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141 Gene Scallop

You're a liar on interviews. Your Krusty Sponge theme is just for SpongeBob's cooking. But that gross stuff made Mr. Krabs end up in court.

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142 Abrasive Spongebob

Now, SpongeBob can finally say "No." Why can't he just learn how to speak dirty language instead of getting a real pain in the butt?! Go to some kind of speaking class, SpongeBob.

First of all he's a douche he's annoying he's a pain in the ass and he pisses of most of the characters on the episode

143 Mama Krabs

She's weird note that mr Krabs and plankton are the same age so she must be at least 20 years older than both of them. SO WHY IS SHE DATING PLANKTON

I hate how she still treat's Mr. Krabs like a kid. How is Plankton her boyfriend. Is she trying to hoard her son. She's usually mean to them as I've seen in her first two appearances.

144 Wormy

I like him when he's just a cute worm

Wormy scared the crap out of everyone for no reason. I hate how they put the closeup of the horsefly on T.V..

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145 Captain Blue
146 Dirty Dan

He's not a real character. It's just a name that SpongeBob and Patrick were fighting over, you idiot.

Um, this isn't even a real character.

Well I have never seen him

147 Subliminal Message Girl

Why is she on the list and not the nematodes?

She was a one-time character that only appeared briefly, but she was still kind of creepy. - anonygirl

148 The Hash-Slinging Slasher

He's just an innocent citizen who wants a job at the Krusty Krab.

That innocent citizen is actually named Hervy.

149 The Alaskan Bull Worm

It's funny when Sandy thought it's tongue was the worm.

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150 Mary V 1 Comment
151 Pinhead Larry

If Dirty Dan is on the list, then so should he, considering both are not real and are from the same context and episode.

152 Magic Pencil

Was responsible for bringing the abomination known as DoodleBob to life. For all the inanimate objects on this list, this one actually matters to the plot somewhat.

Oh what a surprise, another inanimate object

153 Miss Tuffsy

Ran away from home and allowed Grandma to mistake Gary and another snail off the streets for her.

154 Smitty Werben Jager Man Jensen

Please get off the Squidward bandwagon, people. It's okay to like him, just don't shove it down our throats and let Squidward haters be.

I agree. People who like Squidward tell us to die and to stop liking "annoying" characters. Just because they are happy and loud does not mean they need to die. - anonygirl

How does a skeleton come to life?

He wasn't number one! Squidward is! - Goatworlds

Correct, Squidward is the #1 worst character in the series.

155 Penny

The trio of Penny, Chip, and Used Napkin is now fully on the list.

156 Junior

The baby scallop SpongeBob and Patrick take care of.

157 Margaret Squarepants

This is SpongeBob's mother (has appeared in a few episodes)

Who is this? Are people making up characters out of thin air? Even inanimate objects are an improvement over this.

I thought SpongeBob's mother was Claire who is already on the list. Unless you mean Margaret Star who is Patrick's mother...oh wait, she's already on the list as well, I think.

158 The Artist at Sea

Didn't have a spare pencil nor a pencil sharpener with him at sea while drawing.

1) Forgot to bring a spare pencil and pencil sharpener with him for drawing.
2) Accidentally enabled the existence of the atrocity known as DoodleBob.

159 The Health Inspector
160 Grandpa Squarepants
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