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Patrick Star is a fictional character in the American animated television series SpongeBob SquarePants. He is voiced by actor Bill Fagerbakke, who also voices numerous other characters on the show . Created and designed by marine biologist and cartoonist Stephen Hillenburg, the series creator, Patrick more.


Ironically, Patrick only had one antagonistic role before the movie: Dumped. In that episode, Gary abandons SpongeBob for Patrick (Reasons I will state later) after spending a lot of time with Patrick. Gary pays no attention when SpongeBob tries to get his attention (closing the window on his head and then falling to the ground). When it comes down to the point where Gary chooses Patrick over SpongeBob, he seems oblivious to the fact that SpongeBob's heart broken and desperately tries to get Gary back. In the first attempt to prove he's gotten over the loss of Gary, he buys a pet worm. Ironically, the worm leaves after SpongeBob quotes, "So loyal, so trusting, always by my side! " He proceeds to get a new pet snail, named Larry, who has the opposite characteristics of Gary. When Gary and Patrick show up to do laundry, SpongeBob begs for Gary to come home, even quoting, "I'm a wreck without you! " Patrick comments that SpongeBob's begging is pathetic. He even states that he's got to ...more

Why is Patrick at the bottom of this list? He should be on top!

Patrick is the second character on the show that I hate the most, the first one I hate the most is MR. KRABS because of many reasons. But starting with Patrick, his personality was notably changed after the first movie aired, during seasons 4-9 and possibly season 10. Patrick was a decent character back before the first movie because his stupidity sometimes make me laugh like the Texas episode. However, I see this perspective change wise now because he plays a little of an antagonist role. For instance, he fought with SpongeBob over some stupid toy and never let him play with it and he stupidly glues SpongeBob on the wringer since he needed help. It shows that Patrick is NOT being a good friend to SpongeBob and sometimes SpongeBob sees this however in these particular examples, Patrick is not shown as apologetic to SpongeBob. Patrick also displays a trait of psychopathy and sociopathy as seen in many episodes that he doesn't truly understand about emotions or social cues and he is ...more

Seriosuly, Patrick's near the bottom of this list? Okay, who here didn't watch Pet Sitter Pat where he ate Gary's food in front of him, throw his food into a pail full of water as he watched it dissolve, and actually tried to BURN HIM ALIVE WITH A FLAMETHROWER! Or who didn't watch The Card, where Patrick obtained that was something of value to his best friend, and SpongeBob pleaded to him to not damage the card or wonder aimlessly into stuff that could ruin the card then Patrick comes out and says..."You can't expect my usual brand of stupidity, sometimes I like to mix it up, keep you on your toes"... All of this stupidity from this episode and earlier episodes... WAS DONE ON PURPOSE! Patrick Star is a psychopath, a near textbook case of Antisocial Personality Disorder, He is a WORSE Monster than Puffy Fluffy ever could, far more evil than Plankton or Mr. Krabs ever could... He needs to be locked up in jail so he'll never cause harm or ruthlessly torment anyone ever again!

He used to be good and funny! I loved him in the older seasons! He was a true best friend to SpongeBob that made me smile when they were together! However, that was in seasons 1-3. This is now.

I fully believe that something evil possessed him because he used to be one of my favorites! At first, I thought he was just getting dumber and dumber to the point of not knowing even what a friend is. That's already bad, but the truth is even more insulting.

After certain episodes, it is clear that Patrick ruining the lives of others isn't just a stupid accident, it was all planned. In one episode, Patrick admits that he's overly stupid on purpose half the time just so that he isn't bored. WAIT WHAT?! He has done too many hurtful things to speak of.

Forget Plankton, Mr. Krabs, or even the Cyclops that straight up murders fish! Patrick is cruel and manipulative and a straight up monster. This is why I think Patrick Star should be the real number one!

