One Coarse Meal


This episode is like the camping episode's evil twin; all the events work together just like in the camping episode, but instead of working together to create great humor, the events make a perfect combination for you to LOATHE what SpongeBob has become compared to true classics like the camping episode, chocolate with nuts, graveyard shift, band geeks and many more.

The episode starts off like your average patty formula episode; a few minutes of battling between Mr Krabs and Plankton, with Mr Krabs reigning victorious in the end. How does he, you ask? His daughter, a whale, comes in the room and scares the living daylights out of Plankton. Mr Krabs is amused by this, and exploits his fear of whales not just to defend the formula, but literally to drive Plankton to his wit's end. For kids, right guys?

Pearl refuses to scare Plankton, so instead Mr Krabs disguises as a whale and tortures Plankton, haunting his nightmares and sometimes causing him to hallucinate. I am NOT ...more

So, SpongeBob was a funny, willing, and beloved cartoon among the famous ranks of Looney Tunes, Tom and Jerry, Family Guy, The Simpsons, Pokemon, Scooby Doo, South Park, Beavis and Butthead, Ed, Edd n' Eddy, Mickey Mouse, Bob's Burgers, Rick and Morty, American Dad!, among others, but when it comes to a wonderful family-friendly T.V. show, this sure comes to mind, right? No, if you have not seen this or think episodes like "A Pal For Gary", "The Splinter", "Demolition Doofus", "Squid's Visit", etc., please watch it, it will change you completely.

Plankton, once again (for the 1000th time), is trying to steal the formula, then Pearl shows up, asking for money, suddenly (ruining continuity), Plankton is terrified. Then Mr. Krabs decides to end Plankton's plots with his fear (and in a HORRIBLE way), by chasing him with it, dressed up in a Pearl suit, Even when he's not doing anything. (sarcasm) What a good message for the kids.

It gets worse as the episode goes by. 16 days ...more

After this episode, I really hope Mr. Krabs gets served at Red Lobster. He constantly stalks Plankton to the point where he tries to commit SUICIDE. I have a theory that this was originally planned as the plot for a South Park episode, but Trey Parker and Matt Stone thought it was a terrible idea and threw it in an outside trash can. A SpongeBob writer then came along and found the script and saw it as "comedy gold".

Also, Mr. Krabs doesn't even have a real reason for doing this. He's not doing it in order to protect the formula, he's doing it because he's an unlikable sadist. I'm starting to question who truly is the main antagonist of the series. Mr. Krabs even laughs when SpongeBob tells him that Plankton is in the street.

I have two main issues with this episode.
1. The fact that they take a topic like suicide and make a joke around it like it's no big deal. That's like comparing Cocaine to sugar or comparing a school shooting to a bully calling someone "fat". Why ...more

Why the living hell, is A Pal For Gary higher than this?! Gary abuse is one thing, but this had a suicide attempt. Yeah, I said it. SUICIDE. In one of your favorite childhood cartoons, how sweet. (sarcasm) So Plankton is afraid of whales, and Mr. Krabs finds out. Do you see where this is going? Mr. Krabs dresses up like Pearl, and starts to scare Plankton. Plankton couldn't take it anymore, so he attempted SUICIDE. Also, suicide is murder. So if Plankton told the police, Pearl would go to jail, not Mr. Krabs. Nice, Nickelodeon. Real nice. Do the writers think this is funny?! After heartbreaking stories, (Amanda Todd for example) do they actually think this is funny?! If they do, they are MONSTERS. COMPLETE MONSTERS. How did Nick even let them get away with this?! This should be number one, with A Pal For Gary at number two. This made me think that there is something wrong with the writers. They should watch the Amanda Todd video, and see how serious suicide really is.

When I first watched SpongeBob, it was the movie, the end of a great era, the movie was the greatest SpongeBob made production in existence, the great pre movie era is now over, sure there is good and funny post movie episodes, but most of them are bad. This episode, is why I heavily criticize the show, the new writers think it is funny for SpongeBob and fatrick to have gay feelings towards squidward, to downright torture their characters, and support animal abuse. But to drive someone to suicide is going way too far, spongedud says he has good nature but he has none whatsoever, these new writers like torture and pain of the innocent. The episode starts with a pretty decent battle scene when plankton invades, but pearl comes in, plankton is scared of her despite 2 things

Whales do NOT eat plankton

Plankton has been around her before and was not scared AT ALL then Krabs's fat ass asks pearl to go and scare plankton, but only if he gives her more money, he does something ...more

The most recent time I've watched this episode, it was coincidentally right after Plankton's Army. Now imagine all those lovable goof family members being eaten alive by whales. Even though Plankton wasn't afraid of Pearl before, his PTSD makes him afraid of her and all whales in general. And it only gets mentally worse for him. Mr. Krabs, due to his ruthless need to be a scoundrel, disguises himself as Pearl and stalks Plankton as a way to torment him. Feeling petrified, Plankton turns to his wife Karen, but she doesn't help Plankton as Krabs had tricked her into believing there were no whales. Now I still don't support Karen; she should've been more thoughtful to her husband. Delusional or not, Plankton deserved to have compassion from his wife. As soon as she noticed there were no whales, she just ditched Plankton and REFUSED to listen to him.

