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101 Wormy

What? Why is this here?

This episode was banned in some countries due to that bug up close

True story

Showing that butterfly's face was creepy and buzzing. But this is still the best episode ever.

This episode should be rated T.V.-14 V - Maddox121

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102 Whale of a Birthday

The one episode where I wanted to Eat Mr. Krabs up and Salute spongebob for saving this episode. Why? Well I will tell you. First of all Mr. Krabs once again becomes A complete Cheapsake jerk to Pearl because Her birthday partys are ruined because of Mr. Krabs cheapsake. Int his episode. I FELL SORRY FOR PEARL! Her birthday partys are ruined because her dad is a liar, A jerk, A cheapsake, A criminal, AND A COMPLETE IDIOT! ANd one her 16th birthday HE DID IT AGAIN! Even though that Mr. Krabs PROMISE Pearl for a great and non cheap party. Well at least spongebob Saved Pearls party By Giving her a lot of presents and the Real Boys who cry. That's why I like spongebob on this episode and hate Mr. CHEAPSAKE on here. Oh yea and when Spongebob spent All of Mr. Krabs money. HE WANTED TO PUNCH SPONGEBOB! YOUR CHEAP ENOUGH! PLEASE TAKE A BREAK FROM GOING TO YOUR MONEY AND CHEAP PLACE! And that's why this episode really ticks me off just like One course meal and growth Spurt. BECAUSE OF MR. ...more

Mr. Krabs is a cheapskate jerk who can't even spend at least one cent for her birthday. It's her 16th birthday! That day is very important to girls and you come up with cheap, stupid ideas to celebrate her birthday. You have a lot of money so why can't you buy her a real cake and real decorations? Everyone does that! SpongeBob is better enough to be her father.

I loved this episode as a kid! I remember singing the Boys Who Cry song when I was 4 and recording it. But I always hated the cheap birthday scene, even when I was little! They gave her cardboard cake, dishwater punch, a Krabby Patty statue, stale popcorn, and Squidward doing a lousy cover of Boys Who Cry's "4-Ply". Pearl cried! I was angry! I used to always rewrite this episode when I was 7 so Pearl got everything she wanted the first time around, not when SpongeBob comes in. I thanked SpongeBob, but I just wanted the party to be good in the first place! Why does Squidward like Boys Who Cry? He should like classical music. And he twerked like Miley Cyrus! If I was Pearl I'd detonate everything with a sonic bomb! - Chikinan

This episode shows what a terrible cheapskate Mr. Krabs is! HE DOESN'T EVEN BOTHER TO SPEND ONE LOUSY, STINKING PENNY TO PLAN THE PERFECT BIRTHDAY PARTY FOR HIS OWN DAUGHTER! I can see why many people hate Mr. Krabs because of this. Mr. Krabs sucks at planning parties! Stale popcorn, dishwater punch, a statue made of raw krabby patties, CAKE MADE OUT OF CARDBOARD! COME ON! Pinkie Pie can throw a much better birthday party than that cheapskated idiot because she loves parties and knows how to plan the perfect ones! Birthday parties are Pinkie's thing, not Mr. Krabs!

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103 Treats

Actually, this episode is pretty good. After "A Pal for Gary", "Pet Sitter Pat" and any other Gary torture porns, it's nice to see an episode about Gary somewhat torturing SpongeBob by annoying him to Death and making him go to the pet store at like 3 AM. It also shows that although lately it seems like SpongeBob doesn't like Gary, this episode shows that SpongeBob would go to the end of the world for him. And I'm pretty sure this was all geniune.


It got a lower rating because of the face scene - FlowerlilySundrops

Gary keeps repeatedly meowing. So annoying my ears hurt

The Title card was so misleading. It had small candy bars instead of snail bites from the episode.

I remember seeing this episode and thinking the repeating meow was FUNNY! I was 9 or 10 and I didn't know better. - Chikinan

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104 Ripped Pants

Why is this on the list?!? This episode was hilarious!

This is one of my favorite episodes I love the song

This is not a very good episode for three reasons:
1. SpongeBob was annoying the daylights out of everyone else with one joke!
2. The episode only has ONE JOKE! The ripping of someone's pants is like a vine, It's funny once, but then it gets boring and repetitive.
3. SpongeBob, after realizing that he's turned into the season 6 version of himself, sings a song to try and win his friends back. AND. IT. WORKS. How? Lazy writing of course!

Bonus Reason!
4. This episode has the main character, the role model, the person we are to identify with, tormenting pretty much everyone on the beach for 11 minutes. Yay! - CartreW

What is Ripped Pants doing here? I actually liked that episode. - SamHalls2015

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105 Eek, an Urchin!

