Squidward Tentacles

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Squidward Tentacles is a fictional character voiced by actor Rodger Bumpass in the American animated television series SpongeBob SquarePants.


WHAT DO YOU MEAN SQUIDWARD?! Do you realize that he's the only character on the show that ISN'T an idiot? What if you had to live between two idiots with a single digit IQ? I hate the new spongebob too. There is nothing stupider on T.V..

Actually, there are some problems with Squidward. He's so arrogant, his art and music are terrible. He actually has no talent, he just dosen't know that. In Culture Shock, which is mostly about making a variety show in the Krusty Krab, Squidward, the host, brags to the audience that he has the best performance, but the performance was really stupid as hell. In The Disaster Artist, Squidward teaches SpongeBob art, but the art critic hated Squidward's art and said SpongeBob is the true artist. There was one episode where Squidward pretends to be Squilliam so that he can teach music, but he was caught in the end. In Squid defense, Squidward thinks he's a karate master, but he doesn't use it responsibly. In Big Sister Sam, Squidward bullies Sister Sam, which makes her have temper tantrum.

Woah, Woah, Woah Buddy! Let's not take this to far. While I agree with you, Squidward haters don't deserve to die. Squidward is a bit of a jerk to SpongeBob, but it is also evident that SpongeBob annoys the living crap out of Squidward. But EVERYONE has their own opinion.

You are totally right. Squidward cares for spongebob n' patrick, but only to the important things. I have a little sister who irritates me so bad, but I don't hurt her. I actually love her, just like Squidward deep down sorta likes Spongebob.

With the exception of Plankton, Squidward is the only likable character out of the ENTIRE SpongeBob cast. He is surrounded by idiots (mainly SpongeBob and Patrick), constantly stalked and harassed (ala "Boating Buddies"), is always in some form of torture ("Jellyfishing", "Cephalopod Lodge"), works at a dead end job with said stalker and a cheapskake, and is beaten down by the world ("Squilliam Returns"). Bottom line, this guy puts up too much BS. All he wants to do is just have a quiet Sunday afternoon but no, because he is Squidward and therefore, the world must hate him. At worst, he screams at SpongeBob and Patrick but that is not enough for the audience to hate him. Face it, if you had that life, you'd be pretty upset. What I'm saying is, go watch Cephalopod Lodge so you can see what this guy puts up with.

The only reason why Squidward is grumpy and miserable is because of SpongeBob, PATRICK, and MR. KRABS!
He just wants peace, but SpongeBob and Patrick thinks he's their best friend, and plays with them every single second! SCREW THOSE PEOPLE'

I felt bad for him when he had his toenail ripped off by that little yellow bastard.

Squidward is awesome because I can relate to his sarcastic sense of humor. But every character on the show has seen a decline over the past few seasons. - thisismyonlyvoice

Excuse me! Squidward is my favorite character!

He's innocent from SpongeBob and Patrick! SpongeBob and Patrick give him torture almost everyday and this? COME ON! Enchanted Tiki Dreams was the only good one!

Idiots, you need to CALM DOWN! I have no idea why but THIS IS POINTLESS! B(

Just, listen. I'm saying that Squidward has been getting torture ever since SpongeBob moved in!

Squidward is awesome especially in Krab Borg and Dying for Pie and stuff like that he ROCKS!

I don't think he's that bad of a character. He is just the kind of person that can't take annoyance or torture (especially from SpongeBob, Patrick, and Mr. Krabs), and he wants to be left alone. I can sort of relate to him because when I am at school (or anywhere public for that matter) and hear lots of loud or immature conversations from other people (especially teenagers and young adults), I tend to act as grumpy as Squidward. If Squidward did not exist, then SpongeBob will be too much of a positive cartoon (which is bad because there needs to be a little bit of grumpiness and negativity for it too be good). Squidward should be taken off this list. - anonygirl

He's just an unhappy squid that goes around wishing that he ha s a better life

I feel bad for squidward, if you put yourselves in his place, it would b awful to constantly be annoyed by SpongeBob and Patrick and treated bad by mr. Krabs. He is one of the best characters, and on occasions you see that he really cares about SpongeBob

How can you put him on this list, have you no shame? Squidward is the most realistic character on the show - I never questioned his motives because I didn't have to. And he goes through enough already, give him a break.

What are you talking about? Squidward is awesome! I mean in that one Christmas special, he helped the whole bikini bottom. He gave them all of his belongings just to make SpongeBob happy! Don't you guys agree that is an awesome ordeal for someone who acts so glum all the time? :U - VoidSense

Squidward is consistently tortured, and is likable, show some sympathy! Except for in little yellow book, where he is unlikable, but I'm still on squid ward's side!

You know, there is a reason why Squidward is on this list. He DOES have more reasoning to yell in seasons 6-9, but before that he did a lot of mean things.

Ok before you vote and comment; think about what Squidward has been through:
He's treated pretty badly by the other characters, he's misunderstood most of the time, he keeps getting the raw end of the deal due to SpongeBob and Patrick's stupid antics... I could go on about how many times this poor guy has been wronged and screwed over by rude, crazy people. Show some respect, honestly.

I don't hate Squidward, but he is overrated. People act as if he has no faults even though he is a jerk. In pre-movie episodes, Squidward had a soft spot for SpongeBob (Pizza Delivery) but in post-movie episodes, Squidward just hates SpongeBob entirely (WhoBob Whatpants). I will admit though, that SpongeBob You're Fired did re-rail his character.

Now, to get to the positives about Squidward; Squidward can be funny when he gets all pissed off. Not only that but people can relate to him because a lot of us get irritable like him. Even Casey Alexander said that he can relate to Squidward. (Except Mr. Alexander isn't a huge jerk like Squidward is.) - Murvine_Taylor

In the old episodes Squidward was nice, remember "Pizza Delivery" ending.

Squidward is the best character and doesn't deserve to be on this list

Either make SpongeBob and Patrick fun, normal like the old episodes, like Squidward and create Squidward to love them as much as they do. Or lock SpongeBob and Patrick to an asylum for creepying Squidward out. Choose the first one it's the right choice for people.

This is my opinion but I honestly hate Squidward he's just a stupid know it all who acts like he's better than everyone even when they do nice things to him (Episode: "Can you spare me a dime? ") I laugh almost every time when he's tortured because he does things to deserve it yet people act like he's the victim

Squidward Torture Porns. Has the adder of Squidward thought of that? (off-topic: imagine if the image was the red mist eye one rather than the head-through door one...*shivers*)

I like squidward because I like his music