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161 Selling Out

I'm sorry, but I absolutely loathe Carl. I mean sure Mr. Krabs has done some horrible things throughout the series, but deliberately feeding his customers inedible food is not one of them. At least Krabs didn't make Krabby Patties out of synthetic, gray, disgusting goo - and on a conveyor belt at that.

162 Grandma's Kisses

This episode was good. However, Squidward and the citizens of Bikini Bottom were complete bullies to SpongeBob! And when they were still laughing at him at the end of the episode, I was enraged! It's a pre-movie SpongeBob episode that I love and hate at the same time. Also, Squidward is a hypocrite, as he has a grandma too. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

This episode is why some people call this series a baby show.

Yeah this episode just narrowly avoids my dishonerable mentions

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163 Suds

This was a great episode! The humor was awesome, and so were Patrick and Sandy. Even KRABS was actually a caring, kind person to his employees! What happened to you dude? - DCfnaf

Suds is one of the best spongebob episodes ever in my opinion

What? It's a classic. Patrick is the best doctor ever. 10/10

This episode is very mature and is a lesson about self-medicating. - SAXO

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164 Pull Up a Barrel

I Liked This Episode - ChiefMudkip

This episode was great! - SuperNut98

165 The Krabby Patty That Ate Bikini Bottom

I just think it is kind of dum that big krabby patty is eating bikini bottom

It s good episode, remove it from the list.

166 One Krabs Trash

This episode gave me so many profile picture ideas... - GrapeJuiceK

This was a CLASSIC! Don't put this on here.

This is a classic episode and even Pieguy likes this episode.

167 My Pretty Seahorse

I like this episode too

I like this episode


168 Goodbye, Krabby Patty?

Is a slight rehash of Krusty Dogs but still has a good plot with new elements. The only bad thing about this episode is the BUTTS! This episode had more butt shots than a Nicki Minaj music video and Breadwinners combined! - Lunala

Just anther rehash

Rehash LOL do you even know what this episode is rehashed from? - kmitch233

Worst ever

169 Snooze You Lose

You're not Ren and Stimpy, Spongebob.

Squid torture and disturbing - Lunala

170 The Whole Tooth The Whole Tooth
171 Sportz? Sportz?

This is one of the few S10 episodes that are bad. Squidward was unlikable and it's basically characters beating each other up. - Tyler730

Come on this episode is just a ripoff of two previous episodes, such as Extreme Spots, and Pressure.

The premise is so ridiculosly funny that it works. At least Squidward deserves the torment.


172 Mermaid Man Begins

I agree, They shouldn't make so many of these episodes, It was almost as bad as that episode of Fairly Odd Parents where it showed for the entire episode, the origin of Crash Nebula. I hate it when the main character has a comic book hero because then the writers will start making episodes about them and try to turn them into main characters and eventually everyone gets annoyed by it and hates the characters more and more. I just wanted to destroy the T.V. when they fell out of a building, got struck with radioactive lightning and so much more and all they did to get their powers, was eat overcooked popcorn, that was so stupid. And plus, nobody cares about them so why make episodes about them? One of my top 5 most hated episodes EVER.

Totally one of the most crappy episodes ever. Stop making so many mermaid man and barnacle boy episodes. Who really cares about them

I am confused it bad but not very bad

Isn't that good, but I adore the ending

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173 Patrick's Staycation

God... I want to strangle Patrick in this episode

Got a feeling I wanna kill patrick for being a dumbass

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174 To Save a Squirrel

The beginning was awful, but the rest of the episode was okay

A creepy episode full of cannibal references and creepy people and just plain creepy!

Sands alive yay!

This was okay, but not too memorable.

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175 Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy VI: The Motion Picture

What the hell? This one was one of the actually good post-movie episodes.

This episode is pretty good. - Spongebob-129

I hate mm and bb, they ruin the show, just like patchy the pirate and that Davy Jones guy, (and also the flying dutchman, but I think some people like him, so I'm not gonna say that one)

The plot for this episode was so stupid, why did SpongeBob and Patrick have to get mad because the movie was using actors to play MM and BB? You don't have to be so stubborn SpongeBob cause why would you want the real MM and BB to star in the movie? They're old farts now get over it. This episode had nothing good or entertaining about it. Every MM and BB episode except the one where SpongeBob and Patrick free Man Ray is a piece of crap

176 Accidents Will Happen

Almost as boring as "Waiting" With eight minutes of pointless filler, a gross close-up, and a horrible ending. Should be way higher!

The climax was SO STUPID! It was thrown in there so late you didn't even know it was there, and it ended in about 30 seconds! TERRIBLE!

Ah man, this episode was hilarious!

This was basically a filler episode...

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177 The Inmates of Summer

Out of all the SpongeBob episodes, this one has to be the worst. SpongeBob and Patrick mistakenly board a prison ship and they don't even know it. Worst plot ever

Stupid at some parts, like when SpongeBob and Patrick cried so long they missed their ship. But overall a good episode that I would not mind watching.

The characterization of SpongeBob and Patrick isn't great, but the great plot and humor make up for that.

No it very good

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178 Sleepy Time

What's this doing here?!

Who puts this good episode here? It's an old episode, for crying out loud.

What is this episode doing on this list

This basically matches the quality of Seasons 2-4. Season 1 (The season it's in) is almost as good as those seasons. - Goatworlds

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179 The Play's the Thing

Do you know how to plan the show perfectly? Costumers, get your food for the first time don't wait until the last minute to interrupt the show. And Mr. Krabs, you also interrupted the show by saying to your employees make food for the costumers during the show. Then it is the worst ending ever. They throw stuff at SpongeBob and Squidward and Mr. Krabs is all about money not only this episode but every episode. He doesn't even care that anyone is hurt including your employees.

Ending pissed me off. It just showed that Mr. Krabs has no respect over his employees.

Can't Believe This Isn't In Bottom 50! Poor Squidward! WHAT THEY WANT FOR HIM?!?

I can't believe that Mr.krabs was blaming squidward instead of spongebob to deliver the patties to the costumers.

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180 It Came From Goo Lagoon

I saw the of the Preview of the new episode in January. This episode look like it sucks. I'm sick of Nick AD SpongeBob just cancelled the series all together. You know what if the new movie sucks I will stop watching SpongeBob for good.

I hate this episode nobody was listening to Sandy - PatrickStar

This was okay, I've seen worse, but it was also kind of disappointing...

What I like this

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