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41 The Cent of Money

Should be higher on the list. Mr. Krabs is being a heartless bastard on this one.

"second bad example" Pfft. Sailor Mouth is the most epic episode ever, better than Band Geeks (That's surprising) - Goatworlds

Mr Krabs is my most hated character on the show and this episode started my hatred for him he's a cheap one who scams everyone out their money, he should have gone to jail at the end of the episode

I f-ing hate this episode! Mr. Krabs tortures Gary and uses him to find (and steal) change. - DoroExploro13

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42 Pest of the West

I actually found this episode quite enjoyable. It was funny, had an okay plot. Nothing bad I can say about this episode.

This is one of those episodes where you have nothing against it or for it. It's not totally catchy (Band Geeks, Chocolate With Nuts, Pizza Delivery, etc), but it's not terrible like the last few seasons (Are You Happy Now, The Splinter, Frozen Face Off, etc).

Hey! This was one of the few actually GOOD specials in seasons 6-9!

I remember loving the part of the ad where he went "How do y'do, y'all? " - Chikinan

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43 The Gift of Gum

Even though this episode can be gross, it's a relatively decent episode considering the low quality episodes after the movie.

I'm with Stupid, in my opinion, is actually a cool episode. I believe so.

Again, the worst episode in seasons 1-5 that isn't in season 5 would be I'm with Stupid. - Goatworlds

This is SO FRICKINH gross DAWG. - AlphaQ

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44 I'm with Stupid

I just wish SpongeBob would have slapped Janet and Marty across their faces

This might be a bit of a cruel episode, but it's definitely not worse than episodes like All That Glitters. It also has a few good jokes, like "But don't genius live in a lab? " and that stuff. Still a cruel episode, though. - Spongebob-129

It's worse than All That Glitters, despite that one being bad too. Hard to believe that both seasons 2 and 4 can have bad episodes. - Goatworlds

This was actually a torture porn episode done the right way because it was FUNNY. Pet Sitter Pat on the other hand is NOT FUNNY. - Mcgillacuddy

This one wasn't bad it was super funny - Spongebobipod

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45 Best Day Ever

Are you ' SEERRIOUS! This is by far the worst episode of SpongeBob, no questions asked. Out of all the episodes on this list, this is 176!? Out of 189 episodes!? It has no value to it. SpongeBob is singing like an idiot all over the place, the artstyle of this episode sucks, SpongeBob has a day which shouldn't be that special at all, "everything goes 100% wrong on the 100% best day possible" cliche (it's not much of a cliche, but this episode makes it seem like one), all his friends are acting like jerks, SpongeBob has to be depressed for the whole episode, his friends, in the end say it's about them, when it's clearly SpongeBob's day, "oh no! Not more singing," no one except SpongeBob is participating in the ending to an already flawed episode, the ending didn't feel complete enough, and worst of all, this plot doesn't mean anything at all to the series. When you come down to it, all it is is his normal day routine, but flawed for the sake of the writers' idea of this episode. that's ...more

I don't get how this gets the right to be called a special. It is the same length of a regular episode and a low quality one. It had a top 100 SpongeBob episode marathon that really built me up. I was really excited, until I saw the episode. The song was horrible and this was the only SpongeBob episode to make me fall asleep.

This is by far the worst spongebob episode yet. SpongeBob on a whim plans the best day ever (without telling anyone). Then he is a living doormat and gives in. He lets Patrick use his jellyfishing net (they could've shared! ) and gives up that. Then he slaves away at his job. Everything goes wrong, and instead of confronting his friends about it, he THROWS A TEMPER TANTRUM at the end of squidward's concert like, "NO NO NO! I wanted today to be my best day ever! *sob/screams*" Then, after he went full toddler mode in front of 2000 people, his friends say, " Well, at least you helped us! " Then later he BURSTS into tears and what do his friends do? Give him an expensive stage production all night long! All the characters act like jerks.

