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221 20,000 Patties Under the Sea V 2 Comments
222 The Algae's Always Greener

Good gravy he's naked!

223 Karate Choppers

HEY! I like this one! The only reason I never watched it a lot was because the hot sauce scene used to scare the crap out of me! - Chikinan

Screw you dumb asses this episode was good - Mcgillacuddy

I know it's a classic but it is stupid

292? Are you kidding me? I know some people hate this episode because of the hot sauce scene, which is one of the few things I like about this episode. But do you wanna know why this episode is terrible? So SpongeBob is leaving work and Sandy decides to do karate with SpongeBob, but he tries to tell Sandy that he doesn't want to. Mr. Krabs then sees SpongeBob and believes that he is doing karate! Are you stupid or something Krabs, he's not doing a single damn thing! Do you know what happens next? He fires the poor innocent SpongeBob for no apparent reason! I literally cried when I saw this moment as a kid, and is in my opinion the worst SpongeBob episode from Seasons 1-3, next to Wormy that is. - OnyxDash

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224 Neptune's Spatula

Screw you, haters! This episode was good.

This one was lame. Is it just me or are all episodes with King Neptune besides the movie bad? - Goatworlds

I know some people think it's funny.
Am I the only one who hates this? !

225 Chum Caverns

This seriously is one of the better neeer ones. I think the writers were original on this one.

226 Hocus Pocus
227 Once Bitten

The fact that this stems from a Squidward Torture Porn (thank you, Gary) makes this abominable.

228 Back to the Past

Pieguyrulz explained this one best. It's a big mess of a plot. In my opinion at least, this episode is nice. - Antwon

229 Spy Buddies

What is this doing on a worst list

The episode as a whole wasn't that bad but the ending is rather silly and stupid.

Who knew you could get so much material out of Patrick's ass? - SAXO

Hmm... is this the episode where SpongeBob and Patrick act as spies for Mr. Krabs? If so, I actually enjoyed that episode. It was quite clever, to be honest. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

230 The Pink Purloiner

This episode is great! It is my second favorite episode- of all time!

231 Krab Borg

Lack of science and sense, stupid, vain, vulgar, alienated.

"Why did the idiot die? "
"He forgot to breathe." - SAXO

232 Walking Small

If you're going to comment, at least spell "shouldn't" correctly.

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233 Shanghaied

I hate this episode, shows how idiotic and dumb the Flying Dutchman is for shanhaing SpongeBob and Patrick into his service

234 Two Thumbs Down

I get that this show is running out of ideas. But thumbs come on

I don't like this episode, but this show's starting to approve.

Thumbs. They made an episode about thumbs. Whoop.

This episode was great compared to LongPants

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235 Different Way

The idea of SpongeBob peeing into Sandy's mouth made me vomit. - anonygirl

236 No Hat for Pat

This is a Patrick abuse episode.

237 Sold!

This episode was awful.

238 Valentine's Day Valentine's Day
239 Christmas Who? Christmas Who?

Why is this episode on the list? This one's a CLASSIC!

240 Krusty Katering

It was actually pretty funny after the fancy house scene. - TopTenHaters

This episode was HORRIBLE! The beginning was filled to the brim with snot and germ jokes NOT FUNNY! The kids are horrible, spoiled, and just plain bratty. That one kid who kept asking for his birthday cake was the worst. Mr. Krabs is so greedy in this ep, he lied to get money. Patrick is super unlikable. 0/10. - Cartoonfan202

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