The Splinter


Hands down worst of Season 6. Of all the SpongeBob episodes I've seen, this one is easily the most disgusting of them all. Spongebob's finger squirting puss and turning purple was so gross to watch, but what made the episode even more abysmal was Patrick's stupidity being taken to a whole new level. Not only was Patrick a complete moron in this episode, the episode wouldn't have been different without him in it. It's such a shame that such a wonderful cartoon went from as clever and smart as selling chocolate but encountering crazy customers to watching SpongeBob trying to get rid of a splinter featuring sickening visuals of his finger covered in puss. - Disneykid00

Whatever happened to the good plots? Like delivering pizza, joining a band, selling chocolate, turning into snails. Those were amazing plots, we could watch the same episode for HOURS and not get bored. Now we have crap like One Coarse Meal, A Pal For Gary, Are You Happy Now, Demolition Doofus, Pet Sitter Pat, and this episode, The Splinter. This episode is GROSS and DISGUSTING, I don't know how SpongeBob is still on the air at this point. If you are a parent, and looking at this list, just have your kids watch the first 3 seasons of SpongeBob. Those were the good seasons. Steven Hillenburg is back as a writer now, and we can only hope that he brings the show back to what it used to be.

Almost unwatchable! I found myself looking away from the screen at some parts! I mean come on! Fair enough having to look away from a gory movie but looking away from SpongeBob SquarePants! It seems the new writers try and replace the clever witty humor of earlier episodes with gross humor which for the record is NOT funny! Watching a pus filled thumb explode all over someone is not my idea of laugh out loud! Other new episodes have gross parts too but this is by far the worst! I'd like to see the writers try and find a cleverer way to get laughs!

This is one gross episode. Definitely the worst Season 6 episode. I can't bear to see that inflated... GROSS... FLAT OUT DISTURBINGLY AWFUL thumb again. Patrick was completely dumb and oblivious in this episode (which is the wrong side of Patrick - I like the dumb but kind Patrick, like in Seasons 1-4.) Another instance of this is the EVEN WORSE Season 7 episode Stuck in the Wringer (to me). Anyway, it's disturbing, gross, and un-needed. There was no need to have this ATROCITY in any of SpongeBob's 11 seasons. Disturbing, disgraceful and horrific. -1839859594/10.

This episode is terrible. But what really infuriates me is that several PROFESSIONAL critics refer to this and boating buddies as the highlights of season 6. I mean I know season 6 is bad but its not bad enough to make an episode like this or boating buddies highlights. But I guess opinions are opinions :(

At first, I found it disgusting. Now, I find it boring. Besides the fact that the Splinter being disgusting is the comedy, very little even happens throughout the episode. Patrick has absolutely no reason to be in this episode. Him appearing just makes me hate him more than I already do. Squidward gets tortured at the end also. Sure, he deserved it, but he beat himself up so it wasn't funny. So sure, it was a dumb episode, but there are so many episodes that are worse. Why is this so high? - DCfnaf

This episode is just so graphic and disturbing that it shouldn't be allowed to air anymore ever, just totally unsuitable and horrible. And it's upsetting that in the past, some scenes that have been removed from older earlier episodes which scenes still remain unaired, that were considered inappropriate, are nothing compared to things like this episode and "One Coarse Meal".

This episode was pointless. It was creepy and not funny. This episode ruined the T.V. show SpongeBob SquarePants forever.

Modern SpongeBob has great plots, even awesome ones that stand with the originals in terms of quality (Sand Castles in the Sand) but this definitely isn't one of them. This episode is gross, and boring. It literally has nothing going for it.

My top 10 worst:

10. Demolition Doofus (Why does Mrs. puff want to kill Spongebob?!? )
9. Choir Boys (An obnoxious Squidward Torture episode)
8. Stuck in the Wringer (Ridiculous, even crying doesn't solve any problems.)
7. To Love a Patty (Vile and gross)
6. Atlantis Squarepantis (Useless ads and pointless special)
5. Pet Sitter Pat (Patrick is about to murder Gary in this episode)
4. Face Freeze (Awful faces)
3. One Coarse Meal (Plankton's Suicide is abhorrent)
2. A Pal for Gary (Spongebob is ignorant to Gary)
1. The Splinter! (This episode is just... GROSS! )

This episode is so disgusting! I just watched it and I want to throw up! I love SpongeBob but this episode is disturbing! Even worse then a pal for Gary! The visuals in this episode are horrible. They show his thumb the entire episode and it is all swollen and red and puffy. Only watch this if you you like to puke. Throughout the entire episode I was cringing and covering my eyes. Just horrible.