A filler episode with a stupid ending

Trash plain and simple everyone

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106 Imitation Krabs

I love this! I enjoyed when Plankton had to do everything to get the Krabby Patty formula, and in the end failed because his imitation was destructed with a coin (was that really necessary, Plankton? ) Mr. Krabs almost getting eaten made me laugh the first few couple of times. And of course, typical Mr. Krabs to go after money. I liked the beginning too! When a customer got his fake head removed by SpongeBob who thought was Plankton, after getting tricked about winning a million dollars ahaha. And that funny part: "Plankton! " "Krabs! " "Plankton! " "Krabs! "..."SpongeBob." I sooo enjoyed this episode. That 'answer correctly or get hit by tartar sauce' scene made me anxious as heck.

WHAT?! This episode is hilarious!

What? This is one of my favorite episode!

I actually liked this episode. The only problem with this episode was that SpongeBob tortured Mr. Krabs. - anonygirl

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107 Whatever Happened to SpongeBob?

I don't like the way SpongeBob runs up to squid ward while squid ward is trying to unlock his door to get away from him, SpongeBob approaches him in a very creepy and stalkers way just like in boating buddies by running and calling his name. squid wards key brakes in the lock and he gets trapped outside.

Awful, awful, episode. That disturbing face is the reason why I hate this episode so much.

This should be higher. Everyone was mean to SpongeBob in that episode for no reason, and he had a disturbing face when he got to New Kelp City. - anonygirl

Remember the disturbing face with a snot bubble? Yeah! You know? FOR KIDS! 😑 - DCfnaf

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108 Welcome to the Bikini Bottom Triangle

One of the worst episodes. No sense
In my opinion since Season 7 the episodes aren't good as before.

One of the only new episodes that is actually good. "TNOP GRANDPA"

Who the hell put this episode in the ever loving holy in this list this is one of my best episodes almost 95 percent of all season 6 to 9 episodes are bad but this episode along with trench billies slide whistle stooges back to the past curse of the hex krusty dogs wreck of mauna loa love that squid enchanted tiki dreams mooncation a squrepants family vacation oral report squidward school for grownups frozen face off truth or square and face freeze are the only new good episodes of the series if you want to see a bad one wath choir boys patrick man and a pal for gary believe me I woul stick my lungs and smash it over a flaming road that does it if I see any bad episodes

109 The Main Drain

I hate this episode! The plot is boring, the jokes are lame, and when Mr Krabs and Plankton tell Spongebob and Patrick that they pulled the plug, that just makes the plot way more confusing. But what makes this episode worst is the ending, when it was just a story that spongebob was telling Patrick

Second worst ending in all of SpongeBob, second only to "Stuck in the Wringer".

Are you people idiots? This episode was epic!

Oh, the plot holes!

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110 InSPONGEiac

I can't stand this episode! It puts Mr. Krabs at his most greedy, selfish state in the entire series. First, he complains about SpongeBob putting too much mustard on a patty, oh and by too much, I mean one more percent. Then, he says he will be bankrupt in 400 years. Two problems with this. One, how the heck does one more percent of mustard on a patty make a person ever bankrupt. Two, probably, and HOPEFULLY, he will die before this ever happens. Next, he claims SpongeBob as an insomniac because he missed two minutes of sleep. To be considered an insomniac, I'm pretty sure you need to miss hours of sleep, not two minutes. So he forces him to go home and get sleep. Mr. Krabs isn't the only problem, though. The writers also decided to make it impossible for SpongeBob to go to sleep. I mean, he has already been harassed by Mr. Krabs. Now this! So he goes to Patrick's house to see if he can help with his issue. Do you think Patrick is gonna help SpongeBob with his problem? No! He thought ...more

Do you REALLY think Patrick would be able to put SpongeBob to sleep?! Me neither! He's a total prick in New SpongeBob!

Okay. This episode is a rip off of seahorse seashell party from family guy. And it has contrived pacing, slow plot, and bizarre visuals. And Patrick in this episode is frustrating. - Antwon

The title card shocked me when I first saw it but I got used to it. The hallucination scene also creeped me out but now I love it because I love surreality. - Chikinan

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111 Pickles

This DOES NOT belong here.

This episode is good actually. it does not belong here

This is not a bad episode

Only thing I hate about it is when Bubblebass insults Spongebob and pushes Squidward.

