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121 Pranks a Lot

This is one of my favorite episodes. Please take it off this list. The worst SpongeBob episodes are every new one (especially ones with singing). If I had to pick a worst I would say the one where mr Krabs takes SpongeBob and squid ward on tour

This is one of my favorite episodes take it off. Every new SpongeBob ( especially ones with singing) are the worst episodes ever.

The ending is awful. That's crazy. I pity both SpongeBob and Patrick. Even though Mr. Krabs forgives them for their pranks, he should not take revenge on them by humiliating them in public. I'm sure both of them learned their lesson, but that's not it.

Too many haters

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122 Drive-Thru

I thought Krabs had a drive-thru in an older episode, which is a GOOD DRIVE-THRU. Honestly, he ain't cheap

This is another one of those newer episodes that have no humor. And if there is, I didn't notice. It's a good episode concept, but they should of made it better than this.

This episode proves Mr. Krabs is a dumbass cheapskate. SpongeBob clearly had the perfect drive thru equipment and probably paid for it with his own money. But nope! Mr. Krabs thinks a soup can and a paper menu is better just because it's "free". Also, I wanted to beat the crap out of Pearl and her bitchy friends when they tortured Squidward over the can. At least Mr. Krabs had a bad ending at the end when his restaurant was destroyed.

123 Lost In Bikini Bottom

Whose. We should wait for a while before deciding if this episode is extremely bad.

This episode showed SpongeBobs ignorance get him in trouble, and he ends up making up for it. Squidward was kind of being unlikable and that explains the ending. I don't hate this episode. Still, it was KIND of boring. But I don't see any problems here.

This episode is okay. I really like the ending!

This episode was boring, but not really bad. - SuperNut98

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124 No Weenies Allowed No Weenies Allowed

Is a Good Episode Not Bad Remove This on The List

It is a great episode


125 Life Insurance

I'm only voting on this to make a comment. Squidward pretty much deserved the pain from falling into that volcano for ignoring Mr. Krabs and Spongebob (post-realization) that life insurance does not make you invincible. His arrogance got the best of him. Pretty much like the Camping Episode all over again.

I can't believe people on the Spongebob wiki actually like this episode... - Cartoonfan202

The second bad season 10 episode after Krusty Katering.

Exactly right Cartoonfan202.
Mr Krabs is a horrible guy
Squidword torture
Spongebob and Patrick are dumb
Bad jokes

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126 Snail Mail

Why is this here? This is one of the best Season 9 episodes ever!

127 Arrgh!

What the hell? This is one of my favorites!

Do you think this is a problem?

Again, a great episode on the list. - Spongebob-129

"Rev up those fryers! 'Cause I am sure hungry for one- help! MY LEG! "

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128 Greasy Buffoons

So boring, all that happens is mr. krabs and plankton serve grease on buns and things and compete with eachother who would get all the customers. SpongeBob calls the health inspector and he comes and SpongeBob keeps on trying to tell the health inspector what happened but mr krabs puts him in a dustbin and kicks him of a cliff. then SpongeBob gets back up and says they have been feeding people grease. its awful.

This episode is awful. not only does it promote commercialism but it is extremely boring. - Gamecubesarecool193

This episode is gross


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129 Porous Pockets

So apparently all it takes is money to spilt up friends, - hurjelert

Horrible episode everyone is a jerk except for patrick

It does show that friends are more impportant than money, and you can't buy friends with money.

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130 Model Sponge

What?! I hated this one so bad. Hans made SpongeBob get so dirty that I thought he had to take a 35 hour shower. Why does this episode exist anyway?

This episode is practically forgettable. I'm not even a big hater of it, but even I know they could have done a better episode than this. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Pretty forgettable, nobody seems to talk about this one.

"I'm Ready For My Close-Up Mr. Director"
-_0 - ChiefMudkip

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131 Born Again Krabs

Alright, who's putting these on the list? - Spongebob-129

What? I love this episode!

Remove this episode, please.

I hate it. SpongeBob's soul being sold to the Flying Dutchman for 62 cents? Seriously Krabs? - Goatworlds

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132 Summer Job

It's basically a direct ripoff of Boating Buddies which I hated with a burning passion. The episode isn't as terrible except still incredibly annoying and in difference the writers basically changed the victim spotlight from Squidward to Mrs. Puff.

