Sandy Cheeks

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Sandra "Sandy" Cheeks is a fictional character in the Nickelodeon animated television series SpongeBob SquarePants.


The problem with Sandy is she follows NO scientific morality. Like when she fed Patrick (who is one of her best friends), various strangers, and almost SpongeBob weird gunk that mutated Patrick (although he deserves it) to see how much weird stuff people would eat if it's free. That's disgusting and gross in the sense. Also her arrogance is a huge problem. This girl needs an ego check.

And when she's not being terrible, she's just incredibly bland and pointless. I also hate how she is now all science this, science that. WHAT HAPPENED TO KARATE, Texas, SPENDING TIME WITH YOUR FRIENDS, AND YOUR FLIPPING MORALITY?! - Mamaluigi22

Did you guys know that Squirrel Jokes has a major flaw involving her, when SpongeBob says everybody knows you're the smartest one in bikini bottom, cause that is not true, she isn't even one of the smartest, Plankton is, all sandy knows is karate, and you don't need to be smart to know karate. The only things she ever does is think she's better then everybody because she's from Texas, news flash sandy, people from Texas aren't the smartest people in the world, they're just annoying hillbillies who dress in stupid outfits and do stupid activities like rodeos, thank god I live in the more civilized part of Texas where there is none of that. Sandy needs to stop thinking that she's better than everyone and realize how stupid she actually is

Sandy IS smart and one of my only favorite characters besides SpongeBob and Karen. Karate is not all that Sandy knows! She's a scientist! And not all people from the South are dumb whoever said that! (About to start overreacting again. ) STOP BEING STEREOTYPICAL UNLESS YOU'VE EVER BEEN THERE BECAUSE (according to my extensive vocabulary) I'M FROM THE SOUTH AND THERE ARE LOTS OF SMART PEOPLE THERE INCLUDING MYSELF SO YOU NEED TO HUSH UP AND GET A GRIP! - JHLover321

Sandy Cheeks is stupid. She kicks and hits people, like in "Karate Choppers". In "Survival of the Idiots," she becomes obese and ugly, plus really mean. Her purple outfit is very inappropriate. Her name seems inappropriate, too. Guess it would be better to call her Sandy Squirrel or just Sandy. Plus, it doesn't make sense for squirrels to hang out underwater and wear those astronaut suits and fishbowl helmets. With those helmets, they might have a hard time eating sea food, especially Krabby patties, like in the "Pressure" episode, but without them, they would be unable to breathe. They should rather be sitting in the woods with the birds, rabbits, bears, other land creatures, etc. Also, I really hate her voice. It's the biggest reason why I hate her. It's annoying. It would be better if she was voiced by someone else, or just basically not Carolyn Lawrence. Carolyn Lawrence should be fired for voicing Sandy, but her Cindy and Ashley voices are OK. Instead, someone else should have ...more

Just became a Mary Sue (a character that has no flaws or has flaws but people don't care) in the post-movie episodes. Not to mention she acts like a know-it-all all the time.

Sandy used to be cool- she was strong, lovable, and basically a karate master. But now she doesn't do karate at all and is OBSESSED with science to the point where she doesn't do karate anymore!

I've always hated Sandy, why is she so strong and so intelligent, it doesn't make any sense, and she's annoying as hell, I'm very glad when she doesn't appear in an episode

I'm sick of her talking about Texas. If it so good, go back and her accent bites my nerve

This is just a Texas stereotype character. I'm from Texas, and we don't have a rodeo everyday or buck teeth or that annoying country accent. And, something about the old Sandy made me feel she was girly. The proof was in the pudding, she liked SpongeBob when she just met him! Because he made a fart noise? Bad nluence on our people.

Sandy should be arrested or shot before she kills someone with one of her crappy inventions! She's a menace to every living thing in the sea!

I don't like the squirrel. She is seldom funny. She's not really of the extreme goofy and usually funny persuasion like Spongebob, Patrick, Mr. Crabs, Plankton, Gary, Mrs. Puff... Even Spongebob's parents are ok. As bad if not worse characters are: Flying Dutchman (ghost pirate) and Barnacle Boy / Mermaid Man and Man Ray... All of these X-LAME filler characters.

I absolutely hate her worst character and everyone wants SpongeBob and her together even though she doesn't deserve him. Why does everyone hate Squidward and Plankton there the only good characters.

Sandy wasn't originally a funny character with flaws that we all loved, but lately everything about her is now perfect! It makes her a very boring character to be honest.

She has no personality whatsoever and is pretty annoying.

Sandy used to be ok but in some older episodes and a lot of new episodes this fact was proven: Ssanndy is such a show off. She always wants to show people her "mad karate skills" and she said she taught Spongebob everything he knows about karate. An annoying character the is obsessed with showing off.

Sandy was strong, smart, and lovable back then! Right now she is a bit too perfect but I still love her! She deserves to be much lower on the list.

How come Sandy Cheeks is on this list?! I mean in the Spongebob Wiki if you read Squidward's Description, you will see that she is the 3rd most educated character before Mr. Krabs And Squidward! And why do you hate her? At least these kinds of characters are trying to achieve their goals like Squidward, Sandy, Mr. Krabs, Spongebob And Squilliam! She deserves to be LOWER in this list because in my opinion she is intelligent and good. If you hate Sandy because she is obsessed with SCIENCE in later episodes at least She is learning something unlike you Sandy Haters!

She is like a sister in SpongeBob

She is an annoying texan stereotype, and makes a bad name for other texans.

Sandy's a great character. It's just that she is just so prideful (especially in Pressure) and she literally has no screw-ups. Why does Squidward get torutred so much when Patrick and Sandy never do?

I don't like her. She's useless in every episode.

Why is Sandy on here? She's not as good as she once was, but she's still OK. - Garythesnail

I like sandy she's not stupid and annoying

She isn't funny. takes everything way to seriously, can't ever have a good laugh. it's always about winning and showing off her talents to everyone else.

More like Sandy Butt Cheeks. But she's not as worse as Mr. Krabs, Patrick, or SpongeBob. - ModernSpongeBobSucks