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201 Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy II

A very overrated Season 1 episode.

202 Trident Trouble

Decent plot, it was just bogged down by the bad jokes

I.e the "Cut Me Up Good Girlfriend" line

203 House Worming

Nico nico Nico

This episode just grosses me out. first of all, the worms are hairy and weird. Dpongebob seems blissfully unaware that they're invading him! I despise the moment when he bends down and the worms are wiggling through his back. It makes me itch... stop airing stupid episodes!

This episode is gross and made me uncomfortable. Eww. - Lunala

204 Mutiny On The Krusty Mutiny On The Krusty

Mr krabs is back at his absolute worst

205 The Donut of Shame

A nice short episode with a few good laughs in it. I love it!

One of the better episodes in the season (Great episode! ) - Goatworlds

This is a good one!

This one was just gross - Chikinan

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206 Procrastination

What? This is my FAVOURITE episode ever!

I thought This episode was better than I'm With Stupid

Uh oh... Looks like someone read the title as "Best episodes" again

What? This episode is on my top 20 and it's VERY relatable.

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207 The Monster Who Came to Bikini Bottom

Patricks dumbest appearance ever because he kept defending that jerky monster for destroying the city and since when did those 2 background character became a police

This episode was horrible! I got bored watching this!

This wasn't really good but I like how the monster reacted to the loud noise, it's like he has autism or something which I have. - Chikinan

208 Krabs vs. Plankton

What this episode is awesome

All because it's season 4 doesn't mean it's bad! - Spongebob-129

I love this episode

All that Glitters is worse than this, bitch

209 Born to Be Wild

I hate this episode its about a biker gang heading to the bikini bottom he needs help from everyone but the worse one is Mr. Krabs he believes that they are good guys and will stop here to eat. That's BULLCRAP! Why would he think that? Also spongebob and Patrick dress up as tough boys and as soon as they walked into the krusty krab this is were things are going to get ugly. Mr. Krabs say they get an appetite beating up them two and then eating here and then beating them up again. And then spongebob will run them off and mr. Krabs said: your not scaring off my customers. I mean come on YOUR CUSTOMERS WILL BE SCARED OFF YOU IDIOT! And at the end there nice and squidward rides with them. THIS EPISODE SUCKS!

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210 The Inside Job

Just weird. The old episodes were better

This is the episode that officially made me lose faith in the show.

Seriously? I love this one...

This is one of the better season 7 episode.

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211 Mid-Life Crustacean

Ok, let me give a straight reason why this is bad. At the start, everyone calls Mr. Krabs "old"."Why do old people always ruin the fun? ", says a random fish all because they see Mr. Krabs. Ok, WE GET IT! The thing is, people shouldn't be made fun of all because of age. Its like punishing someone for being alive! Its offensive, insulting, and wrong! Its truly a sin. You know what? I think I won't watch spongebob anymore! "I guess you'll miss the panty raid! "says Patrick. I think what dirty secret there is to this "Panty Raid" is that they actually meant to put abusive things about breaking into other peoples houses not to rob them, but to do worse for fun! I think this is the worst episode EVER! Shame on you, Nick! Shame!

I guess whoever that put this here is gonna miss the panty raid

I like this episode a lot! It should be removed!

I remember being angry that they destroyed Bunny Buns when I was young. But other than that I love this episode. THE PANTY RAID! - Chikinan

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212 Hooky

It's a classic, guys! If you're not happy with the ending, the episode was trying to teach you a lesson! - ethanmeinster

What! This is one of the Oldest episode. It was hilarious!

If you don't like the ending, you must have coral wedged up your frontal lobe. - Spongebob-129

I like it

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213 Krusty Krushers

I liked the opening part but once SpongeBob and Patrick came in it got Boring with bad uses of visual humor...

I think this episode is really funny and does this kind of plot right.

Mr Krabs has earned enough money at the Krusty Krab to buy the entire earth! He wanted SpongeBob & Patrick to get killed in a wrestling event! Demilition doofus is basically a rip off of this episode! Someone needs to show SpongeBob WWE, so he'll know what to do next time!