Mrs. Puff is about to leave to enjoy her summer break when SpongeBob wants to give her a note. We get a ton of rip offed drama from Boating Buddies just to show how much Mrs. Puff wants to escape relating to Squidward running to his car to find his key only to figure out SpongeBob was chasing him to give it to him. When Mrs. Puff thinks she lost him she relaxes but all of a sudden... BOOM! SpongeBob pops out from under the seat! Because our writers didn't believe they annoyed a character enough. In anger Mrs. Puff spanks him off her car and when he hangs on she drives at total dangers to get him off which worked. It may get better, but all of a sudden the stupid note he left on the seat flys into her face because why not. Then she ...more

Holy mackerel! I can't believe this episode is so low on the list! 140th place?! Why?! Just why?! Tell me! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

And this episode comes JUST before One Coarse Meal!

The beginning where SB kept saying "Ms Puff" pissed me off to no end when I first saw this episode. - Chikinan

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133 Rise and Shine

I think it brings out Patprick's inner stupidity for the first time and I think this episode made him lose a lot of likability.

The entire episode is bad for these reasons:
Rise and Shine- Very stupid
Waiting- Very boring
The Fungus Among Us- Very gross.

I need to put on my teeth and brush my pants!

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134 I Heart Dancing

The only funny thing I can find about this episode is the "Who put you on the Planet" joke.

The episode is otherwise a gigantic fireball of Filler, Dancing, More Filler, AND MORE FILLER DANCING.

'Cause this is Filler, filler night!

This is one of the Squidward torture poems where he actually got what he deserves, plus this is a pretty funny episode. Who can forget "Who put you on the planet? "

This episode isn't all that great. Squidward is being a greedy jerk and is also being a jerk to SpongeBob. He gets consequences at the end though. - Bl4zeTMG

The only part I like is "Who put you on the planet" - Cartoonfan202

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135 Breath of Fresh Squidward

Seriously? Not the worst but this one needs to be on this list. Basically, Squidward gets electrocuted by an electric fence he put up around his house to keep Spongebob and Patrick out of his house. Because of this electrocution, he becomes nice for some reason and then begins to become a better fry cook than Spongebob. In the end, Spongebob snaps (sending Squidward off in tears) in an extremely cold hearted moment. The episode ends with all three getting electrocuted and acting like Squidward (the funniest moment in the episode). I just can't stand how easily Spongebob snaps at Squidward for acting kind and then no one even says anything in Squidward's defense. Prime example of how mean spirited the episodes have gotten lately.

Spongebob got angry at Squidward for stealing his best friend. That's a reason for Spongebob to snap at him, but he's very hypocritical about it as well. - DCfnaf

This is the worst episode ever. You just have to watch this to understand why.

This episode truly showcases what a spoiled little crybaby spongebob has become

I liked this one! I had it on my DVD. I don't hate it! - Chikinan

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136 Dumped

This episode made me cry when I was 3. It still does when I'm 10.

Kind of sad, but also pretty funny. - Spongebob-129

I thought it was funny. SpongeBob went: "i'm A WREAK WITHOUT YOU!

This episode was horrible

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137 Grooming Gary

Yeah I didn't like this one, SpongeBob seemed out of character YET AGAIN!

Oh come on Gary is so cute in the episode.

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138 The Way of the Sponge

Whoever said it should be banned - episodes that should be banned should be gross, disturbing, or otherwise not appropriate or suitable for the audience. Episodes should not be banned because you don't like them. Anyway, I thought this one was pretty good, although not great.

Just boring. The older ones are the better.

I actually liked this episode! Not bad for a Season 8 episode, if you ask me. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Fuzzy Acorns was one of the reasons this episode was bad. He was mean to SpongeBob. He is also ugly. Also the
"Don't try anything new, ever." was also the reason I didn't like this episode.

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139 Bossy Boots

This episode is great later it Sucked a bit.

This episode is Great

Not the best, but not the worst. Wasn't great, wasn't half bad either. - Goatworlds

I didn't like that the Kuddly Krab shut down at the end when I was a kid. I used to make my own design for the Kuddly Krab, it had 10,020 floors and a hotel and arcade. I also liked the names they came up with! The Kreepy Krab was my favorite, so was the Kissy Krab! - Chikinan

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140 Mooncation

This episode is kind of copying Sandy's Rocket, but Change the plot to make it not copy it. Think about both episodes take place on the moon, but in Sandy's Rocket some of the take place on the moon.

One of the better episodes in later seasons

What? This is the best post-movie episode.

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