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281 Gary's New Toy

I found this episode rather disturbing because the plot revolves around Gary's unhealthy obsession with his toy. I'm confused why this isn't higher on the list...

This episode was just strange and bit creepy with gary drawing the ball on his face and moving the ball with his tounge on his teeth.

Another episode like this. Good topic, but could have been way better.

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282 Nautical Novice

Ultimately, it's like the writers think the audience is stupid or something. SpongeBob ACTIVATED the engine, made the boat do a breakdance move, and stopped the entire thing before being just a tap away from running over Bikini Bottom, and you expect me to believe that some prick inside this midget ass Tonka boat actually tugged that giant thing by rope and did all those moves at 150 mph? Yeah, this episode would've been good if the retarded writers would've just gave SpongeBob a damn license and called it a day. - Mcgillacuddy

It would had been a great episode if only SpongeBob got his drivers license but because the writers never want that to happen they make the worst ending I seen

I actually think this episode is decent.

This episode is good but the ending sucked.

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283 The Bad Guy Club for Villains

So terrible! Pointless and should not exist. The super heros are all worse versions of the episode mermaid man and barnicle boy 5. Anti climactic ending, and preachyness. Preachyness is the reason I can't stand movies like wal-e and happy feet.

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284 Hello Bikini Bottom!

This one was great SpongeBob and squid ward both have such talent and remember that old guy who kept on saying too loud! That was so funny even when they were not making any noise I also loved the song the gig at the supermarket was hilarious when everyone was making music with food both songs were great. I have nothing against this episode

Great songs great jokes overall the best post movie ever

I don't really think its bad

It good

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285 Chocolate With Nuts

How the heck did this get on here!?

Chocolate with nuts is one of the old episodes. Remove it from this list now.

Why is this episode here? This is one of the CLASSIC SpongeBob episodes!

This episode is just OVERRATED. Make it number 1!

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286 Krusty Krab Training Video

What?!?!?! This is my favorite episode ever! - hurjelert

This is like the best episode ever. Wet Painters and Krusty Krab Training Video are pure genius.

Get this episode off the list right now. - charlesjrosenbaum

"You'll never catch me, Krabs! Not when I shift into MAXIMUM OVERDRIVE! " - SAXO

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287 Move It or Lose It

Remove it please it's one of the funniest episodes in modern SpongeBob

For me, this was not great but not terrible.

But that's not fair! -best moment in my opinion-

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288 Slimy Dancing

Since when was against the rules to dance in groups?

It was kinda creepy when SpongeBob and squidward were mixed together, but I liked the ending where the did the cramp.

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289 The Curse of Bikini Bottom

Too similar to Ghost Host. However, a good concept that maybe could have been more funny.

The ending creeps me out and SpongeBob and patrick
Ride a lawn mower from squidwards yard TO THE GRAVE AND WHEN DID SQUIDWARD GET A GRASSY BACKYARD! 2 parts in this episode is
A little scary: 1: patricks eyelids 2 the flying dutchmans
Date... EwwA

290 Squiditis

Squidward faked it and KILLED it

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291 Party Pooper Pants

Now who could have put this episode on the list?

I think this episode was hilarious, especially the scene where Patrick was dancing like an imbecile - Mcgillacuddy

By far the worst pre-movie episode.

I'm With Stupid and The Chaperone were worse. But yes it's not good at all. - Goatworlds

Mediocre - Goatworlds

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292 Home Sweet Pineapple

You kidding? This is one of the best SpongeBob classics not the worst. This one is legendary

Oh god, this episode was Classic! This episode shouldn't belong in this list!

This is one of the worst classics I think.

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293 Shell Shocked

Gets boring after a while

It'seems really funny! One of my favorite post movie episodes

294 Banned In Bikini Bottom

I did not like that old lady's character. She was a huge prick. How the hell can you ban something for being fun and delicious? That's way out of context even for a cartoon. - Mcgillacuddy

The worst episode of SpongeBob. Plot is idiotic and uninspired, unlikable new characters, and lousy singing.

The 5 people are not cool at all...

Ending kinda creeped me out - Chikinan

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295 Komputer Overload

Sorry for the vote just wanted to say that this is a really good episode loved it! The only problem is that it makes plankton look stupid & incompetent (...blink.) but it was an interesting plot & very funny!

Get. This. Off. The. List.

Organs give me secret formula or I bring big boom boom to krusty Krab hahaaha I can't stop laughing it's so hilarious P. S don't forget to blink hahaahahaa

296 Bumper To Bumper

This theme of SpongeBob failing his driving test is getting kind of old now. The three before this were decent introductory episodes but this is starting to become less introductory and more than necessary over the top action.

Weird! Ending getting to repetitive! And the song makes me want to barf!

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297 Mr. Krabs Takes A Vacation

I liked the scene where Teenage Boy Museum got destroyed and Pearl said "But it was right there! " This episode is pretty good.

Yeah, I felt sad for Pearl. But she should have went to the video game store instead. - Chikinan

Why is dis on the list? This episode is funny!

Me too that's my faviorte scean to - Spongebobipod

298 Karen 2.0

I felt bad for Karen because Plankton kicked her out of here.

One of the new episodes that were stupid. They were trying to make it interesting but it really was not.

299 Pat No Pay

This episode is annoying. Patrick can't afford a Krabby patty so he screws up every task to pay, and ends up destroying the krusty Krab...

Oh come on I love this one! One of the best post-movie episodes

Hate it

No, its really not one of the best post movie episodes, its just bad to PatrickS, (see how I put the S at the end) LOL jk idek

300 The Great Patty Caper

There are a few stupid jokes, but in general, I found this one far more clever and unique than most modern episodes.

Actually a good episode and one of the few modern episodes where Mr. Krabs actually gets what he deserves in the end - Mcgillacuddy

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