SpongeBob, You're Fired!


The real special should've been SpongeBob actually caring for Gary. I mean, we've seen SpongeBob get fired before! On top of that, some plots get thrown out the window when they could've really been developed quite well. SpongeBob can, for example, make Grade A snail food, so why doesn't he try selling it? Also, why is half of the episode pointless filler? This episode does have ONE thing going for it, and that's that Squidward is not tortured much at all. The only thing that happens to him is that he is put in a dress. He could've been hit by the door at the end, they did it to the wiener guy. This episode is pointless, full of plot holes, full of filler, and full of out of character moments. Most of all, it's unoriginal and uninspired, which makes for a special that can only be distinguished from a regular episode by its runtime.

Think of any problem ever associated with an episode of modern SpongeBob. I can guarentee you you'll find it in this episode. The episode is shamelessly padded out. The charcacters have abandoned their original personalities. The plot doesn't make sense in cartoon or real-world logic. Rehashing of previous episodes (The second half of the episode is literally the plot of "The Big Switch.") Painfully unfunny, non clever humor. Annoying sound effects. Terrible message for children (the wonders of unemployment). Animation errors that affect continuity within the episode, as well as create plot holes. Dark "jokes" that feel severely out of place. Nickelodeon hyped the heck out of this episode as if it were some magnificant special. The characters don't reach any new place by the end of the story. Random instances of fross imagery. This episode has something to infuriate EVERYONE. While it's not as heinous as the likes of "One Course Meal," it earns its place in my mind as the worst ...more

WORST EPISODE EVER! It lacks in concept and background knowledge. There are too many reasons this is stupid. One, the ads. SpongeBob. Gets. Fired. FOR WEEKS! Ugh, just like SpongeBob meets The Goo. Once again, ugh. Second, SpongeBob HAS ALREADY GOTTEN FIRED! If this episode was the finale for the second season or something, it could've been better. Third, really, do kids know what seniority is? No! So, fire Squidward instead, do a happy scene, then, make SpongeBob quit because of grief. Then, Mr. Krabs hires them both back, happy happy! So THIS SHOULD BE NUMBER 2! First would be the goo episode thing.

Maybe Without You in Welcome To The Chum Bucket is sad and might make you cry, but at least it showed that Mr. Krabs CARED ABOUT SpongeBob! NOW HE FIRES HIM OVER A NICKEL! The only good things I can say about this episode is that it was a turning point for SpongeBob (again but this time for good) the next special episodes like Lost In Bikini Bottom were only 11 minutes AND NOT 22 AND LOADED WITH FILLER This is the last bad episode of SpongeBob to date (knock on wood with SpongeBob LongPants and Larry's Gym) This episode is worse than Squid Baby and Little Yellow Book

This episode should be maybe in the top 30 best episodes of SpongeBob ever. (There are the classics) Either way this episode should be nowhere close to the bottom 10 SpongeBob episodes because it has a few funny jokes, a decent plot, and a decent climax. True, not the best, but still pretty good. 8.5/10

This episode is worse than one coarse meal and a pal for gary and the splinter. how? The stories they told in those episodes were bad, but how can it be worse? Through bad quality. the stories in those episodes were bad but at least they told a story. In this episode, nothing happens. waiting had more of a plot! - hurjelert

Mr. Krabs had the stupidest reason to fire SpongeBob, and that is to save a nickel. Seriously, ONE NICKEL!

Spongebob gets fired, walks back into the Krusty Krab, gets rehired. The End, episode is over. For the rest of the 22 minutes nothing of substance happens. "Cause this is filler, Filler Night an hour and a half is just too long for uncreative minds." Nostalgia Critic - Fazbear97

At least one coarse meal or a pal for Gary told a story, it may be the worst story ever told, but it was a story. There is nothing here of plot and the only part that was interesting was when spongebob eats a part of himself and it grows back.

No redeemable qualities, TONS of plotholes, no funny jokes, lack of consistency, absolutely awful.

Ok this episode was ANOTHER bad excuse for a special on SpongeBob. many problems with this episode. 1 it rips off WAY TOO MANY episodes all together and mixes them together. 2 SpongeBob has been fired countless times before and ytf do they have to make a special out of it? 3 most of the episode NOTHING HAPPENS AT ALL and so much filler is going on. 4 this episode makes no sense what so ever, like why is sandy feeding people that gunk, how does SpongeBob look like that? Why does mr krabs fire SpongeBob over a coin with no sentimental value, when he has with 62 cents, and 10 cents before!? And there is no point with gary in this episode. this episode is just a waste of a half hour and just confuses our minds, and has such a lack of quality, one of the worst - islandersfan91

Filler, crying, filler, filler, unlikable Sandy, filler, rancid moral, Krabs at most stupid, and more filler. Ripping off other much better episodes and MORE filler.

Everybody in the new seasons of SpongeBob are JERKS! Patrick is a bully, SpongeBob is an annoying under aged whiney freak, Mr. Krabs is SO cheap, he is rewarded for it and he is a jerk to every body else, and squidward who is innocent, keeps getting tortured!

The way it was advertised, it made it look like SpongeBob would actually get fired for real from the Krusty Krab. Unfortunately, we all know how it ends even before we see it. He gets fired, then gets hired again! What a waste of time!

When I saw the commercial for this episode it looked really funny when SpongeBob was trying to make a burrito burger. I guess the show followed through because it kept me chuckling at the different restaurants SpongeBob went to. I liked that burrito burger. 9/10

This episode is the worst not by doing something bad, but through sheer lack of quality. A pal for gary told a story, it was not a good story, but it was a story. - hurjelert

5 cents over a master fry cooker? What the hell

I once thought Squid Baby was the worst, but I realized it wasn't as bad as I thought. Regardless, this episode is way WORSE than I thought, and the worst episode ever to me. - Garythesnail

This is the worst episode of SpongeBob. how is it worse than one coarse meal? Through sheer lack of quality. one coarse meal is one of the worst stories, but it at least told a story! - hurjelert

Actually, I'm pretty sure things happen in this episode, lots of exciting adventures that the Sponge goes on in this episode. If you haven't seen it, you should see it because it is truly a work of art. 9/10

I expected a lot from this episode. Me and my cousins from North Idaho who came all the way to Central Arkansas were super excited for it to come out. Such a disappointment.

Ah, yes. Get ready, SpongeBob You're Fired. You will be in the top ten, and then the top five, and then the top one because you are the worst episode ever! - Garythesnail

Should change the name to SpongeBob, You're Nothing But Filler! This episode puts Naruto to shame in terms of filler. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

This episode is no where near the worst. But it is terrible in many ways. Everyone knows spongebob won't stay fired, and this hype train wasn't even worth it.

SpongeBob gets fired in Karate Choppers, well almost, besides, SpongeBob gets fired many times in the show, why make a 22 minute episode about it. Here is 3 better ways SpongeBob could have ben fired, 1. He was very, vey late. 2. SpongeBob could have served Nasty burgers that goes way back to season 3 were they think they killed the health inspector, or 3. He destroyed the whole Krusty Krab like in Season 2's " Squid on strike, But no, Mr. Krabs, had to It over a stupid NICKEL! ITS 5 CENTS! This episode could of ben better if SpongeBob got fired over one of my 3 reasons, And this is SpongeBob! it would of ben better if this was in Invader Zim if like Zim got suspended from school over something that not money! this does Every thing bad like One corse meal or a pal for gary.