I liked this one as a kid - the sun at the start of the song made me crack up every time. I think it's because he set his room on fire. - Chikinan

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46 Big Sister Sam

This episode just showcases Patrick's new-found levels of stupidity, completely ignoring the misdeeds of his obnoxious sister. And did she really need to be so horribly stupid, obnoxious, and destructive? It seemed to be a re-do of the Monster Who Came to Bikini Bottom, where Patrick also befriends a huge, destructive beast.

Here are my top 10 reasons why this is the worst episode EVER (i have around 1 billion, but I am limiting to 10)
10.The writers try to make it funny, when it is not, and that makes it worse
9.Makes you think, "can there really be people (or sea creatures) who are that dumb? "
8.badly written
5.not funny at all
4.hurts your brain when you're trying to understand it

Eww Patrick's sister sounds like a man and speaks in short worded sentences. Why just give her a feminine voice?

This episode sucks and Patrick is stupid in this episode and does not care about his sister Sam destroying SpongeBob and Squideward's house and gets mad at SpongeBob for insulting his sister this should be higher on the list - Spongebobfan1

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47 The Sewers of Bikini Bottom

This and Patrick the Game! were great. Don't even dare try to tell me this is as bad as One Coarse Meal or even Good Neighbors. Also Squidward was a jerk in Patrick the Game! so he deserved what he got.

Come on, it's ok, and what do you expect, It's The SEWERS of Bikini Bottom, Sewer is supposed to be gross, Everyone knows that, it was alright, it's nothing compared to what you would see in Sanjay and Craig, it was better than Patrick the Game, which was boring and mean spirited, involing Patrick and SpongeBob torturing Squidward for no reason other than a Game.

This episode was DISGUSTING! Squidward and SpongeBob explore the sewers. SpongeBob covered in slime, a snake throws up ON SCREEN, an entire stadium fills with toilet water with fish in it (a few even had their mouths open) and this episode all in all is sickening. - Goatworlds

This episode was great in my opinion. - SuperNut98

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48 Hide and Then What Happens?

Patrick is so out of character in this episode. Do you guys remember the old episodes like tea at the treedome? Back in those episodes Patrick was actually really smart and wise, you can totally tell when he says, "do you mean she puts on airs? Or "hold your pinky up like this, the higher you hold it the fancier you are"? I miss that Patrick, now for the sake of trying to entertain little kids they turned Patrick into a total idiot. And this episode never made me laugh one and it was actually really boring. I wish SpongeBob would just stop now. It was gonna end this year but of course they delayed it. Nick is just too afraid to let SpongeBob go, because without SpongeBob Nick will crash and burn in a week. But at the same time, making more of these episodes is hurting the show really bad. We can only hope Nick will end SpongeBob and get a sudden stroke of genius and develop a show as fenominal as SpongeBob used to be before it's too late.

WARNING: This episode contains no humor whatsoever and complete stupidity. Viewer discretion is advised.

Come on! Patrick isn't THAT stupid!

The moral is the only good part.

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49 SpongeHenge

If you've been living under a rock, this is my personal least favorite episode. I've already made an entire rant on it a few years ago, and while there a few things in that video that are a little bit odd, the critique mostly stands. To give a quick recap, this episode is not funny at all, has a horrifying ending, and the entire thing feels like a parody to a movie that doesn't even exist. Yes, it's a reference to "Planet of the Apes", yes, it's a reference to "Stonehenge," but the entire thing feels like it's trying to parody something, and if I can tell it's trying to parody something, but I can't tell what it's trying to parody, that's a complete failure, and if it's not trying to parody anything, then the story of itself is just incredibly odd and mean spirited. I no longer think this is officially the worst episode of the show, but it's still my personal least favorite episode because this was the episode that was so bad, so frustrating, so un-SpongeBob like, ...more

Worst episode I've seen. The plot was boring, unfunny and similar to Nature Pants. The '3000 years later' was creepy and unnecessary and the bit where SpongeBob finds the Krusty Krab buried was just as bad!

This is right up there with dear Vikings and one coarse meal.

