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261 Jellyfish Jam

Why is this on the list?

This is one of the best episodes around!

Oh come on you guys! You have to delete this episode on the list! I just Love it!

I have some choice words for those darn jellyfish.

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262 Treats

Actually, this episode is pretty good. After "A Pal for Gary", "Pet Sitter Pat" and any other Gary torture porns, it's nice to see an episode about Gary somewhat torturing SpongeBob by annoying him to Death and making him go to the pet store at like 3 AM. It also shows that although lately it seems like SpongeBob doesn't like Gary, this episode shows that SpongeBob would go to the end of the world for him. And I'm pretty sure this was all geniune.


It got a lower rating because of the face scene - FlowerlilySundrops

Gary keeps repeatedly meowing. So annoying my ears hurt

The Title card was so misleading. It had small candy bars instead of snail bites from the episode.

I remember seeing this episode and thinking the repeating meow was FUNNY! I was 9 or 10 and I didn't know better. - Chikinan

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263 Reef Blower

Come on, this is the first episode, at least give it credit

I actually thoroughly enjoy this episode. The silence makes it.. Quirky. Cute. And the fact that they can't talk puts all the attention onto the animation- in which case they certainly didn't fail to disappoint. In comparison to the stiff, clear lineart and animation nowadays, Reef Blower is freeflowing and fun.

I know it's a classic, but it's kinda hard to watch.

I thought this one is funny, especially when Spongebob somehow survives without water. - IcetailofWishClan

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264 Wigstruck

This is by far the most idiotic behavior SpongeBob has ever had.

265 Enemy in-Law

This is an awesome episode. REMOVE IT NOW!

266 Whale of a Birthday

The one episode where I wanted to Eat Mr. Krabs up and Salute spongebob for saving this episode. Why? Well I will tell you. First of all Mr. Krabs once again becomes A complete Cheapsake jerk to Pearl because Her birthday partys are ruined because of Mr. Krabs cheapsake. Int his episode. I FELL SORRY FOR PEARL! Her birthday partys are ruined because her dad is a liar, A jerk, A cheapsake, A criminal, AND A COMPLETE IDIOT! ANd one her 16th birthday HE DID IT AGAIN! Even though that Mr. Krabs PROMISE Pearl for a great and non cheap party. Well at least spongebob Saved Pearls party By Giving her a lot of presents and the Real Boys who cry. That's why I like spongebob on this episode and hate Mr. CHEAPSAKE on here. Oh yea and when Spongebob spent All of Mr. Krabs money. HE WANTED TO PUNCH SPONGEBOB! YOUR CHEAP ENOUGH! PLEASE TAKE A BREAK FROM GOING TO YOUR MONEY AND CHEAP PLACE! And that's why this episode really ticks me off just like One course meal and growth Spurt. BECAUSE OF MR. ...more

Mr. Krabs is a cheapskate jerk who can't even spend at least one cent for her birthday. It's her 16th birthday! That day is very important to girls and you come up with cheap, stupid ideas to celebrate her birthday. You have a lot of money so why can't you buy her a real cake and real decorations? Everyone does that! SpongeBob is better enough to be her father.

I loved this episode as a kid! I remember singing the Boys Who Cry song when I was 4 and recording it. But I always hated the cheap birthday scene, even when I was little! They gave her cardboard cake, dishwater punch, a Krabby Patty statue, stale popcorn, and Squidward doing a lousy cover of Boys Who Cry's "4-Ply". Pearl cried! I was angry! I used to always rewrite this episode when I was 7 so Pearl got everything she wanted the first time around, not when SpongeBob comes in. I thanked SpongeBob, but I just wanted the party to be good in the first place! Why does Squidward like Boys Who Cry? He should like classical music. And he twerked like Miley Cyrus! If I was Pearl I'd detonate everything with a sonic bomb! - Chikinan

This episode shows what a terrible cheapskate Mr. Krabs is! HE DOESN'T EVEN BOTHER TO SPEND ONE LOUSY, STINKING PENNY TO PLAN THE PERFECT BIRTHDAY PARTY FOR HIS OWN DAUGHTER! I can see why many people hate Mr. Krabs because of this. Mr. Krabs sucks at planning parties! Stale popcorn, dishwater punch, a statue made of raw krabby patties, CAKE MADE OUT OF CARDBOARD! COME ON! Pinkie Pie can throw a much better birthday party than that cheapskated idiot because she loves parties and knows how to plan the perfect ones! Birthday parties are Pinkie's thing, not Mr. Krabs!

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267 The Card

There is one line of dialogue in this that proves Patrick has done everything on purpose. "You can't expect my usual brand of stupidity. I like to mix it up, keep you on your toes." Think about that for a while.

This episode needs to be higher... A lot higher!

I'm so glad Mr. Enter has exposed this episode as the piece of garbage it is. Patrick acts so terrible in this episode.

