House Fancy


Honestly, I find the toenail scene hilarious. Plus, I don't see the big deal of people hating that scene. It was not even that gory, it was just a few blood, and it is a very normal thing for people to get their toenails ripped off, it happened to me. It is not like he is getting his head chopped of or an arm, he is still alive and has no real bad problems, so I don't see the big deal. I thought it was funny because of how Spongebob was so stubborn to keep pulling out his toenail and the screaming. I have seen more blood and disturbing scenes in The Powerpuff Girls with arms of monsters getting chopped off and blood coming with eyes getting pulled out than what I have seen in this. - AnimeDrawer

This god damn episode is as boring as heck.

Oh and did you see the toenail scene? It was so hilarious!

Wait no... It can't be, the creators actually thought ripping squidward's toenail was able to go through all this and then SpongeBob is famous? You guys see, I never saw SpongeBob as a kids show, take the splinter for example, SpongeBob just got a regular splinter, and it went red, squirted pus in Mr Krabs face and was even bigger then his hand (maybe). Oh, I forgot to say about the title for inspongeiac, it shows SpongeBob's eyes looking tired CLOSE UP. That's all I can say but please, just PLEASE don't mention a friend for Gary.


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Ha, ha, ha! Isn't ripping out toenails so funny?!?!

Wait, why is no one else laughing?

Oh, I know... because IT'S NOT FUNNY!

My god, this is obviously bad! First of all, the toenail jake. Seriously, Nick? Are disgusting jokes the best you can do?!? SpongeBob dosen't care. He thinks that getting disembodied is "Strong", just like the other guys in the episode "Navy Buddies". Another thing, The vaccume cleaner joke. Those are getting old and overused. A switch breaking randomly? I saw those things 1,000,000,000 (Or in other words, a million) times. And the ending is STUPID. JUST PLAIN STUPID X3! A person making a new era of beauty by destruction?!? Well, sure, I'll just nuke my house and see if its beautiful! You get the idea. This is worth -3000 dollars to Nick, and an extra 1000 less for giving me gruesome dreams/nightmares about nails falling off people.

WOW. Your THAT much of a big baby?
And how in the world is the ending "just plain stupid? " Sometimes destruction CAN be beautiful, you ignorant fool!
And comparing what happened to Squidward's house to nuking your own is NOT a good comparison. Why? Well, even though both can cause destruction:
1. Nuking your house WILL end up with not just your house getting destroyed, but also possibly destroying more than just your neighborhood since it IS a nuke.
2. Squidward's house was the only thing being destroyed during the episode.
Also, getting nightmares about nails falling off people shows how sensitive you were. When I was little, I've experienced seeing one of my classmates accidentally getting one of her fingernails falling off of her. I was grossed out (mainly because I was a full-blown girly girl back then.) However, I didn't get any nightmares about it at all mainly because I wasn't scared enough to get one based on that event.
Plus, when I first saw the scene, I ...more - Jasmine21064

This episode was banned in Indonesia because of the toenail scene.

Now, here is something to think about:

Is there anything besides the toenail scene, and the boring plot that anybody wants to comment about? Anything?

This episode really is not that bad. The only bad part is that disgusting toenail scene but that can be easily ignored. The plot is nice and interesting. I think people only hate it because of that scene. - children

If the toenail scene wasn't included, no one would ever bring this episode up after it was released. Also, does anyone else think it's weird how Nickelodeon will censor episodes like Just One Bite and Procrastination, but not House Fancy, Pineapple Fever, or One Coarse Meal?

This is a good episode! No, I am not smoking anything! I like this episode because it has an interesting plot and Squidward wins in the end. Also the toenail scene did not bug me too much, but yes, it is disturbing. But I would rather have a 10-second gross out scene rather that a whole episode (The Splinter).

Since when do squids have toenails? They gave Squidward a toenail just so it could be ripped off in a brutal display. That's messed up. Other than that, this episode is boring as hell.

Why do people hate this episode for one gross scene that didn't even last one minute, yet approve of SpongeBob recklessly destroying half of Bikini Bottom and literally hurting more people than helping them for the majority of the episode and doesn't even get proper punishment (Hall Monitor)?

Holy Barnicles! I haven't watched SpongeBob in a while and when I finally get bored of watching the oher lame cartoons on I switch the channel back to Nick. When then looked at the screen I saw the unholy TOENAIL SCENE! It was the first thing I saw and I literally just turned the T.V. off and burnt my SpongeBob memories away. How I miss Band Geeks, Chocolate with Nuts and Idiot Box, The show is no longer SpongeBob but "The Square, Yellow Creeper and Friends"

A terrible episode. Even though we get to see Squidward get a happy ending, it's still very predictable seeing SpongeBob obliterate Squidward's house little by little. - Mcgillacuddy

Good god who thought that toenail scene was funny raise your hand ( no one raises their hand ) that's what I thought

The toenail scene.. Is this supposed to be FUNNY? For KIDS?! - Garythesnail

The toe nail scene was the WORST. its right up there with the one episode where squidward accidentally ripped off his eyebrow. Absolutely disgusting

Yeah That toenail scene was pretty disturbing but Squidward won and that's the most important thing. - kcianciulli

The toenail scene is disgusting. Why would the writers of this episode show blood in a kids cartoon.

I don't think this episode was that bad actually. Of course the toenail scene was disgusting but overall I like this episode and it is not that bad - PatrickStar

Who pimps out their bathroom to make it all gold?!?! Especially the toe scene which was plain gross.

I don't hate this episode. I liked the fact that Squidward won in the end but the gruesome part when Spongebob rips off Squidward's toenail is enough to make me cringe.

Gosh I hate this episode. The toenail scene is disgusting, the ending is stupid, and the rest is boring.

Everybody is talking about the infamous toenail scene. I wonder how many people could watch this horror without cringing?

I feel bad for Squidward on this episode. The toenail scene is also unexpected and unnecessary!

It's okay, but the foot scene makes me think this should be number 1.