I totally wish SpongeBob ditched him. He is so stupid. Patrick doesn't show care to SpongeBob all he does is just ruin his plans. He always betray him in some ways. He even rub his license to his face and SpongeBob should just stay away from him. SpongeBob DOESN'T DESERVE TO DIE! Patrick glued forever to SpongeBob in stuck in the wringer. Why does he betray his own best friend? All he cares is his own feelings not worry about him. How can he trust and depend that little starfish? SpongeBob made him perfect for the tanning and Patrick just left him for two hours and made him look ugly. He forgets and do care about him. He's so obnoxious.

Many of the characters above this one are side characters, like Pearl, or are one-shot antagonists who are meant to be horrible by definition of antagonist, like Puffy Fluffy. Even Mr. Krabs is likeable in some tiny ways, at least more than this blob of lard. Why is he not number 1 on this list!? At least Mr Krabs has some kind of personality to him; after the movie, many characters were stripped of this, but Patricks took by far the heaviest hit.

Mr. Enter will gladly summarize how incoherent stupidity and senseless sociopathy does not ever, Ever, EVER in the HISTORY of the MULTIVERSE make for a character that can even be liked. Thank you Nick, for poisoning my siblings minds. Thank you Nick, for making me hate what used to be my favorite character. Not all the fancy pinky hold-ups in the world could make me hate this guy less! This blob of disgusting, dull, uninteresting stereotype is irredeemable!

"Once there was an ugly barnacle..."

Not now season ...more

I know how most of you say he's stupid, but he's not just that. He's very stubborn, selfish, and rude to have as a friend. On valentines day, he won't turn around to see the chocolate hot air balloon multiple times. Gosh, doesn't anyone feel like to crack his neck to see it?! In stuck in a wringer, he said to SpongeBob I was trying to help. Huh, more like I'm trying to be a bad friend and betray you all the time. Also, I'm the one who typed starting with "I totally wish SpongeBob ditched him", just to say at the end, it's a typo because I meant to say he forgets and don't care about him.

The NEW Patrick is awful, but the old one was my favorite character. He used to be silly, not retarded. He used to care for his friends, not humiliate or demean them. And he used to have other traits other than being a moron. Now, he's a brain-dead retard. I CAN NOT STAND the episode "Yours mine and mine". I thought SpongeBob acted like a toddler, but Patrick makes him look as old as Mr. Krabs. And pet sitter Pat is HORRIBLE. Why would they turn Patrick into such and idiot? In the old seasons, he was dumb, but funny. You never thought he was trying to harm people, but now it feels like he is intentionally trying to harm his friends and doesn't care nor receive any punishment when he does something horrendous.

I hate Patrick Star! Hands down the worst character! Tell me again WHY IS HE NUMBER 6! He should be number 1. Mr. Krabs is very selfish, and greedy but he always gets what he deserved in the end. He wore clothes from rags! He lived in a war! His wife died or divorced! His daughter is an ass hole! He gets no respect from anyone but SpongeBob! Money is his only comfort in life!Now for Squidward. He is miss understood. That damn sponge and damn starfish ruined his life! These stupid writers have gone too far!Patrick is fat lazy dumb mean cruel selfish heartless and SOOO overrated! He gave SpongeBob a huge disgusting ball of gum filled with actual people that had been in there for years! He gave SpongeBob, his best friend, gravel for Valentine's Day! He became king and took everything from everyone for no reason! He tried to kidnap SpongeBob because he wanted to live with the jellyfish! He threw stuff at Squidward when he read SpongeBobs diary too! He abandoned SpongeBob when planktons ...more

He's so stupid and he is so rude when SpongeBob wanted to share something with him he never gave it up. And in "Rule of dumb." He was so mean to every one and so greedy. When patrick got his license all he did was rub it in SpongeBobs face and terrorize people by running red lights and not stoping when the cops come yet somehow SpongeBob stays friends with him?!?!? How? I would've dumped him as a best friend when I first met him! He is just SO STUPID AND RUDE! I personally think he should be number 1.

