, just so he could win the race himself, tricked children just so he could get their money, only wanted Spongebob back so he could make money despite calling him idiot boy, broke into people's houses just to feed Pearl, EVER HEARD OF A STORE?!, fired Spongebob just to save money, had him go on a vacation to save money, stole his own formula to avoid paying AND TRIED TO BLAME IT ON SPONGEBOB, his cheapness is the reason why Pearl is such a brat, forced Squidward to work the register and patties when Spongebob was taking care of snails, didn't want Plankton to have even one customer, almost ...more

Mr. krabs should be on top. He is not funny at all and all he does is count his money. And lately he cheapskate attitude has gone way too far especially in cent of money. And why is spongebob, patrick, sandy and squidward on this list? They my favourite characters on the show. Mr. krabs is overrated, the worst and most unlikable character on the show.

I really hate Mr Krabs he is the worst SpongeBob character ever all he cares about is money. First one time he gets extremely angry at SpongeBob just because he put one drop too much mustard on a Krabby patty and says at that rate I will be broke in 411 years but seriously Mr Krabs you would be dead before 411 years even comes. Second he got really angry at SpongeBob just because he flips the patty in a different style and says what are you trying to do sabatoge me. Come on mr Krabs who cares how you flip a patty it will still cook right. He then forces SpongeBob to cry out mustard just so he won't be broke in 411 years. He even makes SpongeBob and squidward pay him for breathing standing talking and EXISTING. He even makes plankton want to commit suicide and just laughed at him. He is not even funny he just fills us with anger. I really want to punch Mr Krabs in the face and scream in his ear until they start bleeding. He abuses Gary a lot just to get a lot of money and didn't care a ...more

Mr. Krabs is such a jerkass! He has an unhealthy money obsession, and his daughter is so spoiled. He charged his customers for breathing, standing, sitting, and walking! He bought his daughter dead batteries for Christmas. The second worst things about this annoying bottom feeder was seeing him with no shell and NAKED. And he lied to Spongebob that the paint he had to use to paint his house was permanent when it was actually washed off by saliva! And he would hang Spongebob and Patrick's butts above a fireplace in that same episode if they got paint on anything! This is why I severely loathe Krabs.

Why does spongebob like MR. krabs so much?! MR. Krabs is nothing but a selfish greedy cheapcake jerk! I don't see how MR. krabs is funny also he's like m. Are burns but worst. I think he is more evil than plankton. And he is so mean to gary in cent of money. I like spongebob, patrick, sandy and squidward but m. Are krabs.. Oh I wish I can jump into the tv screen and kill him.

Here is a list I made. It's called the top 10 worst things Mr. Krabs has done. I will also point out the episodes.

1. Drives Plankton to near suicide (One coarse meal)

2.Uses Gary to STEAL people's change (Scent of Money)

3. Installed cameras in damn near everyone's houses in Bikini Bottom (I can't remember the name of this episode)

4. Sells SpongeBob's soul for 62 cents after SpongeBob saves his ass (Born Again Krabs)

5. Defiles a grave for a hat (I can't remember this episode either)

6. Tries to KILL Squidward for money and tries to kill Spongebob for helping Squidward (Out of the Picture)

7. Forces SpongeBob and Squidward to work lengthy hours with NO overtime pay (Various episodes)

8. Threatens to rip a guy's arm off over a PENNY (Born again Krabs)

9. Tried to sell an old krabby patty to people (Born Again Krabs)

10. Blatantly sings that he would trade everything he has, including Pearl, his daughter for money. ...more

Mr. Krabs is the aquatic, money craving equivalent of PETA. He cares more about money than Pearl as revealed in an episode, and he is an immoral monster after "One Coarse Meal". His villainy shows, especially that he has more criminal records than Plankton. His most despicable crimes were making Plankton commit suicide, selling SpongeBob's soul, cruelly killing Jellyfish for profit as if PETA never existed, and selling SpongeBob's soul for 62 cents. He I infamous for sneakiness. I really hope to marinade Mr. Krabs with the right marinade for spanner crab and throw him in the steamer and let my Family eat it like their is no PETA. No mercy can be shown for this Crimson monster, the MOAR Krabs will always be in him, demanding more money. So Squidward can retire without risk and both him and SpongeBob cannot be scammed by him anymore.

