Boating Buddies


Okay, "Boating Buddies" cranked up the creepy to INSANELY HUGE levels! More than any other episode! If I had to compare this to "Squid's Visit", I'd rather watch the latter. I know that's something I can never take back, but I'm sticking by my words! "Squid's Visit" is inherently creepy in its own right, albeit a little frightening. But that episode is watchable compared to this. This is like psychological thriller territory. All I kept thinking the entire episode was "Why don't you guys just add horror movie music in the background while you're at it, guys?! "

This is easily one of the top ten most unsettling episodes of SpongeBob I've ever sat through.

*shudders* SpongeBob's breathing still gives me chills...

In this episode I wanted to kill Spongebob for being so stupid and anoying

I'm pretty damn sure this needs to be in the top 5! This episode displays claustrophobia and does it very wrong. Nobody cared for squidward because you know, sponge on was the good guy. It starts with SpongeBob harassing squidward and getting him to try to escape. He gets punished for that. And he is in boating school now. Everything SpongeBob did in this episode made it creepier and got squidward into more and worse trouble. SpongeBobs actions got squidward into more trouble and the plot farted at the end because squidward fails his test. To sum it all up, squidward is punished for being tormented. TERRIBLE!

Seriously, though. This was one of the worst episodes ever. I mean, why take the Spongebob we knew and loved from seasons 1-3 and make him into a deranged stalker? And beat up Squidward being rightfully annoyed with him? The only funny joke was "Chocolate Rain! ". Other than that, this episode needs to DIE, this should at least be higher than 'Dear Vikings'.

This was scary for SpongeBob. First he ran after Squidward so weird it was slightly disturbing. Then while at school SpongeBob makes weird, idolizing sounds that are also disturbing. Then Squidward gets beaten up for a misunderstanding TWICE! TO THE POINT OF A BODY CAST! He fails a test because of it and because of Mrs. Puff being naïve. THat isn't hilarious, that's torture! I'll give this a 4/10, since it's not like a few up here (cough cough One Course Meal), but still less than decent.

A proper title for this episode would be Boating Days, based off of the worst anime ever known as School Days! SpongeBob is just a psycho-yandere out to stalk Squidward and ruin his life! SpongeBob should get stabbed to death like Makoto Ito did in the last episode of School Days! In fact, those two characters actually have something in common. They both look good and decent at first, only to go downhill and really irritate the audience! I HATE SCHOOL DAYS AND MODERN SpongeBob! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

SpongeBob looked like a homosexual stalker in that episode. Example: that creepy panting when Squidward was talking, and then touching Squidward for no reason during class. I can't blame Squidward for screaming at the end of the episode.

What's there to hate in this episode? Here's a shorter list: What is there to LIKE? Boating Buddies is the epitome of creepiness (for SpongeBob at least). He's literally stalking Squidward the entire episode, and no one (NOT EVEN MRS. PUFF) seems to care about Squidward. Do I even need to mention that it's a Squidward Torture Porn? I really don't have to say much about this episode, because we all know its problems.

Enough with the Squidward torture porn episodes when will the writers learn nobody likes a character getting abused for no proper reason. The whole episode is just Squidward getting tortured, the main plot is literally Squidward having to go back to boating school due to Spongebob's antics and him being tortured by Spongebob in the school.

Every second of the episode, SpongeBob is either a creepy stalker or a complete baby. I honestly feel bad for Squidward, which I never did in a pre-movie episode except when the writers intended us to.

At least in other episodes, Squidward would get angry at SpongeBob for reasons that weren't his fault. SpongeBob was having fun or building something and the noise drove him nuts. HERE SpongeBob tortures Squidward FOR NO REASON AND ON PURPOSE! - DCfnaf

I hate this episode because I've had some stalking experiences before, and even worse is the fact that I was the stalker in those experiences, not the victim. I literally want to bash the writer's heads opens for reminding me of how I drove Allison Steele to anxiety. I made her leave deviantART! - Chikinan

Why does this episode have to exsist. This episode is a piece of... Well, you know. A few reasons why this episode is so bad.

1. The plot is WAY too forced. SpongeBob heard Squidward BREATHING?!

2. Man, that face SpongeBob has when he looks at Squidward. He's close to jumping and raping Squid.

3. Squidward, What did you do to deserve this. All you did was hit a a stop sign. Why must you be near that spawn of Satan?

4. This episode HAS to be paired with The Krabby Kronicle, which is an episode I actually like.

This is the problem with new episodes. Squidward torture episodes. And I ask you the question what crime did Squidward commit? Getting away from SpongeBob. Really new writers. - toptenzen

It's like the writers watched School Days and then decided, "Okay, let's make SpongeBob Sekai so that way he can stalk Squidward and be the most unlikable character he can be." This episode is just as bad as the anime School Days itself! It just sucks! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

I seriously hate everything about this episode. I felt upset for squidward from beginning to end, and SpongeBob is just a complete stalker now. :(

I hate this episode. SpongeBob was stalking squidward for no reason. - Antwon

I've always hated this episode. But my runner-up is definitely a tie between a pal for gary and demolition doofus

This was annoying and stupid. I don't like the new episodes. Period. They suck ass. - MiraiNikkiYunoGasai

I hate episodes which are discriminating squidward, as my favorite SpongeBob character

SpongeBob is a creeper! Notice the face he makes?

Yeah, I even hated this episode when I was a kid.

Definitely loathed how Squidward kept suffering misfortune after misfortune from Spongebob's complete idiocy, and then to have it come back to bite in the ass - HARD.

Curse you stupid talking cheese sponge!

This is one of the worst Squiddy torture episodes in the series by a long shot (with Good Neighbors being around it somewhere). He was trying to get away from SpongeBob and of course the writers made him get screwed like always.