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101 You Don't Know Sponge

Patrick is much stupider in this episode

I love this one because Patrick thinks SpongeBob is a girl and triangle.

I hate this Patrick thinks SpongeBob is a girl and a triangle!

This is Patrick at his absolute worst! I think it should be higher on this list

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102 Sun Bleached

This episode is awful! Why isn't this higher up the list, like at least top 25. I think this episode has a really bad message. This like many of the newer episodes has a mean spirited feel. Basically SpongeBob and Patrick are not allowed to go to some stupid vanity show party because they aren't tanned enough, after being made fun of for wearing sunscreen they go on a sunbed which results in SpongeBob being sun bleached. At first he is made fun of for this but then the host of the party decides that actually sunbleached is " the ultimate tan" and then he is more or less worshipped for frying himself on a sunbed... What kind of message is that! I wouldn't have minded this episode half as much if the people who had made fun of SpongeBob had been punished in some way or at least been made to feel ashamed for their mean and superficial behaviour BUT NO The moral of the story is basically tan until you get sunbleached... And probably skin cancer too.

Not the worst, but definitely not the greatest. I find it pretty watchable, but it really crossed the line with throwing that kid in a dumpster.

I liked this episode a bit. Not the best but not the worst. My favorite part was the old man saying radical. I didn't get it but that's what's funny about SpongeBob

I hate this episode because it is judgemental against people with fair skin. It's not my fault that I have lots of Irish in my blood and can't tan. Even if I spend a lot of time in the sun, but I burn instead of tan. You cannot control your skin color. - anonygirl

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103 Gullible Pants

What is this pure gold doing on here? Of course, Squid running around naked was a little disturbing, but this used to be my favorite episode as a kid. It's hilarious in my book.

I Actually Kind of Liked This Episode.

SB should know better since he pretty much has the Krusty Krab employee manual thing memorized.

This one is super funny - Spongebobipod

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104 SpongeBob SquarePants vs. The Big One

When I was little I LOVED spongebob. It used to be the greatest show on earth, but then it went from clever to dumb. I chose this one because the only ones I've seen on here are this, Truth or Square, and Karate Island. This is the worst.

I don't understand why everyone kept saying huh and acting dingy!

I like this, but can see why people hate it. This episode implies that Squidward never met Sandy and this episode wasted Johnny Depp.

A good concept. I don't get why this episode is atrocity on the scorecard.

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105 Wormy

What? Why is this here?

This episode was banned in some countries due to that bug up close

True story

Showing that butterfly's face was creepy and buzzing. But this is still the best episode ever.

This episode should be rated T.V.-14 V - Maddox121

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106 It's a SpongeBob Christmas!

Christmas episodes are great. Christmas who is a beautiful masterpiece of humour and great songs. This one is really good too. It's so happy, cleverly animated, and just good

This is the stop-motion one

I actually like this one.

Why is this so low? This episode is terrible. Santa Claus is an ugly pig, [literally]. And the animation is like that Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer movie from 1964. No offense, I like that film a lot, but it's just not spongebob to me. The GOOD christmas episode is "Christmas who? ".

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107 Eek, an Urchin!

This is the area in the list where there's a good episode on it and then a bad episode on it - GrapeJuiceK

A filler episode with a stupid ending

Trash plain and simple everyone

This was funny what are you 2 talking about >:(

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108 Imitation Krabs

I love this! I enjoyed when Plankton had to do everything to get the Krabby Patty formula, and in the end failed because his imitation was destructed with a coin (was that really necessary, Plankton? ) Mr. Krabs almost getting eaten made me laugh the first few couple of times. And of course, typical Mr. Krabs to go after money. I liked the beginning too! When a customer got his fake head removed by SpongeBob who thought was Plankton, after getting tricked about winning a million dollars ahaha. And that funny part: "Plankton! " "Krabs! " "Plankton! " "Krabs! "..."SpongeBob." I sooo enjoyed this episode. That 'answer correctly or get hit by tartar sauce' scene made me anxious as heck.

WHAT?! This episode is hilarious!

What? This is one of my favorite episode!

I actually liked this episode. The only problem with this episode was that SpongeBob tortured Mr. Krabs. - anonygirl

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109 As Seen on TV As Seen on TV
110 Out of the Picture Out of the Picture

This was a decent episode and mr crabs is supposed to be the antagonist here and unlike one coarse meal, squid ward doesn't get hurt

This episode is a crappy rehash of Demolition Doofus.

This episode is overhated - Tyler730

The writers from Season 9B and beyond had a chance to change Mr Krabs. They completely missed that chance. This episode made Mr. Krabs the demon spawn of Bikini Bottom. And there's a suicide joke they didn't even try to hide. At least in AYHN, the suicide jokes were hidden well to where children couldn't see them. THIS one is totally obvious. And this is a STP as well. And the worst part? It's part of Season 10, which actually has good episodes. If you want to see Mr. Krabs try to murder Squidward, then this episode is for you.

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111 Breath of Fresh Squidward

Seriously? Not the worst but this one needs to be on this list. Basically, Squidward gets electrocuted by an electric fence he put up around his house to keep Spongebob and Patrick out of his house. Because of this electrocution, he becomes nice for some reason and then begins to become a better fry cook than Spongebob. In the end, Spongebob snaps (sending Squidward off in tears) in an extremely cold hearted moment. The episode ends with all three getting electrocuted and acting like Squidward (the funniest moment in the episode). I just can't stand how easily Spongebob snaps at Squidward for acting kind and then no one even says anything in Squidward's defense. Prime example of how mean spirited the episodes have gotten lately.

