Atlantis Squarepantis


Where do I even begin. The advertisements deified it, acting like it would be the next SpongeBob SquarePants movie. Instead what we got was sheer garbage. The songs were so torturously awful that I would rather listen to "baby" than most of them. The plot had too many holes to count. 75% of the episode was pointless filler, horrible singing and boring subplots. The humor makes starring at a blank wall look entertaining. Plankton was shoved into the episode out of absolutely nowhere and does nothing to effect the main plot line. Patchy the pirate gets his own pointless subplot, and his own atrocious song. David Bowie makes an appearance as a nightmarish mutant blue burry with probably the most uncreative name comprehensible (lore royal highness). And, of course, the only reason they go to the legendary city of atlantis, which people have been searching for for millennia, is to see the world's oldest bubble, carried across the void of space on foot by one eyed elephants. This is the ...more

Here are 10 ways to fix Atlantis Squarepantis:

1) Remove all the songs and replace them with a song by the beloved David Bowie.
3) Have the tour of Atlantis last 3 minutes maximum instead of 3/4 of the episode. That way it doesn't feel like a ripoff of Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.
4) Remove Plankton entirely from the episode. He does not need to be in this episode, he is incredibly wasted here and his plot twist of the tank shooting ice cream is stupid, along with his song.
5) Remove Patchy the Pirate from the episode as well. His scenes are cheesy and terribly unfunny.
6) Have the gang ACTUALLY go on an adventure (Like save Atlantis from being destroyed by an army of villains or something like that, and make the villains dark and serious as well).
7) Remove the world's oldest bubble plot. It's stupid and pointless.
8) Have ...more

I absolutely hate this episode. These are the reasons why I hate this episode so much. 1. Way too much build up for this. 2. It was a musical, with awful songs that are pointless. 3. They added Plankton right in the middle of a song, which then makes a stupid, boring, and short sub plot that's not important. 4. The "brilliant" writers had to come up with the name "Lord Royal Highness" (so creative) 5. There was another stupid Patchy sub plot, which is (like the Plankton sub plot) not important and boring. 6. They tried to glorify Sandy too much in the fight scene. So I'm pretty sure that everyone would agree with my reasons why this is the worst spongebob episode ever. - TheGameBoy815

This SpongeBob episode/T.V. special was the worst one I've ever seen! It was so much torture to listen to the songs that I ended up not even caring about what was happening. :( I can see why it's in the top ten worst episodes, but it should be higher.

This was a terrible episode. I had to FORCE myself to watch it, JUST to review it. At first I didn't understand why people were treating it like the splinter and boating buddies, but, after watching it, I knew EXACTLY why. The terrible songs remove the resemblance of plot it could have had, its not funny, and the only good part is the end fight scene, which was kind of entertaining, but other than that it was a terrible episode with too much build up. "oh but it's a kids show" you may say, but first of all, kids deserve quality, and second of all, HALF of the audience were ADULTS!

The verdict: Not as bad as one course meal or a pal for gary, but it was insultingly bad, with too much build up around it. This would make my top ten worst episodes, no, in my top five worst episodes! People complain about the best day ever, but I feel like it wasnt as bad. If you take away the build up, its just a mediocre episode. But Atlantis squarepantis would still be a bad episode, and the ...more

Overhyped doesn't begin to describe this screw-up. It gives away the climax in the promos but not that Atlantis Squarepantis is a musical. Who does that?!

The songs are horrible, the concepts are dull (the oldest living bubble), Atantis is run by a thing TheMysteriousMrEnter described as "a pile of blue snot mucus", and I just can't describe all of the problems without you sitting here reading this for an hour. What's worse is that the writers behind this crapfest, Zeus Cervas (douche! ), Casey Alexander (imbecile! ), and Dani Michaeli (who cares? ) made Sand Castles in the Sand, which is an extremely enjoyable episode! Zeus, Casey, and Dani could've tried with this one, and they could've made it good. Also, the video game Atlantis Squarepantis is also horrible. David Bowie plays the aforementioned snot mucus pile, but doesn't get to sing! If he did, I would have one good thing about Atlantis Squarepantis, but since he didn't, there's no reason to like the episode. (A brief ...more

Seriously, 1 hour of musical torture, worst episode of SpongeBob I saw.