Then Plankton actually suffers paranoia, as a timecard actually says "16 Paranoia-Filled Days Later". Do you know how long ...more - Cesium

Imagine this episode as plankton. Just imagine One day seeing a guy in a hockey mask and machete behind you, about to slaughter you. You run for your life, only to find that for the next few days, every place you go, around every corner you turn, no matter where you run or hide, the man in the hockey mask and machete will always find you and try to murder you. He even appears in your dreams, killing you and mutilating your body. You eventually become so paranoid, so scared of the serial killer, you lock yourself in a dark room, afraid to move, for fear that the murderer will kill you. You become so insane out of fear, being driven mad from living life of paranoia that you attempt suicide.

That is basically the plot of this episode. It is so horrible, terrifying, sadistic, that no one in their right minds can like it.

Not only is this the worst episode of SpongeBob of all time, this is also one of the worst pieces of animation ever to be made by human hands! Just what kind of sick, twisted, sadistic, psychotic, demon-possessed mind would consider this kid friendly, or even write something like this?! First off, Plankton sees Pearl, gets frightened, and surrenders after attempting to steal the Krabby Patty formula and after that, he does nothing wrong! Mr. Krabs then dresses up like Pearl until he becomes very paranoid and later sits in the middle of the road waiting for a bus to run him over. That RIGHT THERE is something that you don't ever joke about! SpongeBob sees him and tells Mr. Karl's that Plankton is comitting suicide and gets happy. (Krabs, you sick bastard! Burn in Hell! ) And afterwards, SpongeBob tells Plankton that it was just Krabs dressed as a whale, and then he gets angry. (He should be! ) And the worst part about the episode is that it still portrays Krabs as the "good" guy. Okay ...more

If you constantly write on bad episodes, that does make you a bad writer. However, if you write something like this, you must be something much worse. I just despise this episode. Its humor is not funny; it's just mean-spirited. First of all, we find out that Mr. Krabs pays his employees in funny money."Oh yeah, this is so funny! " said no one. Basically, Mr. Krabs realizes that Plankton is afraid of whales, so he dresses up as one to psychologically torment Plankton, and Karen is just letting him suffer. Plankton starts having night terrors, and as he is crying, Krabs is laughing. Then one day, Plankton decides he can't take it anymore, so he lays in the road. Then SpongeBob comes out and says:
"Hi Plankton! Whatcha doing, laying in the road? "
Then Plankton says:
"Go away, cheese head! Can't you see I'm trying to get run over? "
So, let's get this straight: Plankton, a character from a children's T.V. show, has been. tortured so much that he is going to commit SUICIDE by ...more

Why isn't this number 1? I have been watching a few Spongebob episodes lately, and this is the worst. At least in House Fancy, I actually thought the toenail scene was funny(yes, I have a very weird sense of humor). But this is NOT funny, who even thought this would be funny? Mr. Krabs dresses up as Pearl, his daughter to torture Plankton since he fears whales from a memory he had of his family members dying from whales eating them. That is something real serious if you think about it, a memory of your family members dying that scares you. And Mr. Krabs had to be heartless and torture him just because he hates him, and stalk him, which is creepy and it happened for 16 days. And Karen, his wife, does not even try to understand Plankton and he gets nightmares of being eaten by whales. Then he lies in the middle of a road attempting SUICIDE, he even told Spongebob, who was there. And when Spongebob told Mr. Krabs, he laughed, what kind of heartless sadist would be laughing at someone ...more - AnimeDrawer

Because Plankton attempting suicide is the epitome of hilarity and good taste, right?

