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141 Mooncation

This episode is kind of copying Sandy's Rocket, but Change the plot to make it not copy it. Think about both episodes take place on the moon, but in Sandy's Rocket some of the take place on the moon.

One of the better episodes in later seasons

What? This is the best post-movie episode.

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142 Not Normal

You have to watch this episode, how to SpongeBob became normal.

Score:7/10 Fairly good.

One of the better episodes in the later seasons

The "NORMAL" Face is the face you'll see in your dreams tonight. Hope you're able to sleep.

My parents quote this one all the time. This is why I love not being normal. I don't want to be normal if this is gonna happen to me. - Chikinan

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143 Sentimental Sponge

The only reason this episode is as worst as A Pal For Gary, is this entire thing is Patrick's fault! He told Spongebob that it isn't right to get rid of things because of all the memories, his stupid advice is what caused spongebob to go Golum style and become a hoarder.

Lol. When you said "Gollum style" you made me think of how Peter Griffin turned into Gollum in the Family Guy episode, "Brian the Closer." - Murvine_Taylor

The reason I hate this episode is because of PATRICK being so stupid and said keep it. so what. What's the purpose of this episode?

All I can remember about this episode is that SpongeBob was keeping his own trash and Patrick told him to.

Debatable Honestly - ChiefMudkip

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144 The Thing

This episode should be higher in the top 40 at least. This episode is just a terrible ripoff of Jellyfishing. What did Squidward do that made him get stuck in cement? Oh, he wanted a quiet day of watching public television. Oh, yes, that monster, how dare he not entertain SpongeBob and Patrick's childish antics! UGH. I really don't appreciate this episode. There's a funny line about endangered species. Aside from that, there's not really much that's funny in this episode, and the only reason I like the musical twist at the end is because it's just so insanely random that somehow it works, and for a second you think maybe that Squidward is going to be happy. This is a really bad episode.

Ten minutes of non-stop Squidward torture-porn at its worst

Why is this here, this is my favorite episode of all time!

Actually, Nature Pants is my least favorite. But, I vote for this just for it to be higher on the list. It's gross, it's mean spirited, it's boring, it features a lot of crying (by Squidward), and it's not funny. Actually, here's my top 10 worst Spongebob episodes list. All of these episodes are so bad and all (except A Pal For Gary) are criminally underhated.
10. Once Bitten
9. Club Spongebob (they made a ripoff of this one (Food Con Castaways) which was a little bit better, but terrible)
8. Face Freeze
7. A Pal For Gary
6. House Worming
5. Don't Look Now
4. Choir Boys
3. A Flea In Her Dome
2. The Thing
1. Nature Pants
Also, two Squidward torture episodes that are hated a lot but I found them funny are: Good Neighbors and Tentacle Vision. But, I hate Jellyfishing, which I personally don't understand why it's liked so much. I could easily make a video on Top 10 worst Squidward torture episodes and Top 10 worst Patrick's a prick episodes. Also, I don't ...more

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145 Kracked Krabs

This episode is really stupid. Mr. Krabs has to depend on SpongeBob to say how cheap Mr. Krabs is at a cheap crab convention. Mr. Krabs tells SpongeBob to exaggerate. Not knowing what it means, SpongeBob tells the truth. At the end, they start "exaggerating" or should I say stealing stuff. It's a dumb ending.

This is the worst episode out of the entire series ever. This shouldn't have been released on the Heroes of Bikini Bottom DVD or outside the Season 7 box set ever. The title card for this episode looks ugly. I am scared of this episode's title card. I have been scared of this episode's title card since I first saw it.

Oh, are you kidding me? Hating an episode just because of a title card? At least tell us another reason why you hate the episode, because with this, it's possible you liked the episode itself and deemed it the worst just because of the title card.

This is an awful episode. Mr. Krabs is at his cheapest and he tells Spongebob to exaggerate and nothing of substance was attempted in this episode. I just watched this episode on Nickelodeon, and it just sucks. - Cartoonfan202

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146 The Wreck of the Mauna Loa

The part I hated the most is when the boat was falling and SpongeBob and Patrick were having fun when they were supposed to be screaming

The people on the boat were afraid for their lives. Freaked me out a little.

