Worst Spongebob Squarepants Characters


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161 Grandpa Squarepants
162 Sherm Squarepants
163 Patricia V 2 Comments
164 Herb Star V 1 Comment
165 Sluggo

Gary's dad, as revealed in "The Rule of Dumb." So yes, Gary is part slug.

166 Spongegar


167 Patar
168 Squog
169 Robot X-29488
170 King Amoeba
171 Queen Mildew
172 Creepy Creeper

Ok so on this list we have 2 Krabby patties, A rock, a snotty pirate, a toilet, pants, a lamp, the lamps dad, 3 spatulas, a hat, a sock, a chip, a penny, a napkin, a cash reregister, a dead clam, Patrick's back, whoever the heck Carl is, a pencil, countless characters that don't exist, countless characters that barley appear, and now this?!

Don't forget Squidward's clarinet. Although to be fair, Puffy Fluffy only appears in A Pal For Gary and he's #3 on the list.

Is this even a character? People really are making up characters out of thin air now.

Carl is the Krabby o mondays managerand he is stupid

173 Miss Shell

"I knew it! " *slaps another fish for supposedly cheating on her and being lied to*

174 Seaweed Monster Man

This was a one-time character, people! The only thing I find bad about him is how ugly he is! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

175 Friend

Oh, Friend is the Blue Jellyfish from "Jellyfish Hunter." That explains it.

Why is he on the list?! What did he do?!

Really? "Friend? " I actually take back all my animosity towards all the inanimate objects on the list now.

176 Patrick SmartPants
177 SpongeTron

He claims that he has a clone for every letter of the alphabet, meaning he has a total of 486 clones. Um, what? There are only 26 letters in the standard English alphabet. Go back to kindergarten.

V 1 Comment
178 Patron
179 Cannonball Jenkins

This is just old man Jenkins in the sponge who could fly! Seriously people!

180 The Bikini Bottom Super Band

Why do we hate a bunch of flag twirlers that exploded - Randomdude

Particularly the Flag Twirlers, they are just awful and irrelevant.

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