Thank god I was punished when this episode first aired (I had been cutting off my Ariel doll's hair). When I did get to see it, I only liked Sandy's video game sequence and for the love of god I can still remember that it was called Mission Start. For some reason, David Bowie's character never sang. And the only thing I REALLY hate about this episode is the rhyming in the songs. Mostly when Sandy rhymes "minds" with "rinds". - Chikinan

David Bowie should've got out of there when he got the chance. This is a musical. David is a tallented singer in real life, AND HIS CHARACTER didn't SING ONCE IN THIS EPISODE! Oh ya, this is a musical. I don't have a problem with musicals, at all. What I DO have a problem with is the singers. I've heard the SpongeBob characters sing before ( except Patrick ) and they sang good! EVERYONE SINGS HORRIBLE IN THIS ( especially Plankton )! The songs sound like they got pulled out an elephants buttcrack! They are annoying!

If I keep pointing out the problems with this episode, YOUR GONNA BE FINISHED READING THIS IN 10 HOURS!

Overall this episode is ANNOYING

37% F

This episode wouldn't be so bad if they hadn't made it into a musical. The songs are not even good either. This episode just feels like a bland excuse for a special. Especially a one hour long special. If the writers think that we want to hear singing for half of the episode, then they are far from right.

And to thank that the David Bowie was a part of this, he deserved better then this. Rest in heaven Bowie, and say hi to Major Tom for me

My least favorite SpongeBob episode ever! The plot didn't make sense, there wasn't much development, and honestly the whole concept sounds stupid. And to think this was hyped a lot, that only rubbed salt into the wound!

I have one question, if the bus is powered by singing then how come there's a pipe on the back of it if you sing is there going to be musical notes coming out of it?

This had to be the first episode where this show got BAD. The entire episode was just flat and boring without any meaningful structure and it contains a collection of the WORST songs of the entire series. - Mcgillacuddy

To be honest, most songs in Spongebob songs are really annoying. This excessively bad episode included-what is it? - about seven horrible songs. I swear, each song is poison for the ears.

I don't get the hate. Its not that bad, though a bit underwhelming. The only criticism that I ever hear is that the songs suck. And really, there not that bad. Just kind of average. - Wudzer

I actually sort of like it, but the songs are forgettable and the Patchy sequences are TERRIBLE.

This episode is so bad. The songs should be destroyed and burned in their lyrics. And I loath the fact that their is 1 minute of plot and 31 minutes of filler. And 12 minutes of low-budget Patchy segments that have NOTHING TO DO WITH THE EPISODE besides Encino is a lost city. Boy does David Bowie gets to not sing...WHILE EVERYBODY ELSE HAS A MUSICAL NUMBER! WOW! This episode is not the worst episode,(That is One Course Meal) but it's definitely not gonna let me slide it! GRRR!

The plot doesn't go anywhere, it's just a tour of a city with no suspense, climax, or even humor. And it's a HALF-HOUR special, for crying out loud! - alphadan12

This movie was the worst spongebob episode I ever saw. PLUS IT WAS ONLY ONE DANG HOUR! I hated it it ended with spongebob going home singing.what a boring episode.

Atlantis Squarepantis does get kudos for not Torturing Squidward and finally making him happy. Other than that it's bad. - Gamecubesarecool193

Did you guys know that Sponge and Pat chewed ice cream with their F-ING MOUTHS OPEN. This is where the show fell flatter than a Stunfisk crushed by a Steamroller attack.


WHY would you make an episode with David Bowie, A SINGER, and his character is the ONLY one who DOESN'T get to sing. This episode sucks.

This was such a terrible episode. The fact that it was an extra long special made it much worse