147 Have You Seen This Snail?

What the hell! This is one of my best episodes it's so funny and dramatic

This is pretty sad, but it is also pretty good! - Spongebob-129

It's so depressing to me. it reminds me of my cat that died :(

This one had to be top 10 post movie episode - Mcgillacuddy

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148 Squidtastic Voyage

In my own opinion, this is the worst episode ever made. I can't believe I'm the first person to add it to the list. Basically, Squidward gets his clarinet reed stuck in his throat and SpongeBob and Patrick have to be shrunk down to retrieve it from within. It wouldn't be anywhere near as terrible if it weren't for how they resolve the problem. In short, they dance. SpongeBob dances so aggressively at the reed that it breaks, allowing it to be removed. Even stupider than this is the fact that Patrick says "Do what you were born to do. Dance! " If you have watched even a handful of SpongeBob episodes, you will know that SpongeBob was born to make Krabby Patties. Though he dances on occasion, it is never suggested that he is prolific at it, and having it as the resolution to the main problem of an episode is, in my opinion, the worst idea ever to make it into an episode of SpongeBob SquarePants. In but one scene, earlier in the episode, do we actually see SpongeBob and Patrick devoting ...more

The absolute worst episode ever in my opinion. The fact that SpongeBob actually solves the main problem by dancing because he was 'born to dance' is ridiculous. Even if that were true, it would still be a crummy plot. But SpongeBob was born to make Krabby Patties, and further still would be more interested in jellyfishing than dancing. For him to actually overcome the episode's main obstacle, a clarinet reed stuck in Squidward's throat no less, by dancing is diabolical. That's what happens. He dances so aggressively that it severs the reed and it can then be removed safely. Apart from one scene, right at the beginning of that episode, when did it ever suggest SpongeBob was more than a casual enthusiast when it came to dancing? It certainly never suggested he was any good. Remember when he and Pearl destroyed the prom? Didn't look like he was born to dance then. This was only season 4 too. I am surprised that such a horrible episode, a contender for the worst, came at a time when the ...more

So dumb I love Chocolate With Nuts and Band Geeks and I hate this episode

I liked this one because any plot like this brings me Freudian undertones. - Chikinan

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149 Culture Shock

I Actually Like This episode Because Squidward is very funny

These classic episodes are the best, the funniest, and the best jokes. Squidward Live.

150 Jellyfishing

This one is really good! It's one of SpongeBob's classics

This one, is one of the best, and the introduction to jellyfishing, and plus they actually try to help him, not stalk him

Patrick: Firmly grasp it in your hand. Firmly grasp it. FIRMLY GRASP IT!

One of the best

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151 Fools in April

People hate SpongeBob for the Squidward Torture Porn but Squidward's prank alone was worse than almost any of the Squidward Torture Porn episodes. Why? Because Squidward actually intended physical harm on someone, unlike SpongeBob most of the time, and he only apologized to him because of the extreme negative reaction that resulted from the aftermath of this prank.

Take this off the list because this was a classic! I thought this episode was good!

Squid actually felt guilt. Unlike SOME episodes! **Cough cough Little yellow book cough cough**...

Squidward did show remorse here unlike SpongeBob in the modern episodes

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152 Back to the Past

Pieguyrulz explained this one best. It's a big mess of a plot. In my opinion at least, this episode is nice. - Antwon

153 SpongeBob LongPants

Has anyone noticed that there are over THIRTY episodes in Season 9 of SpongeBob?!

Plus, I am the same guy who said the commercial sucked but this was a bit decent.

I don't know what to think off this episode.

The commercial sucked, but the episode was kind of decent...?

This one made me feel uncomfortable when I saw the ads. WHY DOES THE MOM WISH SB WAS THE FISH'S DAD?! - Chikinan

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154 Larry's Gym

This episode is okay. This show is getting slightly better.

This episode is good. I like the way it's set up.

This is a good episode. - Antwon

Pretty gross to be honest.

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155 Selling Out

I'm sorry, but I absolutely loathe Carl. I mean sure Mr. Krabs has done some horrible things throughout the series, but deliberately feeding his customers inedible food is not one of them. At least Krabs didn't make Krabby Patties out of synthetic, gray, disgusting goo - and on a conveyor belt at that.

156 Grandma's Kisses

This episode was good. However, Squidward and the citizens of Bikini Bottom were complete bullies to SpongeBob! And when they were still laughing at him at the end of the episode, I was enraged! It's a pre-movie SpongeBob episode that I love and hate at the same time. Also, Squidward is a hypocrite, as he has a grandma too. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

This episode is why some people call this series a baby show.

Yeah this episode just narrowly avoids my dishonerable mentions

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157 Suds

This was a great episode! The humor was awesome, and so were Patrick and Sandy. Even KRABS was actually a caring, kind person to his employees! What happened to you dude? - DCfnaf

Suds is one of the best spongebob episodes ever in my opinion

What? It's a classic. Patrick is the best doctor ever. 10/10

This episode is very mature and is a lesson about self-medicating. - SAXO

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158 Pull Up a Barrel

I Liked This Episode - ChiefMudkip

This episode was great! - SuperNut98

159 The Krabby Patty That Ate Bikini Bottom

I just think it is kind of dum that big krabby patty is eating bikini bottom

It s good episode, remove it from the list.

160 One Krabs Trash

This was a CLASSIC! Don't put this on here.

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