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112 The Fishbowl

Why recycle plots? And of all episodes to recycle, WHY YOURS, MINE, and MINE? This is another PatPrick episode, and he's honestly just as much of a jerk as he was in "Yours, Mine, and Mine" - DCfnaf

This episode is good and funny
I give 7/10

Here are some dishonourable mentions to my worst lists
To Squarepants or not to squarepants
Fools in April who cares is squidword apologizedo the rest of the episode is annoying as heck
Neptune's spatula uninteresting
Nature pants spongebob was selfish and a disgusting
Oh and boating buddies will be 41 while boat smarts is 54

Squidward's being tortured, Sandy+Patrick are jerks, and SpongeBob is ALSO tortured! These are my top 70 least favorite episodes:

Guilty Pleasure:
70:Model Sponge
69:SpongeBob, You're Fired!
68:Truth or Square
67:Atlantis Squarpantis
66:Whobob Whatpants
65:Squid's Day off
64:Tying Shoes
63:The Clash of Titan
62:Sandy's Nutmare
61:Are You Happy Now
60:Big Pink Loser
59:To Love A Patty
57:Sandy's Rocket
56:Rodeo Daze
54:Bad Squidward, Bad! (every Squidward tourture episode except Professor Squidward since its good, and a few more Squidward tortures since they are worse.
53:Karate Star
52:Good Neighbors
51:The Thing
50:Karate Island
49:Band Geeks(in my opinion stp)
48:The Bully
47:Greasy Buffoond
46:I'm With Stupid
Despise(torturous to the viewers):
45:Frozen Face Off
43:I Was a Teenage Gary
42:Accidents Will Happen
41:Booty ...more

You're crazy if you think the FishBowl is the worst episode, it's bad but its not even close to that bad. - kmitch233

113 Sponge-cano

I do not know why no one talks about this episode this episode is horrible and this is one of those episode where no one in bikini bottom likes squidward and also this episode has that volcano sacrifice cliche that in my opinion I hate and at the beginning of the episode SpongeBob sings a horrible song and everyone in this episode almost killed squidward but thankfully SpongeBob saved him but still I think this episode should be talked about more because this episode is horrible

It's a boring plot, and "Attitude of Gratitude" is idiotic.

"Hey how do you sacrifice to a Volcano? " "You throw Squidward's house into it."

114 Whirly Brains Whirly Brains

Whirly brains was, well... Whirly brains... It looked more like something that would come out of a show like Uncle Grandpa. Is that what this show is becoming..? Why would they rip their brains out and stick propellers to them?

This is a really good episode. It shows the improvement of the show since Sponge Out of Water. - Garythesnail

This episode is from season 10! Where SpongeBob becomes even MORE worse! - SpaceGoofsGeekerBoy

This episode does NOT deserve to be on this list.

Not because it's good it's ok but calling this the worst episode is a lie!

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115 Goo Goo Gas

This is one of the best post-movie episodes and therefore does not belong here. It is my favorite season 5 episode.

Now this is stupid

Man Krabs looks adorable but squidward looks like a abomination

Take it off. - Goatworlds

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116 Rule of Dumb

For me, this is just one of those episodes where Patrick is just a dumbass and gets away with it. Nothing funny, unlike its teamed-episode. The one with the kelp drinks and Mr. Krabs and Plankton have to work together. But this, Yours Mine and Mine, and Main Drain, Patrick is just down right a douche.

I never liked this episode, even as a child. The episode made me want to take Patrick's head, and bang a million nails into it. Anyone know why Patrick is my least favorite character yet? - DCfnaf

I like when Squidward goes Trotsky

I absolutely HATED Patrick in this, I'm With Stupid, and Driven to Tears - Tyler730

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117 Pressure

What the hell? I like this!

My third favorite episode ever what its amazing - islandersfan91

I actually liked this episode (especially the scene where their eyeball grow big and make that gasping noise) the only flaw is that Sandy was being mistreated. - Tyler730

Racist episode

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118 Whelk Attack

I found this episode is worse than Shellback Shenanigans because this episode make me REALLY annoying.

Hey! Actually I liked this episode.

This would be good, but there's too much gross out humor.

The ending grossed me out the first few times. Also, it references Suds, a GOOD episode! - Chikinan

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119 Krusty Towers

This shouldn't be this down, it's one of the better post-movie episodes.

Hey, why is this episode here?

Whoever put this here likes seasons 5-9 and hate seasons 1-4. Best season 4 episode. The list is saying get it off of me immediately!

This epsoide was really funny why is it here I like the part where squidward takes of his shirt and comes back as a guest - Spongebobipod

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120 Fear of a Krabby Patty

This was the moment when Mr. Krabs got possessed by The Devil forever

What is this doing here? This episode is amazing. - Bl4zeTMG

What I love this episode the first to start a new SpongeBob era

I liked this one... - Chikinan

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