I hate this episode. And it's not because of Patrick. Patrick is extremely stupid in a lot of episodes. And he wasn't a jack@$$ in this episode (but is in a lot of episodes & a lot worse than anything he did in this episode). Patrick is actually really nice to SpongeBob, & sees his friend is way more important than some card/s. He saw that he cared a lot about the card, and gave it to him, despite SpongeBob whining and nagging & trying to control him the whole episode. And SpongeBob never felt bad how he treated his friend the whole episode despite Patrick being really nice to him. people need to stop attacking Patrick from this episode. It was SpongeBob who was the villain this episode. But no, I know SpongeBob treated his friends including Patrick worse, so while this episode is bad I know it's nowhere near the c**p the other episodes were.

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268 Squid Defense

I thought that this episode could have been much better. First, some guy steals Squidward's groceries and then he decides to learn karate. Then at the end of the episode, Squidward gets revenge and Sandy and SpongeBob get mad at him and then he gets arrested. When I first watched this episode, I thought it was the worst SpongeBob episode ever.

It had a stupid ending.

This episode COULD have worked...but the ending was a total slap in the face.

269 Home Sweet Rubble
270 Patrick-Man!

Are you SERIOUS! This episode was hysterical. When patrick goes to beat up the dirty bubble and the part at Mr. puffs school were the best I laughed out loud when I saw this episode I wish I could remove it from the list

What is this doing here?

This one I terrible

(please save the felines because I'm a lion and it means so much to me)
this is another case of patrick being a malicious jerk when patrick does superhero cosplay and thinks he's a real superhero and then wreaks havoc in the city by sadistically blaming and punishing people its pretty awful this episode is another example of patrick being a dimwitted douche bag

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271 Graveyard Shift

Why is this episode on the list? This is one of the signature episodes of Spongebob that is actually good! If you want to see a terrible episode, watch Trench Billies, or Demolition Doofus.

Oh come on One Coarse meal is worse than the two bad episodes you mentioned. COMBINED. - Goatworlds

What is this on the list I mean come on!

This is in the Top Ten Best SpongeBob Episodes! - NoRussian

That Nosferatu scene freaked me out

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272 Bummer Vacation

How did you add This episode?!? My funniest episode ever!

Who they think they they can just put me on the list and want me to be treated like trash I don't think

Yes, whoever put this episode, you are the only one who hates it.

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273 Something Smells

Once there was an ugly barnacle and deaugh is extremely funny. This episode should not be in here.

This is not bad at all

My reaction to people who hate this episode: DEUUEAUGH!

The sundae was gross and gave SpongeBob really foul breath and made everyone run away when he was talking. Plus, that DEUUEAUGH fish is nasty. His expression was really ugly when he cried after smelling SpongeBob's breath.

274 A Flea in Her Dome

This episode made me itchy.

Sort of gross out, but it wasn't utterly terrible. - Mcgillacuddy

I liked this one because itching is my fetish. - Chikinan

Good it bad

275 Born Again Krabs

Alright, who's putting these on the list? - Spongebob-129

What? I love this episode!

Remove this episode, please.

I hate it. SpongeBob's soul being sold to the Flying Dutchman for 62 cents? Seriously Krabs? - Goatworlds

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276 Help Wanted

How is this episode bad? I seen this episode when I was an kid it was funny I miss these episodes now SpongeBob these days are just boring to me :'(

How can this me here if it's the first SpongeBob episode ever created?

I swear Whoever put this doesn't know SpongeBob

No it the fist

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277 F.U.N.

Who the hell would put this episode on the list?! This episode is awesome!

What? This should not be here!

Whoever put this on here should eat uranium bombs

It so good

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278 Night Light

This is the last good SpongeBob episode

The face in the freezer. 'enough said

This episode seemed like it was just pulled out of a raffle box - Mcgillacuddy

The face scared me too... - Chikinan

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279 Shell of a Man V 1 Comment
280 Band Geeks

Please don't act up! The person who put this on the list most likely wanted to just make sure every episode was here and had no intentions of ACTUALLY voting for it. I also have no intentions to do that... more than once. Yes, you heard me right. 99.999% or the time of the time I'm gonna vote for the true demons (looking at you, Someone's in the Kitchen With Sandy), as this is FAR from the worst SpongeBob has given us, but I honestly think that people are too caught up in the ending to notice any of the episode's flaws, and it was further reinforced as the "trend" for this being the best episode caught on and of course new SpongeBob had a part in reinforcement, but honestly, I don't get it. I am subject to my own opinion.

I know I originally posted a similar review prior to putting its as an honorable mention on my best list on SpongeBuddy Mania, and I played it as a joke. But actually, I was serious. That review was actually what I was thinking at the time of ...more

I just read that super long comment months ago, and it's pretty good to me. - Powerfulgirl10

What? This episode is awesome! It's my favorite episode of the show. I will say though, the person who voted this is OK. After all, it is his opinion, and I'm not going to hate him for that.

What the hell is band geeks doing on this list?

I hate this episode it Wants me to punch my T.V. - Zombo1336

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