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81 Scumbob SnarePants

Evil SpongeBob that came to SpongeBob at Season 4 to 8 but left at season 9

82 Nematodes

Annoying is an understatement. Try parasitic.

I do not like how they destroyed SpongeBob's house in the episode "Home Sweet Pineapple." - anonygirl

They are so annoying.

83 Worm from Appleworld V 1 Comment
84 Patrick-Man
85 Orville V 2 Comments
86 Octavius Rex
87 Man Ray

For cryin' out loud, he doesn't deserve to be on this list. It's true that he was portrayed as a villain. But he isn't all bad because he did try to become good.

Another reason why Man Ray shouldn't be in this list is because of the dumb stuff that Patrick did to him. As the old saying goes, ignorance of the law is no excuse to harm anyone. And so, I'm pleased that he injured that damn starfish. But I'd like it more if he killed the best friend of SpongeBob.

88 Nancy Suzy Fish V 2 Comments
89 Junkyard Worm

I hate him for hurting squid ward, I would just love to jump into the show when that episode is playing and slash him to bits with my knife..

If I had the chance. I would jump into the T.V. during the episode and shoot the worm to death, and mount him over me fireplace!

V 1 Comment
90 Used Napkin

Why is Used Napkin even here?! I loved that episode!

It's a napkin! How can you have a problem with it?! - bobbythebrony

You guys are retards.

It's just a napkin, p.s is it me or does it look like a penis

V 2 Comments
91 Mystery

Hey whats wrong with a horse that became friends with SpongeBob

She's just a seahorse. What's wrong with that?!

V 1 Comment
92 Bubbles

Why is this on the list it's just bubbles

Maybe it's the Dolphin from The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water.

Yu mean stooped dolphin form movie

93 Magic Conch

This thing is such a jerk. Although it's not an actual character. It tries to starve Squidward to death. "Can I have something to eat? " "No." This basically makes Squidward flip out because he's gonna starve to death. I would just eat food or destroy that stupid shell if I were you, Squidward. Then that would solve your problem of starvation.

I hate this shell and the episode where she's in it! Telling Patrick and SpongeBob to do nothing is just silly!

Squidward was starving and all it said was no if I were out in the wilderness and had nothing to eat but a big picnic appeared and a conch was telling me what to eat I would smash it

Club Spongebob would have been a better episode if this shell allowed Squidward to eat the food from the sky / airplane... Spongebob or Patrick should give him some food if I were them! :/ The camper who rescued them if stupid too!

V 8 Comments
94 Santa Claus

He didn't show up in Christmas Who and disappointed all of Bikini Bottom, and made SpongeBob cry!

He didn't show up because they didn't go to sleep. Those dummies... How can Santa Claus breathe underwater?! I WANT TO KNOW!

Santa Claus was a jerk in SpongeBob. He didn't even show up, and at the end of the episode he just did nothing!

95 Nat Peterson

He's just some random yellow fish! - Goatworlds

96 Nosferatu

He only appeared in the Graveyard Shift. FOR 10 SECONDS!

Seriously? Come on

He is way too scary for children. This episode should be deleted. stupid crew for season 2...

97 Sea Rhinoceros V 1 Comment
98 Queen Jellyfish

Seriously, everyone and their grandma is on the list now.

99 Con Man

I absolutely despise him in Chocolate with Nuts. He's such a jerk to SpongeBob and Patrick, like come on, they may not be smart. But conning them out of their money is just despicable and mean. He's such a big ass! Tricking them to buy candy bar bags, tricking them again to buy candy bar bag holders, pretending to be injured just to get more money?! Those are one of the most villainous crimes I've ever seen in the show! Not as bad as some other characters, but still really bad!

100 Mr. Doodles V 2 Comments
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