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81 The Other Patty

I'm not a big fan of this one. If people liked the flabby patty more than the Krabby patty, shouldn't Mr. Krabs have asked SpongeBob for the flabby recipe? :/

Booty episode


82 BlackJack

Idiotic episode, Dear Vikings is better than this

It's funny how Spongebob was scared of a relative who turned out to be as big as his toe. Spongebob musn't have realized he grew a lot since.

This episode is okay. Not the worst.

Pretty interesting episode. The twist was OK but not good on rewatch. - Bl4zeTMG

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83 Naughty Nautical Neighbors

What the hell? This is one of my favorites!

This episode is one of the best. The person who put this here probably likes episodes like A Pal for Gary and One Coarse Meal. - Spongebob-129

Man this is one of the best ever in my opinion! Squidward throwing his voice always made me laugh!

What is Naughty Nautical Neighbors doing here? I actually liked this episode. - SamHalls2015

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84 House Sittin' for Sandy

This episode has the Biggest screw up in spongebob history, throughout the episode up until Patrick shows up, the writers FORGOT TO GIVE SPONGEBOB A WATER HELMET! It was never addressed, it had no effect on SpongeBob, then when Patrick came in and the writers realize "oh crap! We forgot to animate a water helmet on spongebob", They just lazily try to cover it up by suddenly having Spongebob start suffocating out of nowhere

Meh, it's pretty boring. It's basically a clone of Wormy. The episode just moves WAY to slowly. It's as if the writers just slowed everything down so they could fit 11 minutes into the episodes. Overall, it's just not enjoyable.

Filler, SpongeBob crying, patricks a prick, kick in the face ending = this episode

I low key wanted to kick Patrick in the head because he deliberately did what Spongebob told him not to.

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85 Artist Unknown

This is a season 2 episode, people. - Spongebob-129

I like the episode, except I hate it when its on here :(

This episode is a duplicate. Please remove.

What it's doing here

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86 Overbooked

Am I the only one who disliked this episode? I am sorry, but I do not like the way SpongeBob was treated in this episode. SpongeBob had to go to 3 places at once, and Sandy, Mr. Krabs, and Patrick did not understand SpongeBob when he had to go to another place. I am okay with you liking this episode, but if you think that the people who didn't like it should commit suicide, then you should commit suicide yourself. - anonygirl

This episode is great

I liked overbooked. I think it teaches a good lesson to kids, and it's kind of funny.

What is Overbooked doing here? I actually liked this episode. - SamHalls2015

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87 License to Milkshake

A true testament to how desperate the writers are now that they've run out of ideas. The old episodes are so much better. - Shake_n_Bake13

This is the worst 2013 episode along with little yellow book SpongeBob forgets how to make a milkshake and how can you make a burger with ice cream and why do you need a license to make a milkshake that's just insane.

One of the episodes where you knew they were running out of ideas, but they just pull out a stupid idea from the warehouse.

The advertisement! They used Kelis's Milkshake song! Ewww! Do you even know what it really means? - Chikinan

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88 Ditchin'

It's basically a crappier version of Hooky if you think about it.

Uh... Both are great episodes! Season 6 usually has MUCH MUCH worse! - Goatworlds

This One Was Pretty Good Especially For Season 6. It Doesn't Should Be Higher Then Summer Job, Slide Whistle Stooges, Greasy Buffoons, Smoothe Jazz At Bikini Bottom, Squid Wood And Many Others... - Ardan

I really like this episode, and will never get the hate.

Even though I dislike this episode, I actually find it to be pretty good for a season 6 episode. - anonygirl

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89 The Curse of the Hex

I hate that one it's so stupid I mean really why did they come up with this episode in the first place its like really stupid, sorry nick SpongeBob but still

Well, for starters,

The episode consists of Mr. Krabs (Being WAY more greedy than usual) not wanting to give an Old Hag a Krabby Patty, so she puts a curse on the Krusty Krab. A lot of generic bad things begin to occur at the Krusty Krab, and Mr. Krabs desperately forces SpongeBob to help him find Madam Hagfish. Madam Hagfish replies that she will only lift the curse if she gives them a Gold Dabloon from an Eel. When they get it, she puts it in her washing machine! (So that entire sequence was generally filler. )

Oh, and guess what the "Curse" was? A CLOSED SIGN. How did the characters not see that?!

Overall, the plot is very stupid now that I think about it. The New Writers have no sense of humor at all.

Now tell me who is the moron put it on the list sorry if I had to say that but this is a good one it is so funny if its stupid how stupid it is

This one was pretty boring, and so very stupid.

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90 Boat Smarts

Makes SpongeBob look like a jerk

Here's the thing: SpongeBob is supposed to be funny and childish, but this episode kinda ruined it for him. You have to watch it to understand.

They ruined SpongeBob in this episode and made him look SO STUPID!

It may have ruined SpongeBob, but other than that, it was kind of a good episode.

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91 Life of Crime

Why the hell is this here?

I love that episode. The line said by Patrick, "You took my only food, now I'm gonna starve! " was funny because it showed his obese stomach.