Every time this comes on the T.V. I have to turn the channel off. Yes that's right, A SpongeBob EPISODE THAT IS SO HARD TO WATCH THAT I HAVE TO TURN THE CHANNEL OFF! If you haven't seem this episode, then this is my warning don't WATCH IT! SpongeBob gets a splinter at work then patrick shows up and makes the splinter 100X worse! Terrible horrible ugh

All right, I remember watching this when it came out. I was 5 and it didn't gross me out. Years later, around 12 or so, I was indoctrinated into the hardcore SpongeBob fandom by way of MrEnter and PieGuyRulz, and I began to dislike an episode that I originally didn't mind. I thought the way he got the splinter was GROSS! It was shoved into his finger and it made me wince. Now I'm 14 and I have my own opinion: I LIKE this episode. It should have been more serious and have been done with TOM from Toonami. If this plot was serious and a real doctor was involved, this plot would fit TOM. And why I like this episode? Let's just say that Freud was right... - Chikinan

Coming close to "One Coarse Meal" in terms of terribleness. What is this about? SpongeBob gets a splinter during work and Squidward just takes advantage of SpongeBob's problems to make himself feel worse than before. Being a very loyal employee to Mr. Krabs, SpongeBob continues working despite the need for a doctor which wouldn't be the best scenario for him. Overall this episode is just disgusting, it's like taking pictures of someone defecating, don't watch it! I warn you. - Neonco31

Now, usually, for lists like these, I would look at the other episodes and see if it's even possible for something to be worse, but here, I just looked specifically for this episode. This episode is quite possibly the most disgusting thing I've had the misfortune of having to see. Who would let a child see this!?

I would rather watch "Dear Vikings" ten times in a row than watch this episode again. This episode is perfect for inducing vomiting.

Remember when SpongeBob had hilarious, memorable plots and gross-out was only used when it made things funnier? Well, that's only a memory now. Just look at this. There are many new stories written around how gross things are, but this is by far the worst. Uh, writers? Physical pain isn't funny.

I hated this episode so much first of all spongebob had to do was pull the splinter out! And not be stupid and keep it in there to make it worse then again this is from the late season so the show is more stupid!

Man. Now there are generic, mind-numbing, boring, teeth grinding, grimacing, disgusting plots like SpongeBob getting a splinter or Plankton's suicide? Gary's torture or red mist in the sea? Squidward commits suicide or ruining Squid's life?

Honestly, I find this episode very overhated. It's bad, yes, but there's much worse in SpongeBob and gross-out humor. Sanjay and Craig, anyone? Anyway, I can agree The Splinter is bad and deserves a spot, but not at #3. - Garythesnail

Oh great. We have episodes that may be terrible from bad story or horrible characters or flat jokes and no fun, but this one has more than just these.

The episode is basically SpongeBob getting a disgusting splinter in his finger for the whole episode, Patrick being a fat moronic diphead, and painful scenes that'll make even a child puke in the toilet.

This episode is wholly unenjoyable. If it wasn't for the finger swelling like a balloon and becoming worse than ever, or Patrick Starfail being the biggest retard in the sea by ENWORSENING the condition, then this episode wouldn't be so bad. But this episode is gross, unfunny, and I have no clue how someone at Nick didn't object to this episode. Definitely an episode you should avoid.

The only enjoyable thing about this episode HOWEVER, is the CREDITS and THEME SONG.

Honestly, I don't really mind this episode all that much. It's bad, yes, but I've seen MUCH worse, in the case of SpongeBob and gross-out. Should not be so high here. - Garythesnail

What happened to episodes like Idiot Box, Chocolate with Nuts, Band Geeks, Dying for Pie, No Weenies Allowed or Survival of the Idiots! This is nasty! And patrick is so obnoxious.

This episode made me shudder to the point of leaving the room. I couldn't watch long enough to find something else to change the channel too

This episode is so poorly written and has such disturbing imagery. Every time it comes on the air I have to change the channel so I won't have to endure such an abomination of an episode.