Face Freeze!


Face Freeze's mainly because of its ending symbolizes everything wrong with the episode. A bad plot and a bunch of disturbing faces lead up to Sponge Bob and Patrick perpetually stuck with different head shapes, and Mr. Crabs and Squid Ward ultimately share the same fate. The episode ends with the four shifting between grotesque, ugly faces. At least One Coarse Meal and A Pal for Gary, evil and tasteless as they are, told a story. Face Freeze uses a lame "plot" so the artists can create absolute terror to televise to the planet, and anyone hoping for it to be resolved is treated with the episode ending with a ton of them. - Extractinator04

This episode is one of the most disturbing episodes on SpongeBob SquarePants.

Those eyes are hell when you look at them, it's a plague in one episode!

How can the directors allow such an episode that violates the rules for a kids show?

Kids can receive nightmares because of that episode and it's design for the faces!

This episode was one of the most disturbing kid episodes of all time, I do not recommend watching this episode if you get scared easily by things that look weird or creepy as hell.

I'm pretty sure they made this episode in a desperate attempt to give the audience visual "humor." Unfortunately, the imagery just turned out terribly disturbing and I really feel for the younger audience who had to see such horrors. The writing of this episode doesn't save it from it's visually disgusting nightmare fuel, as it revolves around the faces the characters make. Without this type of imagery, Face Freeze would be an extremely boring episode.

Who here thought it was a good idea to show little kids disgusting faces of SpongeBob that look like they were in some sort of accident? I knew this would be somewhere near the top ten worst episodes. Also, how did squidward freeze his face in the end? He was just laughing.

You know what I think? Since the weird faces in SpongeBob got famous on the Internet, they decided to make an episode dedicated to it. But they decided it would be funny if it had only ugly faces, no jokes or good plots or anything. And yet it ended up being one of the worst episodes of all time.

A Pal for Gary is my least favorite, but this deserves to be MUCH higher on the list due to the unamusing and quite frankly disturbing faces shown. Some of the faces that Spongebob and Patrick pull off belong in a horror movie instead of a kid's show!

Just SpongeBob and Patrick pulling disturbing and creepy faces throughout the episode am I expected to laugh? I remember when SpongeBob used to have actual plots to episodes the new writers have no actual ideas and instead use pathetic attempts for a plot

I just gotta say the faces they make were revolting, and the plot is just terrible! It's absurd! How do people find those ugly faces hilarious?! (Well, I used to, just forget about it.) One Coarse Meal is bad, but this is awful! I just loathe this episode! Worst episode ever!

This episode was a waste of your time. Ok, SpongeBob and Patrick make disgusting and disturbing faces. Then, Mr Krabs yells at them and says that of they make a face they will hold it forever. what? And then they take the challenge and then get their faces stuck. And now Sandy tries to fix it, which at one point she did, and then she kept going, and made SpongeBob and Patrick look even worse! I hate when Sandy thinks she's so advanced. And then I don't understand Squidward and Mr Krabs make faces for one second, and then they keep it forever! Again, what? And there's no solution! They just stay like that for no reason whatsoever! SpongeBob should be cancelled, NOW! - HELLADERE120

Ugh, this episode if horrifying. Sure, all the faces are disgusting, but one face ACTUALLY scared me. That one with Patrick, and his eyes go all black, ugh.

Face Freeze is just not that good of an episode. There is nothing too exciting about the episode. I am sure that some children will have some nightmares based on the faces. Adults will just see this episode as pointless.

Much better than the horror shows known as I Was a Teenage Gary and WhoBob What Pants. I'm not even kidding this time. I'm 100% dead serious. The faces weren't even that gross in this episode. I've seen worse. And even if it wasn't the case, at least it served a point and had a mostly good moral in the vein of the Brothers Grimm. I say mostly because the ending ruins it to some degree.

This episode actually gave me nightmares. I'm dead serious. This felt more like a demented Creepypasta story than a SpongeBob episode.

I have to give them some credit. They were creative in designing those faces. If only they put their creativity in other areas of the show. Oh wait, I was talking about the animators, not the writers. - alphadan12

Dude. House fancy is only talked about because of toenail. And planet of jelly fish was good. And if fear of a krabby patty was annoying, check out " That Sinking Feeling"

Hilarious?! If you like this episode, you must like gross-out humor. This is a very overrated episode and it will stay overrated unless everyone stops liking it.

Although this episode had a lesson, the faces scared the crap out of me. The lesson is the same as the one in Hooky though. don't do stupid things or you're going to be punished

The writers clearly weren't trying - the animators however were. This episode is disgusting and I don't think any kid would find gross faces for 11 minutes straight amusing. - KingFab

I think this episode is bad but I don't think it's one of the worst cause it actually felt like on of the pre movie one cause it was teaching kids a moral to not hold a face for a long time cause it'll get frozen like that. So I don't hate this episode but I still think it's bad if they did the moral better it would've been decent - Mswalgren

Yes the episode is disturbing. yes it relies on low comedy. it does have a good story though. it is kind of ripped off of Hooky, though. It landed on my Worst Episodes of SpongeBob fan edition at number 2. I did'nt think it was bad, or good, just weak.

This episode is nothing but stupid. the whole episode just focuses on SpongeBob and Patrick making ridiculousness "funny" faces. and also the ending is idiotic. mr Krabs and squidward end up getting their faces frozen like SpongeBob and patrick. this is more like number 3

WORST EPISODE IN THE WHOLE SHOW! Gross faces for eleven minutes. No plot! Wish I can burn my eyes with a Charizard's Inferno attack.

This show needs to be higher only because of the disturbing nature of the faces made. Not only is it not sutible for kids, but I feel that the writers have a sick sense of humor and love scaring kids. WHY WAS THIS MADE?!? I hope its never aired again cause its just downright disgusting. 0/100 hands down

I hate this episode. It's so sad, you go from pizza delivery, the movie, the Christmas episode, shanghaied (the perfume department), the camping episode- to this lifeless meaningless stupid piece of total crap! DEREK DRYMON PLEASE RETURN AS CREATIVE DIRECTOR!

I can already feel thousands of kids running out of the room screaming and crying in sheer horror because of this episode. parents who are reading this right now, go watch this episode and see what I mean. go watch all of these episodes on this list and see what we mean.