Extremely terrible episode; its a parody of a million movies, the characters are unlikeable (Krabs and patrick come to mind), boring plot, ripped-off plot (Jellyfish Jam), no jokes, no logic, and possibly the worst ending I have ever seen in any show, ever.

Why everyone forgets this episode, I have no idea...

This episode is extremely creepy and unsettling, and that's why I love it.

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50 Toy Store of Doom

I thought SpongeBob was 20 years old, being a grown man. Now that this episode was made, They made SpongeBob and Patrick look like 2 year olds! I mean that at the beginning of the episode, 3 things:
1. They're at Squidward's house (How did they manage to get in while Squidward was taking a shower)
2. They play with baby toys, dolls, chewed up action figures.
3. They're bored (Shouldn't SpongeBob be at work)
I mean for example, they cry over a COMING SOON! Sign thinking it's not real. They also hide in the Toy Store just to play with more toys, THEN they get scared of the dark when clearly the night sky light is coming through the window, THEN they battle a tiny small robot with bubbles.

I bet they hired a 2-year-old to direct this episode. Just STUPID, BORING, and DISTURBING.

I didn't really mind this episode. Sure, it felt silly and stupid at times, but the episode was decent. Not as good as Sand Castles in the Sand, but at least this episode wasn't atrocious. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Why is this on here? I mean, I don't like it in the slightest but it's not THAT bad. - Garythesnail

Exactly. I like this episode too. Just like Pest of The West, Best Day Ever, and Growth Sprout, people really overlook this episode to be a bad episode... When it's actually pretty good! - OhioStateBuckeyes

I actually kind of like this episode.

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51 Blackened Sponge

I kinda like this episode, Its easily not an awesome episode, but its still good.

Not bad, I've seen worse - islandersfan91

I think this is a good episode

Why is Blackened Sponge on here? It's one of the best of Season 5. - SamHalls2015

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52 Bubble Buddy

This Should Be Bubble Buddy Returns NOT BUBBLE BUDDY!. Bubble Buddy Returns is Just Stupid Bubble Buddy Isn't even shown until the end and the ending as a Rip-Off of Bubble Buddy whilst Bubble Buddy is Just Perfect. Stop Putting Old Episodes Into This Lists.

This episode should not on higher. This episode is good. Bubble Buddy Returns is the rip-off of this

This is one of the best SpongeBob's Ever! Should NOT be on this list!

Bubble Buddy was a good episode! Why is this episode on the list

Little Yellow Book came way after this episode and this episode is nothing like the horrible Little Yellow Book

I don't like this episode because Bubble Buddy ruins everything for everyone in the episode.

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53 New Fish in Town

No that doesn't! New Fish In Town was great, All That Glitters was HORRIBLE!

I don't like this episode. I love the concept but the execution is boring, dull, and dumb. - Bl4zeTMG

It really isn't that bad.

The concept is ok, but it was executed rather poorly.

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54 Barnacle Face

This was just stupid. The jokes were dumb and not funny.
SpongeBob: At least you can still play the piano!
Pearl: How does that help?
SpongeBob: I have no idea. - Garythesnail

This show just lets you see how cheap Mr. Krabs is. He uses KrabBY PATTIES for a soap machine! Poor Pearl...

Mr. Krabs really needs to stop inventing and helping. He ruins people.

Why did Pearl have to go through this? This is basically Rise of Zitboy if it weren't funny. - Chikinan

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55 Oral Report

Eh, not really bad. I've seen worse.

Ugh, the talking underwear was NOT funny, it was beyond disturbing. And the ending ripped off hall monitor

If SpongeBob doesn't do his oral report he will fail. if he does his oral report he will fail the driving test. - hurjelert

Uh, Why did Mrs. Puff go to Jail Again after Doing Nothing Wrong? - ChiefMudkip

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56 Giant Squidward

Dear lord, this episode deserves more hate than it gets. The dialogue was very juvenile, and it felt like it was thrown together in less than an hour. Those idiotic background fish form an angry mob because Squidward DIDN'T SAY BLESS YOU WHEN HE SNEEZED. Yes kids, not saying excuse me is worthy of being stabbed and burnt.