I only hate patrick for what he's been doing lately (which is annoying like hell). Nowadays he just a big stupid lump of pink that only eats junk and has a sister who's a caveman! What I mean, he is worst than spongebob! His spot deserves little bit higher on the list

Funny eh dumb ass definitely one dumb thing he's so dumb he don't even know sharing like when he ordered a kids meal at the krusty Krab and Mr Krabs made a toy our of a Krabby patty SpongeBob was the first to play with then when he gave it to Patrick Patrick hogs all night and all day and tells SpongeBob he can't play with it its not what the hell he's the one not being fare also when he hears a voice he thinks objects around him are talked him

Basically, every kids show has to have that one dumb, fat, lazy character. Patrick is 100% that character in SpongeBob SquarePants. Patrick is stupid, and he's so stupid that he begins to act greedy and mean without even realising it. When SpongeBob got a splinter in that one episode, Patrick got a hammer and made it 100% worst. And Patrick is also really slack, and won't help anyone with anything because he's too lazy most of the time. - SheepBuggy

This is the worst character ever made, even more dispisable than Dolores Umbridge and Moe Szyslak. He admitted in "the card" that his stupidity is a facade. He lives his life to manipulate, torment, destroy, without consequence. In one episode, he karate chops Bikini Bottom to bits and then... wait for it... BLAMES IT ON HIS HAND! Assuming this has the tiniest kernel of truth, this is the equivalent of some one blaming drugs and getting away from murdering during a roid rage scot free. Patrick literally depends solely on the stupidity of others for his life and enjoyment, and needs to go to hell for two eternities.

I wouldn't go as far as Umbridge, but for post movie Patrick I agree. I mean Mr. Krabs in the SpongeBob golden age was kinda terrible, but post movie Krabs is just flat out evil. Pearl was bad to begin with. And yeah you get the point. I miss old Patrick. - Anonymousxcxc

Patrick should be #1. I can't count many ENTIRE episode plots are just based on a problem caused by some selfishly idiotic mistake Patrick has made. And he never apologizes! No one calls him out and he never faces consequences for the stupid major issues he causes. His lack of brains has become more and more annoying and I wish he'd move away or be killed off the show.

Watching the later episodes, I realize Patrick's stupidity has reached Malicious levels. Try watching "Yours, Mine, and Mine". God awful episode where Patrick acts like an insufferable sociopath. I used to love seeing him on screen but now he has become the bane of the entire show

He's so stupid that he's not funny.

He's so damn IDIOTICALLY STUPID that it kills me! And I never get it why people like him and think he's funny, he's just plain pathetic and a dumb pink loser.

What the heck I cannot believe this Patrick is number 4! Why is mrs puff higher than patrick he is dumb stupid and an inconsiderate jerk remember from the ringer episode. But I was only trying to help ahh slam it. I agree with that guy who said Patrick was likeable in the old series... AHHH! ! Curse patrick!

I want that Patrick should be scrapped out of the series.
I mean come on he's so dumb and not funny he always annoys squidward and every I see him I turn off the T.V. and get a head-edge

I disagree with what Mr Enter said. He said Patrick is a sociopath and has pretended to be stupid. I think he's so stupid that what he said in the Card or whatever was just him being dumb. His stupidity varies, even he recognizes this, but he has gotten worse. Also he was smarter and jollier in the older episodes, like his dumbness was funny.

He should be number one. In The Card, he says all of stupidity is intentional ("I have to mix up my stupidity sometimes, keep you on your toes."). Not only that, but when he's not being intentionally stupid, he's being a prick to everyone around him, even his best friend.

I'm convinced that he's not an idiot anymore. Now I think he's an evil, sadistic, Malicious villain who enjoys terrorizing people and causing pain to his "friends." And on top of that he always gets away with it.

Can anybody explain to me a single way Bikini Bottom would not be improved by having Patrick Star suddenly disappear forever? Wouldn't the town be better overall in every way if he ran afoul of an angler's hook?