If you want to know what the actual worst episode of SpongeBob is it is actually this one a pile for Gary may have it's bad teams but this one is far worse. This episode is just bad and depressing. It insults the viewer by literally offending them. The episode is insanely cruel to Plankton for no reason whatsoever. The episode is rotten to the core and is 5000 times worse than A Pal for Gary. Why isn't this episode number one on this list? It contains a barrage of plot holes, insanely unlikable characters, and The ability to cripple a person's mental state. This episode ruined the character of Mr. Krbs for me by showing me that he is a murderer if you drives his rival to suicide. SpongeBob maybe disturbing in a pile for Gary but I do not think that that The SpongeBob in A Pal For Gary would drive someone to the point of mental suicide. If there is one episode that you need to prove that SpongeBob jumped the shark after the first movie, this would be that episode. This is how bad ...more

Despite all of the cruelties in "One Coarse Meal", it is not Crabs being alright with Plankton's suicide that makes me dislike this episode; it is Plankton's attempt of payback is seen as a malicious act that cements it. Firstly, when Plankton uses his terror of mimes to scare Crabs, he cries to the point that I am supposed to root for him. Secondly, even though it does not compensate Plankton's suicide attempt by Crabs, it would have been a fine episode if were not for the fact that Sponge Bob, who previously helped Plankton of his suicide and decides to make him feel good, frightens away with a holograph of whales; essentially, the oblivious yellow sponge single handed makes Crabs a Karma Houdini as he got away with frightening Plankton for a week because he enjoyed it. Third, it makes Friend Or Foe awful to watch considering the abomination Crabs had become. - Extractinator04

You know, when I was younger, episodes like "The Splinter" and "A Pal For Gary" didn't anger me as much as they do now. But I watched this when I was younger, and I HATED it right away. This episode basically suggests that you should drive people you don't like to Suicide in order to get rid of your problems. The worst part about this is not that Plankton tries to kill himself. The worst part is that Krabs LAUGHS and ends up winning in the end. So basically...Plankton is driven into a paranoid depression. His appearance at the end is sad and depressing. During this time, he's mocked by his wife. He attempts to commit suicide. This revelation is held positively by the guy who wants him to die and that person gets away with it in the end because "he's the good guy". Yeah, this is what actually happens in a kid's show. - DCfnaf

This episode is by far the worst. What happens is Mr. Krabs finds out Plankton is terrified of whales. So, to scare him, Mr. Krabs dresses up as Pearl and stalks him. This goes on for a full TWO WEEKS. After these two weeks pass, Plankton pretty much becomes depressed and tries to kill himself by getting hit by a bus/boat(car). When SpongeBob goes to tell Mr. Krabs, he just laughs it off with no concern for his former friend. Mr. Krabs just drove Plankton to suicide AND GOT AWAY WITH IT. What did Plankton do to deserve this? Sure, he tried to steal the formula, but is it really worth terrorizing him and making him want to kill himself? No. They take a serious issue and turn it into a joke, being the reason why this is the episode I hate most. Why this is only #2 right now, I have no idea. In my opinion, this deserves to be #1. - adeve753

This episode shows just how low SpongeBob ahs really gotten. They literally just made one of their characters suicidal! Plankton actually tried to die and Krabs could only laugh at this! I didn't like Krabs in the new episodes, but this made me lose all hope for him. I actually sympathized Plankton cause really, Krabs was being an ass to his old best friend. If SpongeBob hadn't told him the truth, then he really would have died! I kind of gained a little hope for SpongeBob since he told Plankton the truth instead of Krabs, but I just can't enjoy this show anymore. THEY EVEN MADE A CREEPYPASTA ABOUT THIS EPISODE CALLED PLANKTON'S SUICIDE!... yeah today's SpongeBob sucks

SERIOUSLY this episode was one of the worst episodes ever. WHY did they take the Mr. Krabs from the old episodes who was a decent character and turn him into a complete D! Ck? This episode made me just want to slice Mr. Krab's face and kick him into a volcano. And worst of all, just like a few new episodes, THERE WAS A SUICIDE REFFERANCE. Why would you do that on a kid's show? This episode is awfully similar to Are You Happy Now if you think about it. I only like the part where the mime was tourturing Mr. Krabs. I was like "yeah how does it feel MOFO? But then they ruined my joy with the end. This episode just needs to DIE, This episode should be in the top 10

Man, Why is this in the 2nd place spot? It should be MUCH LOWER. My favorite scene was the Plankton Commits Suicide Scene. I mean, we NEED to introduce some real world events to children's lives. Mr. Krabs was such a WONDERFUL character in this episode and was very relatable. And Plankton was such a VIOLENT VILLAIN, just like he should be! I LOVE how SpongeBob betrays the Plankton, because it adds an AMAZING plot twist to the episode & it truly shows how GREAT of a character SpongeBob is, he really does have good nature.