The writers always try to screw with Squidward in some ridiculous way. In this episode, they make the citizens a bunch of douchebags and make Squidward illogically shrink back to normal size just as he was playing his awesome clarinet that SpongeBob and Patrick willingly made for him. Screw you writers. You guys just hate your audience. - Mcgillacuddy

How does fertilizer make other not plant things grow? - hurjelert

Are you really trying to bring Science into SpongeBob? Damn, you people are just fishing for different ways to justify hating things. - TheEvilNuggetCookie

Squidward should've used that kelp grow to make a giant broom and sweep the town away.

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57 That Sinking Feeling


This is in my Top 5 Season 7 episodes next to Buried In Time, Tunnel of Glove, Squidward In Clarinet Land, and Back To The Past. - Bl4zeTMG

Terrible, a squid torture episode, all Squidward wanted to do is have some peace and quiet, but Spongebob and Patrick, being the annoying idiots they are, ruin it for him. Worst Season 7 Episode - Gamecubesarecool193

What? This One Is a Masterpiece.

I actually like this one.

Like Breath of Fresh Squidward and Cephalopod Lodge, it ripped off Good Neighbours, only this time it's blatant. A Pal for Gary and One Coarse Meal at least came up with an original idea, though they were executed awfully (despite having a good introduction in One Coarse Meal), That Sinking Feeling doesn't even try to become original. I know SpongeBob You're Fired did worse, but That Sinking Feeling is the first episode where the animators just doesn't care if this episode ripped off any. I know some of the episode is creative, but all of the creative things (except for gelatin Squidward) have already appeared in earlier episodes. This episode is just a huge waste of time. It is my least favourite episode from Season 7 and the 5th worst 11 minute episode of the series, only behind Squid Baby, Little Yellow Book, Demolition Doofus and Choir Boys.

If you like this episode, I will respect your opinion. - SamHalls2015

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58 SquidBob TentaclePants

Geez, this episode is nasty. All this episode is about is SpongeBob and squidward being fused together. Writers, are you TRYING to make us puke? When I first saw this episode, I NEARLY had nightmares. I almost stopped watching SpongeBob. Aw man, the ENDING was worse! In some European countries, the ending was BANNED. (Dang it, I wish I lived in Europe. ) Anyway, squidward said he didn't want to be stuck to SpongeBob, but SpongeBob LOVED being fused with squidward.
How did this get #58? This needs to be lower than that.
Writers, what are you trying to do? Make an "CatDog" reenactment or are you trying to make us puke?

Disgusting, really raised the bar of how disgusting the episodes can get. No thought went into the script writing at all.

It definitely is the WORST and most disgusting episode, because of the ending, where there was a gruesome image of all the main characters fused together and wriggling around. It has scarred me for life, and will for the rest of my life.

The ending is one of the most disturbing things I've seen - DoroExploro13

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59 Professor Squidward

It wasn't so much the main characters as the news casters and the idiotic students annoying squidward and asking him the most redundant of questions.

I want to beat up and torture all those idiot fish if they ask one more dumb idiotic stupid question I will throw them out the window.

I think episode was actually funny & mostly in character. I actually think it can fit in alright in with the earlier seasons. Def best episode of season 6. & squidward actually deserved to not have anything go his way because he was a selfish lier that took what was for squillam, unlike a lot of other episodes that torment squidward when he does absolutely nothing wrong

I'm also confused with 'all the fish that asked idiotic questions' I only saw 1 fish who asked him a legit question. Y r people so whinny when it comes to squidward?

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60 Squidward in Clarinetland

Very creepy. Incredibly stupid. Also very confusing and hard to understand. I think the developers made this episode before they had their morning cup of coffee.

Yes, I get it. It's a take on Alice in wonderland and it's NOT funny in the slightest. It's kinda like they just said "Hey, Alice in Wonderland is about random stuff right? Lets do the same! " Meanwhile I bet none of them has ever touched those books because if they had they could have come up with something better then this episode. All my hate.

Not Good, But Interesting

So strange, breaks brain to understang, too random.

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