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214 A Friendly Game

Yes. Definitely good if comparing to the new episodes

In my opinion, this is one of the best modern episodes!

This is one of my favorite episodes!

Um, Squidward torture anyone?

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215 Gary in Love

This episode IS SO ANNOYING! So heres the plot: SpongeBob takes gary to the snail park and gary meets mary ( an ugly snail with a bow ) and falls in love with her and spends the rest of the episode trying to find her... WHAAT!? You think the toe scene in house fancy is awful? Well in one scene in this episode SpongeBob tries to find gary he notices slime on the sidewalk where gary or another snail or worm might of peed and or crapped on and guess what... SpongeBob LICKS IT! And is HAPPY ABOUT IT! Tons of fish walk by and don't notice this freak licking snail piss! Out of the 3 horrible episodes starring gary ( a pal for gary, this episode and garys new toy ) this one I hate as much as a pal for gary which was total crap! And I really hate the ending with gary and the bad guy ( who is wicked annoying ) going to the dumpster SpongeBob says " ah they grow up so fast ( smiles )"... SpongeBob, YOU HAD GARY SINCE 1999 OR EVEN BEFORE THAT, HOW ARE YOU SAYING THIS NOW! Don't watch this ...more

Very boring, no good humor, the talking snails were a stupid idea, and SpongeBob licking Gary's slime was disgusting.

The guy who said the long paragraph the toe scene in house fancy is gross I hate it

While This is The Most Forgettable Episode in my opinion, I Think This episode is Really Sweet & Cute - ChiefMudkip

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216 Bubble Buddy Returns

Obesely this is the sequel to bubble buddy which was an awesome episode. And yeah its kind of cool that bubble buddy is coming back but really this is the plot: bubble buddy sends his son to SpongeBob because their baby sitter was sick so SpongeBob has to take care of shiny ( what a bad name for a baby bubble you could of went with bubble baby ) who a very mischief bubble who trys to kill himself in the episode by going in sharp flame material factorys gees this episode is awful shiny just goes around town pissing everyone of ( except patrick for some reason ) avoid this episode please watch the first bubble buddy instead and pretend they never made this sequel. And bubble buddy returns at the end for TEN SECONDS!

Bubble buddy only returned at the end, the real premise of the episode is sponge bob has to look after and take care of bubble buddy's suicidal son, seriously you could tell throughout this entire episode that shiny was trying to kill himself

Crappy episode, bubble buddy only returns at the end for like a minute, all that happens is sponge bob has to look after bubble buddy's suicidal son

How in the actual HELL is Bubble Buddy at #50 but this is at #227? - Mcgillacuddy

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217 Plankton's Pet

This is one of my favorite episodes!

If you don't like this episode, go jump off a bridge!

I hate how plankton gets a pet in this episode its annoying here's the plot: plankton gets a pet and loses it and finds it hiding in his eye saying " SPOT you were hiding behind my cordia the whole time! " its disgusting! At the end spot scares mean animals away in a stupid way and plankton says " I taught him everything I know " plankton just taught spot how to be a jerk. This has no meaning why kids like this show. If you hear everyone saying " SpongeBob is awesome " their referring to seasons 1-3 which were hilarious!

Some people just love putting great episodes on the list. - SuperNut98

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218 Scaredy Pants

The brain of SpongeBob frightens me

I like this episode. But the episode's last scene is really worst. I don't know that Spongebob is really scared...this episode is funny

Yeah. I didn't know his brain was so big.

I love scaredy pants

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219 Single Cell Anniversary

What? This episode was so heartwarming!

The guy who wrote the big paragraph I agree but I don't really think he loves Karen that much

This episode wasn't bad, and I can say that Oh My Karen was the last good song from the series - Mcgillacuddy

Awesome episode

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220 Patty Caper

This episode was awful because Mr. KRabs got SpongeBob into big trouble OVER a delivery bill he was too selfish to pay for. I would have LOVED to see the SWAT team make him pay $1,000,000 for his delusional practices.

I think SpongeBob is being a critic detector, by the way it's not that good

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