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101 Flats' Father

I can't believe his own son told him to not talk to strangers.

102 Girly Teengirl V 3 Comments
103 Atomic Flounder V 1 Comment
104 Mindy (King Neptune's Daughter)

I actually like her! I ship her and Patrick, despite his stupidity

She's not bad. What are you talking about?

105 The Lifeguard at Goo Lagoon

Which lifeguard, the one in ripped pants?

V 1 Comment
106 Margaret Star V 3 Comments
107 Howard Blandy

I know that he was only in one episode but I despised him

I hate the end of the episode when he becomes like SpongeBob and Patrick

We're not talking about the Howard who becomes friends with Squidward, that's a different Howard. The Howard we're talking about is the one in the episode where Mr. Krabs retires and Carl who is an idiot is their new manager.

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108 Dr. Forrest

SpongeBob: What's the prognosis doctor?
Dr. Forrest: Your friend has a condition known by the medical term Head-go-boom-boom-idis. - NintendoFan2047

Head-Go-Boom-Boom-Itis sounds like someone's head crapped itself.

109 Jerry

He wouldn't move while on SpongeBob's hand!

110 Trumpeteer Lobster

He simply played music with his band while the Cyclops' weakness was finally discovered.

111 Patty Pal

Introducing... Patty Pal! Made from 100% krabby patty and straws! Who does this convince?

This is why I hate the episode "Yours, Mine and Mine." It causes SpongeBob and Patrick to fight.

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112 Realistic Fish Head

He is creepy when he talks Shut Up Fishy

113 Tina Fran

Whoever wrote that you hate her because she says she already did a job, please get a hobby.

Why is she here? She just said she didn't want to do hall monitor job again

You have got to be kidding me. You people are retarded.

She is a fish girl from Miss. Puff's boating school. She is annoying when she says she already did a job.

114 Spongebob Roundpants V 3 Comments
115 Mary's Mother

A big time chocolate hater, which is just wrong.

116 Mama Tentacles

I hate her because when he embarrassed Squidward and kept on slamming her walker on his toe.

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117 Rex

Rex is the worm that SpongeBob adopts in Dumped, but abandons him and boards a bus out of Bikini Bottom

V 2 Comments
118 Captain Swordfish Nose

From the GoGurt ad? Seriously? He never even appeared in an episode!

V 4 Comments
119 Chip

People are getting stupider by the day

V 2 Comments
120 Mr.Puff's Dad

Are people just writing whatever comes into their minds?!

Mr puff barley shows up himself let alone his dad WHO doesn't SHOW UP AT ALL

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