He is seriously the worst character ever! In newer seasons, he's been at most unfavorable character. What happened to him in the past? He was not that as bad that I seem in the pre-movie 1 era. He made SpongeBob gullible as in one episode, he was distracting SpongeBob with the most stupid improvements in the Krusty Krab. He was just using Gary to attract more money! (I find it more villainous) and he even tried to sell SpongeBob and Squidward (in separate episodes, of course) Also, he ruined SpongeBob and Plankton's friendship in one episode. (I find it also villainous, since SpongeBob wanted to make friends with Plankton and saw that his personality changed), Mr. Krabs would have been seen unchangable in attitude. Most of his actions are consider villainous in the norm (stealing, apathy, lying...). Ugh, karma should be delivered to him to pay for what he's done to SpongeBob, Patrick, Squidward and Plankton. (Sorry to get carried away) I could see him as a potential primary antagonist ...more

"What the flimflam?!? " Right back at ya, Krabs! He screamed at money burning on a T.V., and he made a big deal out of a burning cash register. Mrs Puff is a Big Fat Meanie? I think it's Krabs that's a Big Fat Meanie! He doesn't understand the money-related definition of "free" in "Free Samples" either because he'll do anything for money. I hope Plankton has Karen shove a Krabby Patty in her ears and makes a Krabby Patty formula in which all of the sub-ingredients of all the Krabby Patty ingredients are revealed so Krabs will realize his selfish ways. Restaurant owners should do stuff for money as long as they don't do bad things or develop an unhealthy money obsession. If he doesn't realize his selfish ways, I would love to kill him and hope he doesn't respawn so he pops up in future episodes.

Don't get me wrong, Mr Krabs used to be one of the best characters in the first three seasons as he actually cared about others most of the time such as in "Suds" when he sent SpongeBob home because he was too sick to work.

However, nowadays all he cares about is his money and not the well being of others. If Suds was made today, the roles would have been reversed with SpongeBob wanting to go home and Mr Krabs forcing him to stay and work. He has also become really cold. He laughs at Plankton when he cries about not having any customers in "Plankton's regular" and doesn't care that he pushes Plankton to suicide in "One Coarse Meal." I really think Mr Krabs should be the main villain of the show from now on.

I can't even stand these two! I used to root for Plankton all the time but I see now he's almost becoming Mr. Krabs. Mr. Krabs employees should find a new job so that I don't have to hear an annoying fight between them. I mean even though there enemies, they want each other be dead. Mr. Krabs drove Plankton to suicidal thoughts, Plankton expects the King to kill him. True enemies don't want their enemies dead. Except war, etc. Also, true enemies develop at least one feelings. These two are like heartless jerks who 100% don't care for each other. Mr. Krabs is really selfish who don't care about anyone anymore. Plankton has been wasting his whole life over a stupid formula. Episodes like that are so boring. He can't even come up with ideas like a hot dog restaurant, or like a rainforest cafe, or anything! Also, he mostly uses his wife for his selfish schemes. Karen should divorce him even though she's a computer. I just wish there is episodes only about regular people such as SpongeBob, ...more

Well I may had say some things I don't mean. It's just that Plankton trying to steal the formula numerous times is just getting old and he can't make his own food which is so easy that I wanted to help him in real life. To make you happy, I say some comments before on this site about how I liked Plankton and hated Mr. Krabs. Plankton is a great guy and it's just the the rivalry between them is heartless. I realized that. He did care for a pet, Spot and I was so happy he got a good ending. Please don't think I'm a blind mean person. Before, I sympathized Plankton and then it came to this and now I like him now. It's a weird cycle.

For your information, Mr. Krabs deserves to be hated more than Plankton because he did more bad things than his rival did. Therefore, I favor the latter over the former.

In case you haven't noticed, the real reason why Plankton tried to steal that formula from Krabs is because the crustacean stole it from him.

Plus, Sheldon isn't really heartless because he showed that he did care for a pet of his.

Well, what do you know, my fellow Mr. Krabs haters? Your got your wish by letting that guy get moved to the top o' this list even though I don't think that he's the wost character in SpongeBob SquarePants. But he is one of my least favorite characters in that show for really good reason. Hell, he reminds me of my pop by being born into poverty and outgrowing it but being unable to let go of that memory by using greed as a way to be an antagonist.

Mr. Krabs is also like my dad in that these ways:

1. He doesn't pay anyone who works for him even if that employee did a great job.

2. He's a major hypocrite in that he doesn't want others doing more than bad thing but does those things himself.

And can you believe that there are folks who like Mr. Krabs just 'cause they l that his greed is funny?! What liars they are!

I remember some jerk tellin' Mr. Krabs' haters to live with his being a jerk. How would they like it if I told them to tolerate that crab ...more

I am starting to develop a taste for crab because Krabs is hated among every real person. He even ruined Pearl's birthday a whopping 15 times and built an unsafe playground for kids so he doesn't have to spend money. The kids had to share 1 balloon, ride on a flimsy horse ride and used paper clips as confetti. He also used a raw meat statue as a decoration, along with bad tasting food and drinks. He also forgot to bring Boys Who Cry, unlike Spongebob. The next time its Pearl's birthday, let Spongebob plan it. He also is a criminal for turning his back against Spongebob in the Fry Cook Games.

Everyone in the real world hates Krabs. He made SpongeBob and Squidward work 24 hours because the Chum Bucket claimed to be open for 23 hours. IT WAS ' EMPTY YOU IDIOT, AND PLANKTON'S ATTEMPT FAILED TO ATTRACT CUSTOMERS! He should've hired more employees and give them each a schedule that tells them when they work, take 5, or go home, but Krabs did not do that. That is an example of how dumb he is. This also proves he doesn't have common sense either. And he payed SpongeBob to play Hide and Seek on his premises! And when SpongeBob's house rotted, Keabs gave SpongeBob empty condiment dispensers! And the dried mustard deposits on Krabs' mustard dispenser burnes SpongeBob's eyes! And worst of all, he does what he wants.