Spongebob got angry at Squidward for stealing his best friend. That's a reason for Spongebob to snap at him, but he's very hypocritical about it as well. - DCfnaf

This is the worst episode ever. You just have to watch this to understand why.

This episode is insanely maddening for me. Spongebob whines over the top, and when Squidward turns nice, it ruins their dynamic. It's just bad...

I liked this one! I had it on my DVD. I don't hate it! - Chikinan

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112 Welcome to the Bikini Bottom Triangle

One of the worst episodes. No sense
In my opinion since Season 7 the episodes aren't good as before.

One of the only new episodes that is actually good. "TNOP GRANDPA"

Who the hell put this episode in the ever loving holy in this list this is one of my best episodes almost 95 percent of all season 6 to 9 episodes are bad but this episode along with trench billies slide whistle stooges back to the past curse of the hex krusty dogs wreck of mauna loa love that squid enchanted tiki dreams mooncation a squrepants family vacation oral report squidward school for grownups frozen face off truth or square and face freeze are the only new good episodes of the series if you want to see a bad one wath choir boys patrick man and a pal for gary believe me I woul stick my lungs and smash it over a flaming road that does it if I see any bad episodes

113 The Main Drain

I hate this episode! The plot is boring, the jokes are lame, and when Mr Krabs and Plankton tell Spongebob and Patrick that they pulled the plug, that just makes the plot way more confusing. But what makes this episode worst is the ending, when it was just a story that spongebob was telling Patrick

Second worst ending in all of SpongeBob, second only to "Stuck in the Wringer".

Are you people idiots? This episode was epic!

Oh, the plot holes!

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114 Pickles

This DOES NOT belong here.

This episode is good actually. it does not belong here

This is not a bad episode

Only thing I hate about it is when Bubblebass insults Spongebob and pushes Squidward.

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115 The Fishbowl

Patrick was a huge jerk in this episode, but at least unlike in episodes like Yours, Mine, and Mine, he actually REGRETTED AND APOLOGIZED for his mistakes.

Why recycle plots? And of all episodes to recycle, WHY YOURS, MINE, and MINE? This is another PatPrick episode, and he's honestly just as much of a jerk as he was in "Yours, Mine, and Mine" - DCfnaf

This episode is good and funny
I give 7/10

My top 10 worst:
10: Chocolate with Nuts (overrated, in my opinion)
9: Out of the Picture (rip-off of one of the classic episodes)
8: Are you Happy Now?
7: One Coarse Meal
6: Bubble Troubles
5: Yours, Mine and Mine
4: Choir Boys
3: Stuck in the Wringer
2: A Pal for Gary
1: The Fish Bowl

Should be #1.

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116 Sanctuary! Sanctuary!

That owner of the "snail sanctuary"(the fish) probably wanted some escargot.

This episode is creepy and disturbing - YoshiApple

It's so disterbing when spongebob became a snail lady

117 Sponge-cano

I do not know why no one talks about this episode this episode is horrible and this is one of those episode where no one in bikini bottom likes squidward and also this episode has that volcano sacrifice cliche that in my opinion I hate and at the beginning of the episode SpongeBob sings a horrible song and everyone in this episode almost killed squidward but thankfully SpongeBob saved him but still I think this episode should be talked about more because this episode is horrible

It's a boring plot, and "Attitude of Gratitude" is idiotic.

"Hey how do you sacrifice to a Volcano? " "You throw Squidward's house into it."

118 Goo Goo Gas

This is one of the best post-movie episodes and therefore does not belong here. It is my favorite season 5 episode.

Now this is stupid

Man Krabs looks adorable but squidward looks like a abomination

Take it off. - Goatworlds

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119 InSPONGEiac

I can't stand this episode! It puts Mr. Krabs at his most greedy, selfish state in the entire series. First, he complains about SpongeBob putting too much mustard on a patty, oh and by too much, I mean one more percent. Then, he says he will be bankrupt in 400 years. Two problems with this. One, how the heck does one more percent of mustard on a patty make a person ever bankrupt. Two, probably, and HOPEFULLY, he will die before this ever happens. Next, he claims SpongeBob as an insomniac because he missed two minutes of sleep. To be considered an insomniac, I'm pretty sure you need to miss hours of sleep, not two minutes. So he forces him to go home and get sleep. Mr. Krabs isn't the only problem, though. The writers also decided to make it impossible for SpongeBob to go to sleep. I mean, he has already been harassed by Mr. Krabs. Now this! So he goes to Patrick's house to see if he can help with his issue. Do you think Patrick is gonna help SpongeBob with his problem? No! He thought ...more

Do you REALLY think Patrick would be able to put SpongeBob to sleep?! Me neither! He's a total prick in New SpongeBob!

Okay. This episode is a rip off of seahorse seashell party from family guy. And it has contrived pacing, slow plot, and bizarre visuals. And Patrick in this episode is frustrating. - Antwon

The episode is not funny at all. - Flamer310

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120 Drive-Thru

I thought Krabs had a drive-thru in an older episode, which is a GOOD DRIVE-THRU. Honestly, he ain't cheap

This is another one of those newer episodes that have no humor. And if there is, I didn't notice. It's a good episode concept, but they should of made it better than this.

This episode proves Mr. Krabs is a dumbass cheapskate. SpongeBob clearly had the perfect drive thru equipment and probably paid for it with his own money. But nope! Mr. Krabs thinks a soup can and a paper menu is better just because it's "free". Also, I wanted to beat the crap out of Pearl and her bitchy friends when they tortured Squidward over the can. At least Mr. Krabs had a bad ending at the end when his restaurant was destroyed.

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