This episode should be number 20 on greatest SpongeBob episode

I love this one but Patrick was an idiot in this epsoide even more dumb than normal - Spongebobipod

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92 Spongebob's Last Stand

What! This is one of my best episode. It really shows care for our world and it's a great earth day special. But the part where those fishes boo at SpongeBob and patrick about saving jelly fish fields makes me feel to kill them. Whoever put the "get ready to lose 22 minutes of your life " well I'm not getting mad at him. It is even currently one of the best episodes of season 7. The episode is also awesome it is not just like a pal for gary, stuck in the wringer, and several other bad season 7 episodes, this one is not preety bad, you should watch it. Unlike a pal for gary, boat smarts, and pet sitter pat those 3 episodes are totally bad. Band geeks, this one, and other good episodes should be removed from this list. Here is my worst episode list: 10 patrick man! (Stupid, mean, and nothing funny about false arrest) 9 squid baby 8 something smells (annoying, stupid ending ) 7 hooky (very mean ending) 6 I'm with stupid (extremeley mean ending) 5 the clash of the tritons 4 krusty ...more

I liked the plot and the song, and it was good for an Earth Day special.

Why is this here? The theme is to take care of our planet. It is a really good episode for Earth Day. - IcetailofWishClan

This episode is good but why the heck did I get the complete season 7

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93 Growth Spout

This one is a mediocre episode with a few funny moments.

Can I call this episode under-hated? There were some good episodes up a lot higher than this! It wasn't clever or funny. I found Pearl's moaning annoying and uncomfortable.
I would call this my least favorite Spongehenge was haunting but I later liked it for that. It was a twist in that it was dark and intentionally not humorous. Growth Spout is a filler episode without anything memorable about it.
I don't get the hate for ones like Gone, and episodes like Bubble Buddy and House Fancy don't even belong here!

Pearl gets fat. Great episode (sarcasm) - Goatworlds

94 Mall Girl Pearl

I actually liked this episode. Pearl was not a brat in this episode unlike many other episodes. Actually, SpongeBob made a cameo at the end of the episode, so technically he does appear. - anonygirl

Did this even come out yet?

Spongebob doesen't appear, enough said


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95 Krabby Land

It's worth the wait because The Camping Episode is after this one

The best episode in the top 100. Krabby Land is hilariously. It is top 10 best material. Everything about this episode is perfect. Krabs was cheap and he was punished

I love this episode references to McDonalds, Disneyland, and Chuck E. Cheeses. I rate this episode a 5/5 because this episode rocks

Only bad thing about this episode is Both Mr. Krabs and the kids. Mr. Krabs is being cheap as usual and he's trying to scam the kids out of their money with a cheap amusement park. As for the kids, I hate them in this episode because when Spongebob wanted to entertain them, all they did was boo and be mean and cruel to him.

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96 Tea at the Treedome

Come on! At least give the episode credit, it's the third episode. Anyway, the episode was definitely far from the worst.

Stop Putting the old episodes on the list. They were hilarious.

This is a great episode! - Spongebob-129

Who the hell put this on the list?! It's a classic! Take it off NOW! - Tyler730

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97 You Don't Know Sponge

Patrick is much stupider in this episode

I love this one because Patrick thinks SpongeBob is a girl and triangle.

I hate this Patrick thinks SpongeBob is a girl and a triangle!

This is Patrick at his absolute worst! I think it should be higher on this list

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98 A Friendly Game

Yes. Definitely good if comparing to the new episodes

In my opinion, this is one of the best modern episodes!

This is one of my favorite episodes!

Patrick is a Jerk - ChiefMudkip

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99 SpongeBob SquarePants vs. The Big One

When I was little I LOVED spongebob. It used to be the greatest show on earth, but then it went from clever to dumb. I chose this one because the only ones I've seen on here are this, Truth or Square, and Karate Island. This is the worst.

I don't understand why everyone kept saying huh and acting dingy!

I like this, but can see why people hate it. This episode implies that Squidward never met Sandy and this episode wasted Johnny Depp.

A good concept. I don't get why this episode is atrocity on the scorecard.

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100 Sun Bleached

This episode is awful! Why isn't this higher up the list, like at least top 25. I think this episode has a really bad message. This like many of the newer episodes has a mean spirited feel. Basically SpongeBob and Patrick are not allowed to go to some stupid vanity show party because they aren't tanned enough, after being made fun of for wearing sunscreen they go on a sunbed which results in SpongeBob being sun bleached. At first he is made fun of for this but then the host of the party decides that actually sunbleached is " the ultimate tan" and then he is more or less worshipped for frying himself on a sunbed... What kind of message is that! I wouldn't have minded this episode half as much if the people who had made fun of SpongeBob had been punished in some way or at least been made to feel ashamed for their mean and superficial behaviour BUT NO The moral of the story is basically tan until you get sunbleached... And probably skin cancer too.

Not the worst, but definitely not the greatest. I find it pretty watchable, but it really crossed the line with throwing that kid in a dumpster.

I liked this episode a bit. Not the best but not the worst. My favorite part was the old man saying radical. I didn't get it but that's what's funny about SpongeBob

I hate this episode because it is judgemental against people with fair skin. It's not my fault that I have lots of Irish in my blood and can't tan. Even if I spend a lot of time in the sun, but I burn instead of tan. You cannot control your skin color. - anonygirl

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