I am going extremely fed up with Krabs. He once made SpongeBob create a gossip newspaper only for profit in "The Great Patty Caper". I love how SpongeBob realized that gossip hurts people's feelings, unlike that crimson criminal Krabs. Thank god he decided to find a much better way to get money at the end. Seriously, does Krabs have any moral value? No. He once did something very despicable: He tried to murder a health inspector.

Actually, that "better way" is worse, because it's teaching people to make counterfeit money. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Mr. Krabs tortured Plankton just for having one customer in his restaurant (Plankton's Regular), forced SpongeBob to go to Pearl's slumber party even though SpongeBob wasn't allowed to (The Slumber Party), killed jellyfish just to make money (Jellyfish Hunting), dressed up as a whale and scared Plankton so bad that he attempted suicide (One Coarse Meal), he sickened customers with Spongy Patties (The Krusty Sponge), he fired SpongeBob over a coin (SpongeBob, You're Fired), he tortured Gary to make money (The Cent of Money), he tried to kill Squidward and SpongeBob for a dollar (Clams), he sold SpongeBob for 62 cents (Born Again Krabs), charged Squidward and SpongeBob for doing something they can't help (Squid on Strike), he sold a rotten patty (Born Again Krabs), forces SpongeBob to make fake newspaper stories that hurt peoples' feelings (The Krabby Kronicle), forced children to ride unsafe rides just so he did not have to pay (Krabby Land), messed up private property just to get a ...more - anonygirl

I hate Mr. Krabs so much! He gets me so angry! What the heck krabs you don't treat your workers respect! Even why you take other people money and stealing them you are a thief! You need to be respectful to your workers! You work them too hard and you always not making hem a break! Heck all you want us money... Money... And money! It so stupid what you do! Even besides you are just a selfish, greedy, and non-going bully!

He was a likable character, even with the occasional attitude of a villain. He would care for SpongeBob or Squidward's safety, he helped the former and his friends through the worst of times, he managed to restore SpongeBob's confidence after Bubble Bass had took it away from him and has a daughter who he respects and adores.

I am referring to the pre-Season 4 era by the way, would you really believe that I would talk about a caring character?

Mr. Krabs became a greedy jerk, he would care more about money than his employees, he was almost always the antagonist in any of the episodes that he starred or appeared in, he would treat his customers and employees like crap and many other possible flaws that apply to this "character".

But the "One Coarse Meal" episode made me lose all respect for him, he drove a villain, let me repeat, a VILLAIN to suicide! Mr. Krabs learns about Planktion and his cetaphobia condition and decides to torture him via a ...more - KennyRulz244444

Mr. Krabs is basically what you get when you combine a corrupt businessman with a crab. He was willing to fire SpongeBob just to save one nickel! I mean, I know he hired SpongeBob back in the end, but now I wish SpongeBob was working for Plankton. I know Plankton is the antagonist, but I'm pretty sure he would actually show love and compassion to SpongeBob when he actually makes his business successful. I can already imagine Plankton giving SpongeBob a raise and thanking him for all his hard work. But not even Mr. Krabs can be nice enough to reward SpongeBob. And the only reward he gives SpongeBob is more work! Squidward was right about SpongeBob being abnormal, because who wants more work to do?

He so nasty and greedy that he makes Plankton a hero. Heck, I'd love to see him get killed for his antagonism. Why, he makes me wish that Plankton won against him.

He's gone crueler to, basically, everyone, especially squidward. SpongeBob is basically a child and Mr. Krabs just takes advantage of him by "reducing" his paycheck, forcing him to investigate the chum bucket, and just a jerk. Is he promoting child labor? He is also very harsh in plankton, sure, I know that he wants to beat his rival, but it's also unfair that he's preventing plankton to ever receiving a single customer/dollar and just doesn't care for his own daughter. Funny enough, I'm having some steamed crabs for dinner. I prefer fried, boiled, crab meat container, or even crab legs container. Personally I want, mostly SpongeBob, to break his cold-hard shell in which his "loyal" employee have done.

DIE, KRABS! It makes no sense why SpongeBob likes Mr. Krabs. He doesn't know what a jerk he is, especially when he betrayed SpongeBob in a cookoff. Why would he leave Squidward in charge when he made a "Krappy Patty" to serve his customers? He also is also a jerk because he doesn't take Pearl where she wants, all he wanted to go to was a money factory. He gave Pearl no privacy during her sleepover. The previous statement proves Krabs is nosy, and he gave her crackers with ketchup and water to eat because he did not want to pay for delivery pizza. His money obsession is why he doesn't care about others, just like Ebenezer Scrooge.

He should be charged with theft, robbery, assault, fraud, animal abuse, child abuse and employee abuse. Hopefully someone steps up to him and he goes to jail for the rest of his life.