Did you all like the sarcastic paragraph? Yeah, this episode is the worst episode. - DCfnaf

This episode is the stupidest episode of SpongeBob I've ever seen, HANDS DOWN! Jeez I was litteraly sitting there just thinking about "Ripped My pants", "Band Geeks", "Survival of the Idiots", and other good episodes in my opinion this is the worst SpongeBob episode ever and the only think in my opinion that comes close to this episode in a scale of horribleness is "Dear Vikings" Like Krabs is such a jerk in this episode it drives Plankton to try to KILL HIMSELF! I'M NOT MAKING THAT UP! The new writers love to make SpongeBob a complete IDIOT and Krabs a complete JERK! If you haven't seen this episode don't even try unless you REALLY want to see the WORST EPISODE OF SpongeBob SquarePants, A PAL FOR GARY IS a lot BETTER THIS THIS EPISODE! Say what you want to about "Stuck in the Wringer", "A Pal For Gary", "Squids Visit", "Demolition Doofuses", and"The Splinter" This is worse than all of those combinded in my opinion STAY AWAY FROM THIS EPISODE!

Growing up in the late 90's and early 2000's SpongeBob SquarePants was my favorite show, the pre movie era had some actually great episodes and a few bad ones, It changed dramatically, by the time I entered the fifth grade SpongeBob started going downhill, but it wasn't until 2010 when I finally gave up this show all together.

One reason I stopped watching SpongeBob was because of disturbing content such as insulting Squidward when he suffers a brain injury, suicide jokes, a toe nail being torn off and a eyebrow being ripped, showing a splitter, animal abuse etc

This episode is worse than A Pal For Gary and I'll explain why...

There is a scene where Plankton tries to comment suicide, also Mr Prick laughs when he hears of this suicide attempt, Mr Krabs was a disgusting evil person, he tormented Plankton until he goes bat insane.

probably up there with A Pal For Gary - mrsjunglegirl

To be fair, the beginning wasn't that bad UNTIL pearl showed up. That's when this episode went downhill. Mr Krabs dressed up as pearl (CREEPY) scares plankton for days. This episode made it hard to watch friend or foe after (in friend or foe they were friends since they were little and then fell out over the secret formula). Plankton had terrifying nightmares about pearl chasing him and then eating him, inside pearls stomach was Planktons family. Plankton then laid on the road and wanted to kill himself! HELLO WRITERS THIS IS A KIDS SHOW! Terrible episode!

For what I consider to be the best children's cartoon ever made, (The Simpsons is the best adult cartoon), this has to be the worst episode of an excellent cartoon. This is obviously just my opinion, but I think that it makes A Pal for Gary look like Band Geeks. OK, that's stretching it a bit, but at least I felt like A Pal for Gary had a little bit of the original SpongeBob in it. I mean, virtually every cartoon has that episode when the main character is unlikable. One Coarse Meal, one the other hand, is, by SpongeBob standards, unmatched in its disturbingness. There's nothing cute about it whatsoever. In fact, it actually makes you route for Plankton. By this point in the series, Plankton attempting to steal the formula has become as common an occurrence as Bowser kidnapping Princess Peach. The thing is, Mr. Krabs's evil in this episode isn't about getting money, nor is it about protecting his formula. It's purely because he hates Plankton so much that he's willing to drive him ...more

I'm suprised this episode wasn't number one. Don't get me wrong that A Pal For Gary is horrible, but this one is torture to SpongeBob fans. First of all, Plankton is randomly afraid of whales. In The Algae's Always Greener, Plankton is not afraid of Pearl. He literally says and I quote: "Just look at his daughter! She's as big as a whale! " If he were afraid of Pearl in this episode, he would freak out that Pearl is his daughter in the alternate universe. Also, Plankton gets tortured too much. Forget Squidward torture, this is Plankton torture. Mr Krabs is a downright jerk. Who would dress up as a whale and scare someone? I know Plankton is Mr. K's biggest enemy, but this is horrible. Plankton didn't deserve to actually go to hiding in a room and staying in there for so long so Pearl (MR KRABS.) wouldn't see him.At least Plankton sort of gets revenge in the end. Also, who wants to see a cartoon where somebody wants to get run over?

This has got to be the worst. Mr. Krabs was so so so mean I mean he was evil! Plankton attempted suicide because of him.
So first Plankton trapped SpongeBob and Mr. Krabs then Pearl came and scared Plankton. Mr. Krabs disguised himself as Pearl and scared Plankton over and over. Plankton then attempted suicide and found out Mr Krabs was afraid of mimes. He scared Mr. Krabs and SpongeBob scared Plankton. The End. This episode isn't only bad it's boring. Tis should be 1 and a pal for Gary should be 2. -

SpongeBob has been bad for a while now, but they started to make SUICIDE JOKES. If you thought the dirty jokes from the first few seasons were a bit nasty, that is nothing compared to this sick garbage. One coarse meal, demolition doofus, etc. are about death. Character abuse has become a regular thing, and this is what new nick thinks is "comedy". Disgusting.