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281 Born Again Krabs

Alright, who's putting these on the list? - Spongebob-129

What? I love this episode!

Remove this episode, please.

I hate it. SpongeBob's soul being sold to the Flying Dutchman for 62 cents? Seriously Krabs? - Goatworlds

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282 Help Wanted

How is this episode bad? I seen this episode when I was an kid it was funny I miss these episodes now SpongeBob these days are just boring to me :'(

How can this me here if it's the first SpongeBob episode ever created?

I swear Whoever put this doesn't know SpongeBob

No it the fist

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283 F.U.N.

Who the hell would put this episode on the list?! This episode is awesome!

What? This should not be here!

Whoever put this on here should eat uranium bombs

It so good

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284 Night Light

This is the last good SpongeBob episode

The face in the freezer. 'enough said

This episode seemed like it was just pulled out of a raffle box - Mcgillacuddy

The face scared me too... - Chikinan

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285 Shell of a Man V 1 Comment
286 Band Geeks

Please don't act up! The person who put this on the list most likely wanted to just make sure every episode was here and had no intentions of ACTUALLY voting for it. I also have no intentions to do that... more than once. Yes, you heard me right. 99.999% or the time of the time I'm gonna vote for the true demons (looking at you, Someone's in the Kitchen With Sandy), as this is FAR from the worst SpongeBob has given us, but I honestly think that people are too caught up in the ending to notice any of the episode's flaws, and it was further reinforced as the "trend" for this being the best episode caught on and of course new SpongeBob had a part in reinforcement, but honestly, I don't get it. I am subject to my own opinion.

I know I originally posted a similar review prior to putting its as an honorable mention on my best list on SpongeBuddy Mania, and I played it as a joke. But actually, I was serious. That review was actually what I was thinking at the time of ...more

I just read that super long comment months ago, and it's pretty good to me. - Powerfulgirl10

What? This episode is awesome! It's my favorite episode of the show. I will say though, the person who voted this is OK. After all, it is his opinion, and I'm not going to hate him for that.

What the hell is band geeks doing on this list?

I hate this episode it Wants me to punch my T.V. - Zombo1336

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287 The Great Snail Race

Well, even old SpongeBob had its turds. I could've chosen any of the old SpongeBob episodes I hated, like I Was A Teenage Gary or Can You Spare a Dime? But this is the king of the hill.

In this episode, when Squidward gets a new pet snail for a snail race, SpongeBob (and Patrick) train their pets to be in the race, too. The problem? How unlikable SpongeBob is!

He overworks Gary throughout most of the episode, and it's really harsh, but that's not even the worst part; that is one Gary, akin to a racecar, starts BLOWING OUT AND LOSES PARTS!

What the HELL is wrong with you guys!? Not only is this episode predictable and mean-spirited, but it's a punch in the gut to how SpongeBob treats Gary. NOT cool!

I hate the ending of this Episode because When Sandy kicked SpongeBob in the butt. That was not nice SpongeBob did not do anything to her

Actually, he made a sexist comment on how he called Gary a girl to humiliate him. - Spongebobwebarebearsfan

If I be perfectly honest, I'd hate The Great Snail Race MUCH more than A Pal for Gary if they were produced in the same season. The only reason this is so low is the fact that it came from Season 3, not because it's a good episode.

Bad episode

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288 Wormy

What? Why is this here?

This episode was banned in some countries due to that bug up close

True story

Showing that butterfly's face was creepy and buzzing. But this is still the best episode ever.

This episode should be rated T.V.-14 V - Maddox121

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289 Patty Hype

Why is this episode here? I mean, this was aired during the era of the classic SpongeBob episodes.

The only thing I acually hate about this episode is when the fish chase Mr Krabs in an angry mob. Seriously, I want to jump into the T.V. show when the episode is playing and drop a nuke on all of those fish so they will die! Seriously, it was SpongeBob who came up with the idea! Not Mr Krabs! Other than that, the episode is fine.

So mean the 2 of the knucklehead Squidward and Mr. Krabs laugh at SpongeBob because of a pretty patties? Uugh if I'm in the T.V. series I'll fire my Gatling GUn at Squidward and Mr. Krabs

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290 Good Ol' Whatshisname

Common crap episode, and for one reason: Squidward just has to get a thorn in the ass at the end from something completely illogical - Mcgillacuddy

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291 Gary's New Toy

I found this episode rather disturbing because the plot revolves around Gary's unhealthy obsession with his toy. I'm confused why this isn't higher on the list...

This episode was just strange and bit creepy with gary drawing the ball on his face and moving the ball with his tounge on his teeth.

Another episode like this. Good topic, but could have been way better.

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292 Nautical Novice

Ultimately, it's like the writers think the audience is stupid or something. SpongeBob ACTIVATED the engine, made the boat do a breakdance move, and stopped the entire thing before being just a tap away from running over Bikini Bottom, and you expect me to believe that some prick inside this midget ass Tonka boat actually tugged that giant thing by rope and did all those moves at 150 mph? Yeah, this episode would've been good if the retarded writers would've just gave SpongeBob a damn license and called it a day. - Mcgillacuddy

It would had been a great episode if only SpongeBob got his drivers license but because the writers never want that to happen they make the worst ending I seen

I actually think this episode is decent.

This episode is good but the ending sucked.

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293 The Bad Guy Club for Villains

So terrible! Pointless and should not exist. The super heros are all worse versions of the episode mermaid man and barnicle boy 5. Anti climactic ending, and preachyness. Preachyness is the reason I can't stand movies like wal-e and happy feet.

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294 Hello Bikini Bottom!

This one was great SpongeBob and squid ward both have such talent and remember that old guy who kept on saying too loud! That was so funny even when they were not making any noise I also loved the song the gig at the supermarket was hilarious when everyone was making music with food both songs were great. I have nothing against this episode

Great songs great jokes overall the best post movie ever

I don't really think its bad

It good

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295 Chocolate With Nuts

How the heck did this get on here!?

Chocolate with nuts is one of the old episodes. Remove it from this list now.

Why is this episode here? This is one of the CLASSIC SpongeBob episodes!

This episode is just OVERRATED. Make it number 1!

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296 Krusty Krab Training Video

What?!?!?! This is my favorite episode ever! - hurjelert

This is like the best episode ever. Wet Painters and Krusty Krab Training Video are pure genius.

Get this episode off the list right now. - charlesjrosenbaum

"You'll never catch me, Krabs! Not when I shift into MAXIMUM OVERDRIVE! " - SAXO

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297 Move It or Lose It

Remove it please it's one of the funniest episodes in modern SpongeBob

For me, this was not great but not terrible.

But that's not fair! -best moment in my opinion-

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298 Slimy Dancing

Since when was against the rules to dance in groups?

It was kinda creepy when SpongeBob and squidward were mixed together, but I liked the ending where the did the cramp.

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299 Survival of the Idiots

Whoever put this here is a pinhead!

Why is this in here personally I think it's the best

This episode is really silly and ridiculously funny! - Spongebob-129

This episode is better than Chocolate With Nuts, because Chocolate with Nuts was overrated but Survival of the Idiots was underrated! This should be off on the list.

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300 The Curse of Bikini Bottom

Too similar to Ghost Host. However, a good concept that maybe could have been more funny.

The ending creeps me out and SpongeBob and patrick
Ride a lawn mower from squidwards yard TO THE GRAVE AND WHEN DID SQUIDWARD GET A GRASSY BACKYARD! 2 parts in this episode is
A little scary: 1: patricks eyelids 2 the flying dutchmans
Date... EwwA

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