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201 Clarinet Trio
202 Squilvia
203 Squidette
204 The Bikini Bottom Maniac

You know, those four words accurately describe what Post-Movie SpongeBob was. SpongeBob SquarePants during that era was really A MANIAC. He is the Makoto Ito of American cartoons. He goes from a lovable idiot to an unlikable character who isn't even funny anymore. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

SpongeBob - Randomdude

205 Harold "Bill" Reginald

Started the fight in Band Geeks by baiting Mr. Krabs into it. On the other hand, "BIG MEATY CLAWS! " is absolutely hilarious, so I have mixed feelings about him.

206 Primitive Sponge

He may be on the last page of the list, but why is this here? This is good meme! :(

207 Primitive Star
208 Cavey
209 Spot V 1 Comment
210 Abrasive Grandma

Good god she is so creepy and scary.

She makes the Flying Dutchman look like an innocent teddy bear.


211 Mr. Normal
212 Margie Star

Margie and Sam lied about being Patrick's parents.

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